Finished ‘The battle of the Labyrinth‘ today. Percy is growing up so fast and I really wanted to draw him taller and more manly. He is such a warm-hearted and faithful character, I really like him :).


Based on this awesome gifset cause’ *boom* inspiration. Also added Ven just because. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mods launch trailer

✧Mods teaser: ENG / JAP

Hi everyone! As I have stated earlier, I am going to Ireland for an internship! However, even though this is an amazing opportunity, taking this internship means that I won’t be having my normal paid summer jobs that would help me to eat and pay for rent for the following school year… So, I am looking everywhere else for help! I am drawing for donations, so if you can help, I will greatly appreciate it and respond with a cute doodle/drawing :-D

And whether you can help out or not, please reblog! I will love you forever!

Sketch Commissions?

Hey guys, I’m thinking about starting some sketch commissions this week. But before I go all in I wanted to know if you guys would be interested. Pricing would be $2, $5, $10, and $15 USD. If I get enough interested I’ll make big post for what would be in each price range. 

Thanks, I love each and everyone of you!

especially bootyjutsu