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You have been brainwashed into believing that money makes the world go around. There is nothing wrong with making money, but there is something wrong with being preoccupied with making money. As it stands, you are conditioned into being preoccupied with making money. It has been hammered into you since you were a kid: make more money than the next guy, do whatever it takes, take no prisoners, one-upmanship trumps cooperation. More money! More money! More money! It’s a cult in itself when not used in healthy and moderate ways. There is something wrong when money goes from being a tool we use to attain better experiences, to becoming our lord and master dictating to us our happiness, or lack thereof. Besides flags, money is the most powerful religious symbol of the cult of the state. We have become slaves to money in the form of debt, and the state is the one holding all the whips. Like John Adams said, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” But there are ways to counter slavery. One way is to defy it and create something new.
—  The Mind Unleashed

One for the money! Two for the money! Three for the money! Money Money Money Money! (x2)

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“Shawty, I don’t mind If you dance on a pole
That don’t make you a hoe
Shawty, I don’t mind when you workin’ til three
If you’re leaving with me
Go make that money, money, money
Your money, money, money
Cause I know how it is, go handle your biz
And get that money, money, money
Your money, money, money
You can take off your clothes
Long as you coming home, girl, I don’t mind

The ballers in here tonight, they gon’ buy a hundred bottles
As soon as you shake it I know they gon’ make it colossal in here
Cause shawty you thick and them tricks that you do with your body
Got all of these niggas they crowding around you like they seen Beyonce in here (She here! She here!)
You want your own and you need your own, baby, who am I to judge?
Cause how could I ever trip about it when I met you in the club?
I make enough for the both of us, but you dance anyway
You know I was raised in the A!” ~ Usher ft. Juicy J

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Secretly, I hit the lottery 'Cause you're brighter than all of the Northern Lights You speak to me, even in my dreams Wouldn't let you go for even the highest price ☀️

It ain’t about the money, money, money 🎻🎶🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦

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My experience with applying/enrolling to college has basically been:

paperwork paperwork paperwork research research paperwork research paperwork paperwork “sorry we dont have you on file” research research paperwork paperwork… and theeeeen it’s like money money money money money lol ur broke money money omg i have no $$$ money money financial aid?? paperwork paperwork documents paperwork verification scholarships??? GRANTS???? money money verification paperwork MONEY.

its all about the money, money, money

my dad called me a few weeks ago while i was on the train. he asked me why i’d turned down a scholarship for a double degree in law and business. “they have to pay me a lot more than that to stay on this stupid island for five years!!!!”, I raged, then cringed when heads turned. 

NUS Law’s welcome tea session was held last week. the campus is beautiful. (unlike the main one at kent ridge.) pretty quadrangles and neoclassical, colonial-era architecture. right next to the botanic gardens, its strangely tranquil. or perhaps that’s just me thinking any appearance of serenity in this country unexpected. 

the grass is always greener on the other side? no, we have fat green grass, but not on farms, and no cows.

everyone was impressed by how eloquent and charismatic the Dean was. the vice-dean, too; law academic and high-fashion photographer? talk about multi-talented… 

but the student presenters were a different story. 

ive always wanted to be able to express myself well, articulate my thoughts in a coherent manner - not like i currently do. the welcome tea convinced me that NUS Law is not where i will learn that life skill. (there have been numerous prior events leading me to that conclusion, this was just the last straw.) 

why is it so prestigious? not that misplaced prestige is uncommon phenomena, but.. most people i know who were accepted didn’t get straight As. oh wait. i don’t know anyone who was rejected at all.

well. it was a lovely afternoon! chocolate eclairs aside, i met an old friend who was also there for the food and equally unimpressed with NUS headed for UCL. finally! someone I know and like in the same cohort. we’ll watch cheap musicals and travel europe and graduate with first-class honours together! *confetti* 

it helped that an NUS prof we spoke to said it would be alright choosing to study Law at Oxbridge, LSE or UCL, over NUS. so I went ahead to apply for expensive accommodation and dreamed of unmelting half the world away. set aside all doubt at last, no more hesitation. no more agonizing over the cost, or potentially lost opportunities, or people saying only dumb kids who can’t get into local universities go overseas. 

until SMU offered me a heck lot of money to study here, then all the insecurities came flooding back. four years, no strings attached, so the opportunity cost of me going to london is now ridiculously high. 

after all in the legal industry, firms would prefer graduates trained purely in local law. having spoken to senior lawyers - seems like they don’t see much difference between NUS or SMU grads, except perhaps that the latter tends to be more eloquent. 

“it’s SMU. problem solved,” one friend said. (said friend is headed for cambridge)

another friend was a lot more explicit in her disapproval.

i don’t know. UCL promises an entirely different life. one i hoped would help me figure out what i want. pretend my parents aren’t always at each others’ throats, think with a clearer head. stop being so bored of everything, miserable for no reason, with nothing to look forward to…

SMU is the logical, practical choice, and i am neither logical nor practical. 

either way i’ll end up where most people hopefully aren’t stupidly arrogant (how can they be? when largely filled with oxbridge and nus rejects, respectively.)

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Does money really help?

Money money money. Sad fact of the matter is (or maybe not so sad for some) that it makes the world go round. Just about everything you want and need cost money. The only exception is air, and I suppose even that will start getting taxed if we keep cutting down trees and polluting the air. But really, it kind of sucks. I mean, I like money and it’s nice to have it, and I can understand why it’s…

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Richard, 47 yo, Actor, Jouarre/France

My main motivation is in the fact i am convinced that everything is possible therefore you know what you want and you stay focused and determinated keeping trust in superiors energies and forces.

My make up is dollar as symbol of money. Our society is based on money. Money is inescapable. Money is freedom, independance, autonomy and comfort. Because I don’t live in mountains with goats or on a desert island. The right-thiking institutions strive to stigmatize financial success to keep every body under control. Fuck them all and the financial independence !!! Money earned way creative and non competitive is not bad in facts but a fool who gets rich becomes a big fool as well as a nice guy who gets rich becomes a super nice guy. Money isn’t responsible it simply reveals who you really are.

I plan my future as actor, director and producer for increasing projects. I also want to keep on riding motocross as long as possible. This is  my passion always. Regarding my family I want to see my sons grow and enjoy their lives to the fullest and continue to discover the world with them.