money skirt

It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

(based on the stripper!dan + bartender!phil au)

OKAY BUT what about stripper!dan and bartender!phil but they’re married and every now and then dan will like go over and sit on the counter and phil will like kiss him and tuck some money in his skirt and wink & they talk until the boss tells them to get back to work

and phil’s always there when someone gets out of line and tries to touch dan or says something rude to yell at them and ; “can’t you see the bloody sign, no touching or harassing the workers? respect it or you can get THE FUCK out.”

and everyone always asks if their sex life is really kinky and wild but really when they have sex it’s usually slow & loving, with lots of “you’re my baby, only mine. only i get to touch you like this, yeah? those other men can only look. only i get to make you feel this good, babe.”

and they’re just super in love??? just me ?


“You sick bastard.”

“My stamina is legendary.”

“I’ve been advised by my life coach to say ‘yes’ more, so…yes.’”

“That was scary. But it felt right.”

“I’m so sorry. I know how much you loved your money!”

“This skirt is tight, and these steps are steep. Enjoy yourself.”

“The wine helps silence the inner critic.”

“We boned…It was fine.”

“Relax, I don’t have a bagel in the oven.”

“Can I please draw a penis on his forehead??”

“Sometimes, when my boss is mad at me, I pretend to take a phone call.”

“Maybe you should be on trial for killing the mood!”

“My coma’s starting to hurt…”

“Oh, I see how it is…I gave you a cookie and now you want the whole jug of milk.”

“He’s not a pyromaniac. He’s…a volunteer fire starter.”

“That was the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life…and I was engaged.”

“I’ve had many dreams where I killed him…and one where we kissed.”

“Why are you such a beautiful soul?”

so i realized i haven’t showed you all the skirt i recently made and then wore during my trip to washington dc

here i am…wearing my sexy founding father’s skirt. isn’t it horrible?

 and here’s a close-up…in case the full glory of the fabric was not apparent from the first picture. i love it so much its awful. 


It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT time! Last week I gave an overview of the history of trousers (read here.) Today I’m going to talk about how pants became womenswear in the western world. While there were rare cases of  women wearing trousers in the ancient world, it was not until relatively recently that women wearing trousers became an acceptable fashion.

In the early 1850s, there was a very small group of women who advocated for a bifurcated (aka, divided in two) garment for women. This was  during the early days of the crinoline trend, when layers of petticoats made skirts extremely heavy and restricting.  Activist Libby Miller promoted wearing full, loose trousers cinched at the ankles, similar to the Turkish style. She introduced the garment to Amelia Bloomer, editor of the first women’s newspaper, The Lily. Bloomer loved the garment, wore it often, and advocated for it in her newspaper. Thus, these loose trousers were dubbed “bloomers.” However, once the cage crinoline was created, Bloomer declared that was change enough, and so abandoned the bloomer trouser. The garment did not disappear completely, though. A modified version became a popular undergarment, allowing women to adopt reform without shocking polite society.

As technology and society developed towards the end of the 19th Century, there were many who recognized that women’s fashion needed to shift along with it. In the early 1890s, the bicycle became extremely popular, as the “safety bicycle” was invented, and costs came down. It allowed women an independence and freedom they had yet to possess. Yet cycling in a long skirt was extremely difficult, and so the newly formed Lady Cyclists’ Association promoted the Bicycle Suit, a menswear inspired garment with full, knee-length trousers. They became very popular, yet were still considered shocking by many, and scandalous when worn outside of cycling.

It wasn’t until the 1910s that it became somewhat acceptable for women to wear trousers outside of active wear. During World War I, when nearly all the working-age men were off fighting, women took their place in the working world. Those who had jobs in factories, and other such hard labor positions, altered their husbands trousers to wear while working. This was both for the
freedom of movement trousers allowed, as well as to save money and preserve their skirts for social situations. Even during this time, a woman wearing trousers in public was still considered scandalous. When the war ended, there were a bold few who were not so quick to give up the freedom which trousers allowed.

Throughout the 1920s and 30s, it became increasingly common for a woman to wear trousers for leisure. Women more commonly participated in sports, and the rise of the aviator meant an increasing number of female celebrities seen wearing trousers. This was also the case with the rise of the Hollywood Movie
Star, with actresses such as Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn frequently photographed in trousers.

When World War II hit, the situation from WWI repeated itself, with women entering the workforce and wearing their husband’s altered clothing. This time, however, it occurred to an even greater extent, with vast material shortages and clothing rations. This solidified trousers’ position in women’s wardrobes. Though they were still only accepted in casual situations, they continued to increase in popularity throughout the next several decades. There was an additional boost in the 1960s when Yves Saint Laurent introduced the formal trouser. Despite the development, though, women’s trousers are still mainly acceptable only in more casual situations to this day. As we know, though, fashion is constantly

Want to learn more about the history of women wearing pants? Check out these books:

Women in Pants, by Catherine Smith and Cynthia Greig

100 Years of Fashion, by Cally Blackman

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

Colorful Glass

Relationship: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Word Count: 2040

Request:  also! i thought of one with kurt where like you can see people’s futures and maybe telepathic too so you’re like a fortune teller at the munich circus and you meet him there during his circus days!! sorry if it’s really specific i just have a lot of ideas and feelings -  hrleyqunns

AN: Italics are the characters speaking in German! I was very tempted to write some smut in this story. Also I don’t think I should ever stay up late to finish requests because I feel useless in the morning lmao. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

If there was one perk of living with the circus it was the blue boy that lived in the housing space next to you. It was lonely during the day when the owners were prepping the shows and over the years, he was your only consistent companion as the act that lived on the opposite end of you was always changing.

He’d helped you speak German fluently as your parents had abandoned you there, making a deal with the ringmaster, Herr Max Getmann, when your gift had manifested in you, growing and frightening the kids in your class when you unintentionally shimmered purple and spoke with a dark voice their fates and future.

The Munich circus had only been in town for the night and you had been more than excited to go as the past months had progressively gotten worse, the treatment from everyone, even your family, pulling you under and into a dark place.

They had left you at the acrobat show where you first laid eyes on the blue boy and you had become transfixed by his amber eyes.

You couldn’t have been happier that they left you there.

“Guten Morgen!” you heard his happy voice and it left you groaning. Of all the years you had known him, you were never quite used to the fact that he was a morning person, always happy and ready to start the day as soon as he woke up.

Kurt, it’s too early, tone it down please.”

Right, sorry.”

Kurt poked you with the spaded tip of his tail, urging you to wake up. You turned away and arched your back so he couldn’t reach you but you’d forgotten how long his tail actually was.

“Okay, I’m up,” you yawned and glanced at the tall boy. “Do you have a show tonight?”

“Ja, you think you’re going to get some business?” he asked, offering you a helping hand.

You shrugged your shoulders. The morning sun started to drift its light through the window of your small caravan, the light reflecting off the glass chimes that a fellow performer had given you. He watched in wonder as dazzling colors danced around your wall. You admired the innocence that he held. After all the years spent in your caravan, wondering about the outside world, he always loved the light that was reflected.

You opened the dresser drawers, trying to find something suitable to wear.

“I should go.” Kurt said awkwardly. He’d never been comfortable with anything too intimate, such as seeing each other naked. You respected it though, he had his beliefs that he clung onto to keep himself him and for support and to cope.

“Yeah, I’ll see you at our spot? After the show?”


You smiled softly, “I love you, Kurt.”

“I love you as well, Liebling.”

And with that, the familiar cloud of smoke and sulfur appeared, leaving you in the middle of the black cloud.

Although there was a large crowd, very few of the patrons ever came to you. You could almost smell the fear that radiated from them as they walked by looking at the tarot cards and crystal ball that sat on your table. No doubt they had heard rumors of what you could do.

Some snickered at the cheesy looking get up but they still didn’t walk over and take their chances.

Except one.

A man, more specifically a drunk one, came stumbling over the flat ground. With each step that he came closer to you, the smell of liquor surrounded you, making you squirm in the wooden fold out chair.

Tell me the future, pretty lady,” he said as he placed the larger bottle of beer on the table, knocking over the stack of tarot cards, and the sloshing liquid staining the beautiful blue of the table cloth.

Of course,” you said wearing a toothy grin to hide your disgust, “But first you must pay me.”

“I thought everything but the food was free in here?”

“Yes. But my services require it.”

Technically, you weren’t allowed to take money from the costumers. Herr would think you were plotting an escape, which in fact you were. You were getting out of here, you’d never imagined your life like this, you’d wanted to travel the world not stay in the confides of the circus your whole life, no matter where it went within Europe, being drained of your abilities until you no longer brought anyone in, and you knew it was coming soon.

You were leaving and you were taking Kurt with you.

His hands fumbled in his pocket, digging around for his wallet. When his brows furrowed, you looked up and past him to the little boy with sly hands waved at you with the brown leather wallet in hand. You smirked at him but turned your attention back to the inebriated customer.

“I don’t have my wallet.”

“That’s alright, just show me your hands.”

He outstretched his arms and turned them over to show his palm. Carefully stroking the lines, you glanced up at the man and poked around in his mind, trying to find anything to set off your sight.

And you did.

Your eyes began to blur as you felt the black of your pupil melt and spread out across your eyes through the tiny veins in them. For that moment in time you saw the look of horror in his face as you began to shake and glow purple.

It wasn’t a blinding light that radiated from your skin but a shimmer as the skin ran with a pigment of brilliant purple.

“Do not be fooled by the moments of peace. Something is coming from the other side will bring revenge your way,” your voice deepened and resonated loudly throughout the open area. He leaned back in his seat as he watched you, “She hates you. She knows what you did to her. Don’t think that because you think you are guiltless that the revenge will not reign down like a firestorm on you!”

He had fallen out of his chair and began to panic. The sound of his shouts pulled you out of your trance. The purple faded away from your skin, the black in your eyes retracted, slowly coming back to your pupils.

“What was that, you- you freak!”

It felt like the wind had been knocked out of you as you came to, trying to suck in air calmly even though the customer was in a rage.

“I don’t think you should be blaming me; you are the one that wanted to know your future,” you said.

“Do not play games with me girl!” he came to stand on his feet and clenched your wrist tightly, fingers digging into the thin skin there.

“Don’t touch me! I know what you did to that poor woman.”

He pursed his lips and let go of you, throwing you down on the ground before storming off.

“Fucking prick,” you whisper in English as you picked yourself up and resituated yourself. You sat back down, holding your head in your hands.

“Joachim, let me see what you got tonight.”

The small boy slid wallets and spare euros and coins. He smiled at you, waiting for you to count up the earnings. You were so close to making it, just another night like this and you’d be off with Kurt, exploring the world.

“You did good, Jo,” you handed the boy a twenty euro note and smiled kindly at the blond boy, “Go buy yourself a treat.”

You watched him run off to the food vendors and tucked the money in your skirt and the wallets went down your blouse for later disposal.

“We are so close Kurt. Just another night and we can be out of here and we can visit all those churches you want to see. Just one more night and we can have a life together,” you say, clenching his hand and moving closer to him. More water spread through the fabric of your shirt with each move you made to him.

Kurt brought your hand up and softly laid a kiss across your knuckles, his lips moving slowly as he glanced over at you. His amber eyes softened as he mumbled a prayer against your skin.

Your eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of his warm breath on your skin.

“Do you think we could be happy?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” you come to lay half on his chest, one hand intertwined with his and the other touching the scars on his face, “Are we only happy now only because of our circumstances? Will it be the same when we leave?”

He frowned for a second as he came to understand what you meant.

“Of course, don’t doubt that we will be happy.”

You smile was sad as you continued to stroke his cheek, feeling the patterns that he had carved into his face. The first time you’d seen them, you thought he had been born with them but the moment your found out he had done it to himself, your heart broke for the boy. And each time he would teleport into your room with a broken sob and blood seeping over his blue face and chest, you wanted to cry.

He told you that is was okay, that it was his fault, that he had sinned and deserved it.

You told him otherwise.

You would hold him close to your chest after you had cleaned the wound, rocking him back and forth in your arms.

The lights turned off one by one around you two, engulfing you two in the darkness of the night but his eyes stood out, still attracting you like a moth to a light.

The content feeling in your chest that stirred inside you so warm, when he pulled you down and held you close and tight with his arms was what you wanted to feel with him in the future.

“What do you think you are doing with this money?”

You’re frozen when the owner approaches you, waving the money in your face and slapping you. The caravan had been over turned, your possessions, once neatly organized, now a clutter on the floor and the glass broken in pieces, scattered over the linoleum by bustling feet.

Kurt hisses from beside you when he heard the horrendous smack of Herr’s hand against your cheek.

“What does it matter, you are mutant no one would take you in even if you had the money,” he looked back to Kurt and then to his goons. “Get him. They are going to pay a pretty price for him.”

The men in your caravan stormed past you, shoving you to the floor to reach Kurt. They were too fast for him to even teleport or run in the opposite direction. He was grabbed by the men at the wrists and neck, holding him down against the wet ground outside your home. His tail waves wildly in the air as he struggles against them and he feels the sharp sting of something sharp poking through his skin and a pressure.

“What did you give him?” you say, stumbling and trying to stand up straight.

Herr ignored you as he walked towards Kurt. His hands tying knots around Kurt’s wrists and you screamed your heart out as they dragged him away, hooking their arms through his and his head drooping from the tranquilizer.

No! I won’t let you take him. Kurt! Please, don’t take him from me. Please!You watched in horror as the lion tamer dragged you away from Kurt, your hand outreached, grasping at air and trying so hard to reach him.

It’s okay, I’ll come back for you,” his words slurred as he started to feel the effects of the tranquilizer.

“Kurt!” you screamed and clawed at the men that held you back.

Kurt heard your anguished cries for him and as much as he wanted to turn around, to reassure you that everything that the both of you had planned would happen, but he knew if he did, his heart would break and shatter into tiny pieces like the beautiful glass that lied on the floor of your caravan.

The art of the body - Chapter 2

Reader x Hoseok

Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment (I think, nothing extreme)

Words: 2,301

Chapters: 1 , 3


“So class, that’s it for today, you can leave 5 minutes earlier”, the class cheered as they got to leave this hellhole earlier, the students rushed out as quick as they could. I packed my bags and was about to walk out with Jungkook until, “(y/n)”, I sighed before turning to face Mr Jung, “yes?”, “yes sir”, he corrected, “and you have detention you’re not going anywhere, if you refuse I’m sure the headteacher won’t mind speaking to you”. Oh god, he really did hate me after less than 24 hours, “I’ll go pick up the twins and food”, I thanked him and kissed his cheek before he walked off.

I sat down at my place and got out my earphones and put them on, playing Miguel’s simple thing’s. I began doodling on a piece of paper and due to my music being loud, I didn’t hear Mr Jung.

“(y/n) are you listening?”, he asked as he was marking, he looked up and noticed my headphones. “No music allowed put it away”, he said as he took out my left earphone, I groaned, the music was probably the only thing that would get me through this hour. “Now would you like to tell me why you left yesterday when I was talking to you”, I continued to doodle, “because I had things to do”, “such as…?”, “none of your fucking business”, I was getting irritated with his questions and him. “Don’t you dare swear and answer my question!”, he raised his voice, it wasn’t very loud, but still made me jump, “i do not have to answer you damn question if I don’t want to!”, I screamed back, standing up. Then I realised how much taller he was than me, I was only around 5 foot. “Who do you think you are? Just because you’re a teacher in this shithole does not mean you have authority over me”, I spat out through my teeth, I had already had enough of this man after a day!

I was waiting for him to shout back and give me like a month in detention, but it never happened. Instead something completely unexpected happened. Mr Jung kissed me. His hands were cupping my face and lifting it up so he could reach my lips. I responded to the kiss, but after a few seconds I realised what I was doing.

“Stop”, I said as I pushed him off me, my face was flushed. “(y/n)-”, “I-i-i need to go”, my voice was unstable as I was still shocked at everything that just happened.

I arrived home, slamming the door shut and leaning against it. I closed my eyes, “oh god what am I going to do…”, I said to myself, “what are you going to do about what?”, I jumped at the voice of my mother, why was she home? “Oh erm…Just school work”, I said and moved away from the door, dropping my backpack and kicking off my shoes. “O-okay, erm…Aidan and Dina are having their dinner with Jungkook, in the kitchen and here”, I was confused when she handed me a small stack of money, didn’t she give me money yesterday?

“I know you must be stressing over school and looking after the kids, so here’s something”, “I don’t want-”, “just take it please, get yourself some clothes or makeup or whatever you want”, she shoved the money into my hand, just then a car horn came from outside, “I’ll see you later”. My mother kissed my forehead before she made her way outside to her new man.

I locked the door and made my way into the kitchen, as I was walking I counted the money she gave me. She handed me £100!?, to some people it may not seem to be a lot, but for me it was. I put the money in my skirt pocket and e there’s the kitchen, to see Kookie and the twins. “Hey”, I said as I kissed Dona and Aidan on their heads and Jungkook on his cheek, “(y/n)!, Kookie got us toys”, I gave Jungkook a shove, he knew I hated him spending money on things for the twins. “Oh did he now?, What did he get you?”, the twins went on to tell me about how Jungkook got them the 1000 piece Lego set and the dolls that they wanted.

After dinner I got the twins settled in front of the TV and helped Jungkook clean up the kitchen, “you know you didn’t have to get the twins the toys”, “I know, but I wanted to”, I dropped the cloth i was using to clean the table and sighed, “yeah that’s the problem, you always want to get them things, just wasting your money, do something that will benefit you with it”. Jungkook moved from the sink, drying his hands and came and wrapped his arms around me, “don’t get upset, I know you don’t like me getting them stuff, but it makes me happy seeing them happy. So please don’t get annoyed with me”, his chin was resting on my shoulder and he gave me his puppy dog face which made me giggle, “I’m not annoyed, just stop spending so much okay?”, “Okay”.

After the twins went to bed I got Jungkook to stay the night. Once he rang his parents, he got comfortable with me on the sofa. I slept on the sofa as well we didn’t have enough rooms, and storing my clothes wasn’t much of a problem as I didn’t have much so I shared a wardrobe with Dina. The sofa pulled out into a bed, thankfully. We both got comfortable under the covers, I layed on my side and Jungkook was behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his chest flush against my back. For most people doing this with your bestfriend seemed weird, but for me and Jungkook we both enjoyed it, it was a way of comfort for the both of us.

Jungkook was half asleep whereas I couldn’t shut mine. “Kookie?”, U whispered hoping he would hear, he hummed in response, “c-can I ask you something”, he hummed again. “What would you do if like…”, I thought about how to phrase it, “someone does something they’re not supposed to for legal reasons”, “what?”, he was confused by what I said, “like say if a teacher does something inappropriate with a student”. When I said this Jungkook instantly got up and rested on his forearm, but the other arm was still wrapped around my waist, “why? Has something happened (y/n)?”, I widened my eyes to make it seemed as if I was shocked at what he said, “what?!NO?! I’m just curious, gosh”, Jungkook let out a relieved ‘oh’, before laying back down and pulling me into him. “Well if it was happening I would tell the teacher and student to stop as it’s wrong and the teacher could just be taking advantage and the same back”, he paused before speaking up again, “but if it was a teacher doing it to you…oh god someone would have to hold me back because I swear to god I would kill that teacher”.

Last night told me that I was definitely not telling Jungkook what Mr Jung did. I was glad that I didn’t have art today, otherwise I would have missed a full day of school. I was going to miss today because I could have ran into him, but I took my chances and Thank God I didn’t see him once today. I also skipped detention, but told Jungkook I was staying so he was currently looking after the twins.

I was at the park, it was pretty far from home, but it had an amazing view. I was enjoying the view, not thinking about anything, until it began to fucking rain and I didn’t bring my coat as the weather woman told me it was going to be warm all day, with no chance of showers. Bullshit!

I got up and began running to the closest bus stop which was 5 minutes away. I waited under the shelter for a bus, hoping it would come soon, as of right now it was way too cold and because it got dark earlier, it was creepy.

It had been 10 minutes and the bus still haven’t arrived and as for the rain, that just got heavier. I sat down in the bench, hugging myself and that’s when I heard footsteps steps and voices. I looked in the direction of the voices to see a group of about 4 guys, in jackets or hoodies and were all wearing hats. I prayed they wouldn’t come to the bus stop, but I was unfortunate as they all piled into the stop. I moved to the end of the bench away from the guys, I had to admit they were quite good looking, but nonetheless scared me. I kept my eyes down, staring at my lap, screaming in my head for the bus to come.

“Oi…”, one of the males said, I kept my head down, “oi, I’m talking to you”, I looked up, to see the cutest one near me, whilst the rest were at the other end of the bus stop, “oh, erm…”, “how old are you?”, I didn’t want to answer, but say if he hurt me if I didn’t, “18”, “so you’re legal?”. I slowly nodded, “okay cool, give me your number then”, “n-no”, “what’d you say?”, he questioned walking closer. “No, I’m not giving you my number, I don’t know who you are”, the male just laughed before he lunged forward and grabbed my backpack from the bench. He opened it up and began rummaging through it, “what are you doing, give it back”, I got up and grabbed my bag, but he had a firm grip on it, “please give it back”. I continued to pull on it, even though it was no use as he was a lot stronger than me.

“Fine”, he said and let go off the bag, sending me flying back and onto the floor. My hands and behind stung as they broke my fall, my tears were flowing down my cheeks and everything that was in my bag was now scattered around me. “Ooh finally something I wanna see”, he was talking about my skirt that lifted as I fell, revealing my whole bottom half. I quickly pulled my skirt down, wiped my tears and began putting everything back in my backpack. Once done I stood up to leave only to be dragged back, “where are you going?”, he backed me up against the side of the bus stop, “show us more come on”, his hands were on my upper thigh travelling higher, hitching up my skirt. My tears weren’t stopping and i was pushing against his chest. Why didn’t I just go home, why did I have to go to the damn park! I mentally screamed at myself.

I gave up on trying to push him away as I was trapped now, I closed my eyes and let him continue to touch me. I felt his breath against my neck indicating he was moving closer. I was waiting for his lips to touch my neck, but I felt nothing, instead I heard shouting and something slamming against the side.

“What the fu-”, “don’t fucking touch her”, my eyes shot open when I heard the voice of the man I was avoiding all day, “who the hell are you”, “me?! I’m her boyfriend”, Mr Jung had him pressed up against the side, holding 

the neck of his hoodie. “If I see you again and you’re doing the same shit to anyone, I will fucking beat you to a pulp”, Mr Jung threatened him before letting go and grabbing me roughly by the wrist and dragging me away.

Once we were far enough he let go of my wrist and his face completely changed, “I apologise for what happened back there (y/n) and also for dragging you”, I shook my head and wiped the tears that wouldn’t stop, “a-and about yesterday-”, I cut him off, right now I just wanted to go home, wash away the feeling of that guy’s dirty hands and go to sleep. “Sir-”, “call me Hoseok”, “I just want to go home”, I said as I continued to sob. “Okay, come”. Hoseok led me to his car and before I got in he gave me his coat as I was shivering.

I had fallen asleep after I told Hoseok where I lived and woken when we arrived, “(y/n), is this your house?”, he asked as he shook me. My eyes fluttered opened as I got up and stared out to see if it was my home we arrived at, “oh, yeah…Thank you si-Hoseok”, I corrected myself. Hoseok smiled at me, “no problem, you should probably get inside your parents must be worried”, if only he knew. I took of his coat and got out the car, but before shutting the door I apologised, “I’m sorry for being rude to you”, he just shook his head lightly as he carried on smiling, “it’s fine, let’s just forget about that whole ordeal and about the detention. Goodnight (y/n)”, “Night”.

“Where the fuck were you?!”, Jungkook screamed when I entered the house. He was shirtless in just a pair of sweatpants he kept here. “Hush…” I said as I removed my bag and shoes and grabbed Jungkook by the waist, pulling him back onto the sofa, “I just want to sleep and forget today”, I closed my eyes and snuggled into Jungkook’s side. “Did something ha-”, “please”. Jungkook knew something bad happened and decided not ask about it now.

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it’s going to be 95 degrees outside tomorrow and here’s the list of things girls aren’t allowed to wear at my school:
-shorts above your fingertips (so basically no shorts at all, because no stores sell shorts that long and no one would waste money on them)
-skirts above your fingertips (see above; also maxi skirts don’t help in the heat)
-shirts that show your stomach or back (since when is showing those things provocative? you’re making it okay for guys to look at women that way when they’re dressed like that)
-tank tops thinner than 3 fingers (WHAT DOES 3 FINGERS DO?! Shoulders are not a sexual body part)
-open toed shoes and flip flops (it’s hot out, am I supposed to wear socks and boots or socks and sneakers?)

Here is the list of guys clothing items that they aren’t allowed to wear on hot days:
-flip flops or open toed shoes.

By supporting dress coding in schools you are making it okay to OBJECTIFY WOMENS BODIES. Many schools around are now banning leggings/yoga pants, which is uncalled for due to the fact that pretty much any pair of jeans I wear will be just as tight as my leggings. Calling it a distraction is not okay because you are saying that if a woman does wear those things, it gives men the excuse to look at them, therefore it is the woman’s fault.
By supporting these types of dress codes, you are PROMOTING RAPE CULTURE.
What I wear does not define WHO I AM.

can i get more locus and felix in dresses/skirts tho

locus likes them bc they’re ‘free’ 

it feels good to have air down there and its easier to fight bc they’re not restricting him as much

he’ll get flowy kinds and sundresses and ones with shorter skirts with patterns (mainly floral)

felix likes them bc they’re cute

he’ll spend hours and all of his beloved money on them (the one thing he likes more than money is dresses/skirts)

he’ll get whatever style pleases him most that day but normall they’re tight and show off his amazing ass and are generally solid colors


felix and locus in dresses/skirts

anonymous asked:

so... you don't think people on tumblr can be too liberal? Some of the stuff i've seen (like allowing a 7 year old boy to wear a dress) is odd and the fact that the amount of people that support it is even more odd.

seriously out of all the fucked up stuff that people can do you think not obeying stupid gender roles is odd and messed up

fucking seriously

like literally take two seconds to reassess why it’s “odd” to you.

society says:

  1. dresses are for girls
  2. boys acting like girls is wrong
  3. being a girl is lesser than being a boy (ie: you throw like a girl, stop being a little bitch (bitch is a gendered slur), you’re such a girl, you scream like a girl. girls are seen as lesser, weaker, dumber, pettier etc)

but why do we reinforce this shit? gender roles are exceedingly arbitrary. high heels used to be a male fashion. women didn’t shave until the 1900’s when skirts got shorter and razor companies put out ads about how leg hair was gross so they would make more money. skirts were also a male fashion. it’s all a stupid thing like it’s literally so fucking stupid.

regardless, how does it affect you it’s not going to fuck up this kid’s development bc he chose to wear a damn dress a few times jesus christ. it’s literally a piece of cloth.

that over, teaching a child that gender roles are arbitrary builds a safer home and mindset for them if they figure out that they’re trans*. and if they don’t, it’s leaves the door open for other interests that don’t adhere to their gender. ie if they find out they’re an amazing makeup artist and love it or anything else. it allows them to like what they like without as much fear. it also teaches them to have a higher level of respect for women because they don’t learn early on to condemn femininity. 

so yeah basically if not adhering to strict gender roles is “too liberal” for you you REALLY need to sit down and think about WHY.