I realized that Ash Catches a Pokemon has to be one of my favorite episodes of the anime. You see how excited Ash is and how quickly he bonds and defends his Caterpie. He sees potential in his new friend. For the entire episode, you feel for Caterpie, and you just want to cheer them on.

So I redrew a screenshot from that episode. Also, I really love Caterpie.

Daily Doodle #230

I am sorrryy for being away for like 2 days!

It’s exam celebration week. I passed my A levels, I’m ready for University! So I’ve been taking time to relax and prepare my stuff to get that ball rolling, along with prioritizing commissions I haven’t had much time for daily doodles. I don’t want to end them now however, not at a weird number 231? I’m aiming for 365, like a full years worth of doodles.

Anyway! Here’s a quick Kaipo in a Hawaiian themed outfit (since he’s well Hawaiian) and because I thought he’d look dashing haha.

As far as updates go, DMM is coming back later this September. I’m trying to get Intergalactic Weeaboo and Chapter 1 of Post Mortem done. With Post Mortem I’m waiting on the writer to update dialogue, and Inter’ Weeb I’m waiting on myself to get my ass over and do it.

Should all come out this year though! Hope everyone is doing fine and dandy!

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Redbubble! + PATREON!

MISTER SANCHEZ: Geegh-get the fuck out of here, Barty. Cornelius doesn’t need any other boss except me.
DOCTOR MONEY: Break off with him already, de Grammont. Don’t you see? This pathetic Rick is not worthy to be your Boss. He clings to you only because he needs a replacement of his dead Morty. 
CORNELIUS: Er, gentlemen—
MISTER SANCHEZ *grabs Cornelius’ hand at pulls him away from DM*: Don’t listen to his buugh-bullshit, Cornelius! He is a fucking liar!
DOCTOR MONEY *grabs Cornelius’ hand at pulls him away from MS*: At least I am not a needy hypocrite.
CORNELIUS: Gentlemen, please, stop—
MISTER SANCHEZ: *pulls out a laser gun from his pocket with his free hand and shoots at DM*
DOCTOR MONEY: *dodges*  Same to you, Richard Not So Rich.   
CORNELIUS *kicks both of them in the stomachs suddenly and jumps into the portal*