Drew the RWBY squad (plus two members of another of my rwby squads to make up the numbers) - you can blame peggysdancingshoes for this one XD



It’s commission time and i’m offering more this time around!!

There are a couple of reasons I’ve upped my prices.  But mostly because my mom is sick at the moment, and we really need money to pay for her medicine and therapy trips.  As some of you know, those are pretty pricey and a lot of insurances don’t pay for it.  Ours being one of those who do not.  So on top of that, I’ve also got some things I need to buy.  Like books for school, and a new tablet.

anyway, enough of that!  Let’s do a price list (since my handwriting is awful)

Simple sketches: $5

Headshots: $20 + $5 for color

Full body: $25 + $5 for color

And something brand spank’n new for me!  I’m not offering NSFW!! (boom bam thank you ma’m)

Those are $30 + $10 for color.

Adding another person is an extra $10 for all formats.

If you can’t afford to commission me, if you could just reblog and share I’d be grateful!  Thank you!






Contact me here or at for paypal info and to grab a slot!!

Thank you thank you thank you!



•Traditional Art
•Mailed to you
•Payment method: PayPal
•I can mail any where (but it might cost more for those out of the U.S.! Sorry!)



•These are little doodles I do, where you give me a character (ex. Your Oc) and you pick 6-8 Copic marker colors and I use those to repeativly draw your character in poses and place little doodles around!

PLEASE, if you are intrested leave me an ask for contact me by kik: Emfootie or you may ask for my email!

I am in need of some income currently while I try to find a job so this could really help out!

Even if you don’t have money your self it would mean the world if you would REBLOG!

Thanks so much everyone, I hope to talk to some of you soon! ^^

Munk - Master of the Swing

This one started off as a simple sketch, but then it turned into a line-art as I doodled. Then I coloured it and took a lifetime doing the fur. And now look at it - it’s got a background and some shading.

Why do I do his to myself? 

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