take my money

BigHit: ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears, Not Today, Spring Day -Japanese Ver.- Album, HIPHOP MONSTER Hand Creams, Light Stick Ver. 2, 3RD MUSTER DVD, WINGS pouch, t-shirt, beanie, towel, shopper bag…’


I reached out to the man who was my contact regarding the non-profit gig and thanked him but explained that I couldn’t take a pay cut at this point (with my new salary adjustment it would now be a cut rather than a lateral move, but not by much). I explained this to the former colleague who referred me last night and she totally understood and said he would, too. I’m still pretty bummed.

When SIL was here I told her about the great interview and how I couldn’t possibly take a cut. “Couldn’t you just re-work your budget a little?” Um, no? It’s not like my Faberge egg habit is out of control, lady. Our rent goes up at least once a year and hi, I’d like to be more of an equal contributor in my household. She pays like $5 a month for a house in East Jesus Nowhere and hasn’t had her rent go up in over 4 years so I guess she thinks we’re just bad with money but I don’t know how to explain to her that we’re actually trying to save, too, and if I take a cut we’re not able to do that. 

I told E about the salary adjustment last night and he wasn’t terribly excited or even vaguely happy for me. He asked me again this morning if they made it retroactive to at least October and I told him - again - that it wasn’t retro to anything. He didn’t really respond to that and seemed disappointed all over again. 


Yo! Wanna Wear Something Bad?

I may not make a whole lotta money from it, but the thought of people going around with my art on their bodies is one of the coolest fucking things to me! 

If ya get one of my shirts or something and wanna show it of to me, then please do! I would love to see it! ^^

Well, I’m still out of money; I’ll have to build up my savings again from nothing, which is a bummer. I’m putting 15% of each paycheck in savings. So after about 1.5 years I should have three months’ salary put away, which I consider to be the minimum amount for emergencies like losing my job. And that assumes absolutely no dipping into savings over that time, which is… unrealistic. Yech. Maybe I should raise savings to 20%. Then it’d only take me 1.25 years to raise enough. Oh joy. 

Y a un truc qui me casse légèrement les burnes dans la vie c’est que je suis du genre hyper dépensier. J’suis pourtant loin d’être riche mais bon. Il y a un sage qui m’avait dit : “La valeur de l’argent tu la connais quand t’en as pas, les bourges ils ont pas la valeur de l’argent”. Mais en fait même si ça parait parfaitement logique chez moi ça marche genre pas du tout. Les mois à bouffer des pâtes ça m’a jamais empêcher d’acheter des sapes et des pompes avec des prix à trois chiffres, au contraire, c’est parceque normalement je devrais pas me payer des habits aussi cher que je m’en achète. Il y avait un autre sage qui m’avait dit : “La valeur de l’argent, tu l’as quand tu travailles, quand tu te casses le cul tout un mois pour un salaire”. Et bien sûr ça marche pas non plus avec moi. Bosser à l’usine ça pue la merde et ça me foutait bien le seum chaque mois de recevoir un petit chèque quand tu sais que le boss à touché dix fois ta paie, pour le boulot que toi tu auras fait. Mais ça m’a jamais appris la valeur de l’argent. Alors j’en suis arrivé à une conclusion toute simple, et vu que je suis un petit con borné c’est moi qui a raison :
L’argent n’a pas de valeur

Même si la société me crie l’inverse tous les jours.


The Black Sweden - Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love/Money,Money,Money ( 2000 )Van Halen/ABBA cover.