Not time for you I need money-

A doodle-comic I did back in January/February to kill time based in that day when the fUCKING MONOMONO MACHINE GAVE ME EVERYTHING EXCEPT SOMETHING FOR THE CHARACTER I WANTED TO TALK TO SO I ANGRILY  HAD TO REPEATEDLY GO BACK,DESTROY STUFF FOR MORE COINS,TRY AGAIN—- (Btw, Rantarou was in the closest room I could get coins in so I would visit him a lot…)

Propably someone posted something like this already but as I was cleaning folders I saw the files there and decided to save them here since I can’t take the pictures with me at the moment- 

anonymous asked:

Will you see Alphys at school, Sans?

“sigh… no. she lives in hotland, and now i barely get to see her… i have to check on the blasters, on the baby, on dad, and now i’ve got school, and chores… i don’t get time to see her.”

“well, i don’t have to a lot of those things, but i get paid to look after the blasters. and… well, money is money…”