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So a bunch of swastikas have started appearing in the locker room at my school - any ideas on good ways to combat this and help foster the kind of culture that won't let this kind of thing happen again?

We’ve got some ideas for you!

1) Talk to your friends who are probably also noticing this/pissed off about it and get a crew together.

2) Take that nazi shite out!  Go over it with something.  Especially something explicitly anti-racist.  Like, oh we don’t know - these antifascist/antiracist stickers!

3) Alternatively, take your crew o’ concerned fellow students and go to the school administration and let them know this isn’t acceptable and you expect them to take action.  Give them a reasonable deadline to do so.  Think about what you’ll do if they don’t take action.

4) Keep track and when and where these are popping up.  You’ll likely be able to figure out exactly when your school’s closet-nazi does their dirty work, which means you’ll be able to plan to confront them.

5) Figure out things you can do to foster an explicitly anti-racist culture in your school.  We know people that have started anti-racist school clubs or put on shows or parties that were explicitly anti-racist or raise money for anti-racist causes.  Tons of stuff you could do if you & your friends think creatively about this.

It’s so dumb because everyone and their grandmas saw Suicide Squad just because of the BIG NAME CELEBRITIES in the movie , the action, and maybe the sound track and it was literally just a movie that was made just for the money and had racist stereotypes but when Power Rangers (2017) has a diverse cast and never assigned a specific race to any of the characters BC ppl are more than stereotypes and they really invested time into developing the characters and ppl dont care ? High key when do u ever see a cool flirty Chinese character like that (when y'all kno the stereotype is that they’re supposed to be awkward and nerdy) or a Black autistic teen that all of his friends love and respect or a Gay Latina superhero, or an Indian character who isn’t restricted by any stereotypes and kicks ass like bro …this movie is a gold mine, when are u ever gonna see characters like this? And the message is that all these teens who experience life differently and better together. Everyone loves a good story abt misfits becoming friends and begs for diversity and yet? Ppl aren’t watching it BC Trini “isn’t gay enough “n don’t understand how a franchise works bc they’re not gonna put all character development in the first movie and like she was questioning her sexuality and has homophobic parents, she’s not gonna automatically be all out and that’s okay u freaks. Its realistic and ppl say they don’t care abt diversity BC "its power rangers” as if y'all never was into power rangers ever and don’t care abt every other superhero movie that kids enjoy smh

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I see many discussions about racist youtubers but rarely see people ask other to not not subscribe and support. Well I'm here to ask just that - PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT RACIST YOUTUBERS! Don't hatewatch either! Views, likes, and shares is how they make their money and racists don't deserve to prosper. Not today. Not ever.


“People can change.”

Yeah, that’s true but here’s the thing.

PewDiePie has had years to change and he’s STILL a racist jerk. He’s been like this for a while now. You can only offer a person so many changes to grow and he hasn’t. 

I literally cannot feel sorry for a rich white dude who has been making money off racist jokes. PewDiePie had this coming. He deserves getting dropped from Disney and more. I don’t have any remorse for him and I could never care about his career. 

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So how come you don't Stan Katy Perry?

i’m…….. i’m a Taylor Swift fan…… i was guided by my savior Taylor Swift and i was able to see the trash Katy Perry is as a person way before the rest of the world…. Taylor opened my eyes years ago and i thank her for not letting me waste many years of my life like all those katyccats and trolls who are just now realizing how wrong they were for wasting so much money on a racist, insensitive, rapist supporter, mean little shit 

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All of this race/privilege stuff is exhausting tbh. I have type one diabetes and I was venting to someone about the costs of my copays and my fears with this new healthcare bill and they responded with "well, at least you're white". My insulin costs $500 per prescription, my insurance does not give two shits about my "privilege".

Are you kidding me? The cost of medication doesn’t go down because you’re white, and the fact that you’re white doesn’t mean you have more spending money. I hate racist pieces of trash who think this way. 

I am so over the Hillary Clinton hate. Her she is again throwing her name and weight behind organizations that will help Democrats get elected n 2018 and her come negative comments abt her being corrupt money hunger and all this bs while these same shit heads quietly say nothing abt the real corrupt money hunger racist sexist pig who is sitting n the oval office. While they whole to some fuck up notion of perfection from a candidate. Not n history has there every been a prefect candidate not ever. The men who wrote and were elected president from the beginning were racist many slave owners many hypocrites. I know most of the Hillary Clinton hate r Bernie Bros but Bernie Sanders isn’t prefect trust and believe that. Hillary Clinton may not b perfect but she is the best and i for one appreciate her throwing her weight behind the Resistance movement and organizations. We need this

  • Straight White Guys: It's not racist. The reason why most characters are straight white guys is it's a business. They just want to do what makes the most money. No one's being racist or sexist. It's just smart business.
  • Straight White Guys: Having a Black Captain America or Pakistani Ms. Marvel or female Thor is PANDERING. All they're trying to do is get MONEY from you. It's just a marketing ploy! This is horrible!
If you ever feel like you're not going anywhere in life

Take a second to remember that there are actual people who are actually upset that I’m not giving my nonexistent money to a racist/fatphobic designer that doesn’t know they exist and never will 🤷🏽‍♀️
Because Apparently We Should Just Forget Slavery

If you’re familiar with the American Girl franchise, then you certainly know “Addy Walker,” the single African-American character in the company’s Historic Collection, and a former slave. Albeit educational, Addy’s story – of escaping slav…

Now, before I start, I want to say that I love Cecile (why did you retire her, AG? WHY?!?!) I loved the doll and I loved the fact that there was another African American character, especially one who had extremely pretty clothes.

But apparently, some parents think Cecile is much more appropriate for 8 year olds than Addy because Addy was a slave, and we don’t want our kids learning about that do we? Oh no, children, all the black people in American history were happy and well fed and had beautiful clothes!

As an educator I hate this. Yes, I understand the need to protect your children. If the Addy books had contained rape, murder, or anything like that (which did happen), I would have been shocked and I would not see that as appropriate for kids.

However, Addy’s story gave a very good introduction to the subject. And in a world where a VA history textbook told elementary students that African Americans willingly fought on the side of the South in the Civil War in great numbers, I think we need a better way of educating students.

Once, a middle school textbook, discussed the Indian situation like this:

“The Native Americans were treated unkindly by the settlers.”

Unkindly? Unkindly?!?

Stop watering down history for children! Both of the stories-Cecile’s and Addy’s-are nessecary and both are appropriate. Leave my Addy alone (who, by the way, is much better than Cecile in character-just sayin’. Addy is also beautiful and I’m tired of hearing people say Cecile is much better looking-makes me want to scream. My Addy is lovely.). Yes, as a kid I was saddened by these stories (and I read them at age 5) but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have read them. I was a white kid who had no knowledge of it before and this made me more symapthetic to black people-which is fortunate, since many of extended family is racist and seems strangely proud of the fact that, in my well documented family history, we can list slave owners and KKK members. (We can also list rum runners during prohibition apparently, but I’m okay with that ;)) P.S. I’m not ashamed of my history-I can’t help what people in the past did, but I don’t act super happy when I relate the tales. I’m not saying Addy was wholly responsible for making me a tolerant human being but she did help, and I was so happy to have her as a doll. (I bought her with birthday money from a racist family member, because it gave me a sick pleasure-I knew they’d flip if they knew I had bought a black doll.)

Addy was also historical in another sense-she was one of the first black dolls that wasn’t just a skin color swap. Her face reflects black features, her hair is textured. It’s not like Barbie. And, in a world where black children, BLACK CHILDREN, consistently choose white dolls over black ones because they are “ugly” or “bad” she broke new ground. Addy was important for black children but she was also important for white children-she taught us something too. She made black children proud and white children reflective.

So yes, I cannot wait to get Cecile (I’m divided between her or Rebecca for the next doll). But my girl Addy will always have a place of honor as one of the first characters to teach me not to be racist. Thanks Addy-I’ll be reading your books to my own kids.

Basically, hiding the history of so many of our fallen Americans (the ones who didn’t escape slavery, for whom there is no marker) is, to me, completely dishonoring the people who did not make it.

In this post: characters ranked by Probabilty Of Being Branded. Because I have seen almost every tellius character headcanoned as branded at some point, and I am anything but free of guilt in this.     


Mist - because come on

Tormod -  So, we’ve got this kid who was abandoned for unknown reasons, grew up in the branded desert of brandedness and is heavily implied to have learned his craft from a branded teacher. Not only that, but he shows a great deal of interest in special markings and brands in his Calill support. Muarim showing a great deal of concern for Micaiah when he finds out she’s branded is also intriguing… almost as though keeping a brand hidden is a problem he’s familiar with. Not to mention Tormod is still very shrimpy three years later in Radiant Dawn. 


Ilyana - Well she has the appetite of a beast laguz, could that mean some of their blood flows in her veins? Her backstory is very interesting here, despite being a skilled mage (something she herself is aware of), she struggled to find work and make ends meet to the point where she would have died if the merchant caravan hadn’t taken her under their wing. Was it just her constitution making things difficult, or is it possible she had some other prejudices working against her? Also very small and doesn’t change much in the three years between games either… hmm. 

Volke - A popular candidate; his name means “wolf”. People have noticed this. Other than that he’s very secretive, which I guess is part and parcel of the branded deal? What does he need all that money for anyway?


Shinon - racist beorc or branded: round 3. He’s hinted to have been unloved by his own family, was there a reason for that perhaps? Does his sole devotion to Greil and only Greil come from being rescued from that situation and shown basic human kindness, much like another certain branded?  Or he could just be a racist asshole who admires Greil because he’s strong. Who can say. 

Ike - i mean, if Mist is… you know… it’s possible. Most certainly not false hope that he might not be outlived by certain people, or anything.

‪My mother is racist/money minded as hell.Every single time she opens her mouth,it’s to say something negative about others.And people wonder why I have not spoken to her since I was 14! I never want to be as close minded as her.Her actions just fuels my rage to be a better person than she is.

Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual 'America the Beautiful' SuperBowl Ad

During the SuperBowl, the Coca-Cola Company aired a commercial to promote their brand as every other mega corporation who has a few million dollars to blow on a 30 to 60 seconds of television airtime. It was a nice commercial titled “It’s Beautiful” in which American people did American things while the song “America the Beautiful” was sung in the background.

You can watch the commercial here:

If you’re a human being you might say to yourself “that was a decent commercial, what’s the big deal?” But if you’re a vile monster void of emotion and compassion you might have realized that America the Beautiful was sung in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES. DEAR GOD, NO. Some people were pissed it was not sung in ENGLISH.

Coca-Cola, the soda pop (YOU NEVER SPECIFIED WHICH ENGLISH I HAVE TO SPEAK) company, tweeted after the commercial aired:

@CocaCola: The Only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.

Coke is probably now realizing how that is not quite true.

Totally not racist.

Damn, Coke. You know shit is messed up when you’ve lost DIABETES BOY…

Yes, speaking foreign languages = terrorists.

Maybe the memo was written in something other than English?

“I’m going to attempt to sound smart and fail miserably.”

lmao @ #fuckcoke

‘turndaddy’ doesn’t want “all this foreign shit.”

Yeah, you “asswholes.”

“foreign decent” lmao.

(psssttt…they already have your money.)

“I’m not racist but I am.”

“We (meaning myself and my very small sample of friends/family) speak English…”

“I have no control over myself and will continue to give you money for your sugary, addictive beverage, but know I am unhappy with you.”

And here are a few fantastic “your in America” tweets showing how just because you say you can speak English, doesn’t mean you know how to write it:

Poor Brett in the tweet below seems to think people are trying to physically force him to stop speaking English by way of soda commercial…

shit, we were all having so much fun until non-white America came in.

Olivia has no fucking clue that it was “America the Beautiful” in the Coke commercial, not God Bless America. But who cares? REAL AMERICANS don’t need to know the difference between the songs as long as they’re sung in ENGLISH!!

And, she’s not the only one. Apparently, the Star-Spangled Banner is no longer the United States’ national anthem…

The commercial was made by the private corporation, the Coca-Cola Company, so if you don’t like it sir, take it up with the *** free market ***.

This is all just a extremely tiny sample of what’s being said over on Twitter and, shit…

…I didn’t even…

…get a chance…

…to take a look at…

…Coca-Cola’s Facebook page.

And don’t you dare tell Conservative pundits this is going on, they don’t believe you (even when their fellow Conservative pundits are taking part in it themselves)…

Last but not least, however, we have Kasey Knowles. Now, first she tweets out this…

…then, she tweets the classic “non-apology apology” where she actually DOUBLES DOWN meaning even the “non-apology apology” is actually a “non-apology non-apology apology”…

…but why would this random girl feel the need to apologize? It’s not like she represents her good ole’ state of Kansas…



theraconteurasaurusati replied to your post: As if the Tory manifesto wasn’t bad enough. As if…

Troubles, no abortion rights for woman, criminalization of gays and lesbians… Like… I’m glad Mrs May didn’t get a mandate. But this? Is it really this or Boris (or may still be Boris, depending…) Eeesh.

Right? The DUP are terrible. Terrible terrible terrible people. In every way - I haven’t checked for specific statements but I’d put a money on them being racists as well as every other -ist.

Add creationism and climate science denialism and it’s the whole kaboosh of awful.