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Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her new gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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So we will be starting chapter 3 on Monday, but in place of a page today we thought we’d share with you some of the concept art for Atticus, the most suave werewolf who ever lived haha! Chechula did a wonderful job bringing this character to life with her vibrant sketches!!

Hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the weekend. :)

Caught Off Guard // Im Jaebum (M) (AU!)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Officer!Jaebum, Dom!Jaebum

Summary; After stealing an expensive bracelet with the intentions of pawning it for cash, you get arrested by the malls security officer - and you offer him a deal he can’t refuse.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut - rough sex, handcuffs, general behaviour that you would actually go to jail for so please do not aTTEMPT THIS AT HOME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Guilt and Innocence

Part 4 of Cops and Robbers

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (general masterlist)

Words: 1400+

Beta reader: @unsink-the-titanic

Pairing: Sheriff!Gabriel x reader

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this series! And yes, there’s most likely gonna be a lot of plot holes, but this is why I’m not a mystery writer. I tried. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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“Gabriel, we need to talk.” You said, running up to the sheriff.

“Y/N, Metatron wasn’t killed here.” Gabriel said.

“I know. I might know where he was. I also know who was stealing from you.” You explained. You told Gabriel the name.

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Each Type as Kidnappers:

ESFJ: This one honestly believes they have your “good will” at heart. They’ve grown so close to you, that they feel like they are responsible for each of your actions… therefore this type will likely kidnap you because to them it is after all, for your own good, and no one knows you better than they do.

ISFJ: Likely a lonely person who has desired to become a parent but was never able to, due to medical or other issues. As such will often hear the phrase “They’re such good little children aren’t they, I would love to have good little children like them.” As the parents of the children simply laugh and do not understand this person means it literally and at one moment in the dead of night those children are gone. To this kidnappers mind he/she may truly believe they could give those kids a better life.

INFP: The overly attached one… and I do mean… the overly attached one, you know that overly attached girlfriend or boyfriend? In anime this kidnapper would be likely considered a Yandere, very dangerous and best to try and avoid at all costs. They grow attached to you too fast, to the point where if they can’t have you, no one else can, and they will make sure to have a bunch of pointy things around to make their point clear that you are to never leave their side.

ENFP: Truthfully probably the absentminded overly excited one, they had this idea, that lead to this other idea, which then caused them to get their friends to tag along with said idea… and by tag along, I mean “It would be so cool to go to Bermuda with my friends and explore those Islands… except they’re not much into traveling so I’ll just drug them and when they wake up they’ll have a surprise in store.” And of course said surprise would be friends waking up in Bermuda wondering how the F they got there, as the overly excited ENFP is simply repeating “It’ll be fine, trust me we’re going to have so much fun.” Only to likely get ship wrecked a few days later.

INTP: This one started with a thought… the said thought being “I wonder what would happen if I…” To them it is an experiment, likely an experiment on the victims psyche, also to them since it would be too much of a bother to keep said victim around, would simply release them after they’ve performed their tests. Of course this could be anyone… from friends to strangers, the idea however, is that in order to truly test their reaction, they must be surprised, and what best way to surprise some one and hold them against their will, than a surprise kidnapping.

ENTP: They got bored… it’s very dangerous when an ENTP gets bored, especially if said ENTP decides they want to watch some real life drama in a certain setting. The victims never knew what hit them, only to find themselves in an abandoned area, with the ENTP on the intercom explaining to them the rules of the game, if you win, you get freed, if you lose well… you’re on your own, in either case it is more a matter of amusement to this kidnapper than anything else, besides what are one or two dead bodies anyways?

ENTJ: Likely runs some kind of syndicate… actually most likely does run some kind of syndicate, disguised as a mere business on the outside. This kidnapper means business, they don’t need your money, they don’t need your pleading unless it’s one of utmost fealty. No they will kidnap some one you love to prove a point, that point being they know where you live, they know who you love, and they know who your friends are, so fall in line or else. And what better way to drive that point in than to kidnap the person you love the most.

INTJ: This one will not do the kidnapping themselves, nor will they kidnap just anyone. Power and money are their motive and gain, but why should they be the ones to get their hands dirty? As such their web is far and wide, and the ones they kidnap will be people of influence and stature… or at least their family members. Of course this would be done via minions and messengers, as they either begin to blackmail or send in the ransom notices to said family members. Even if they are caught… they never are truly caught.

ISFP: Much like the INFP, also potentially dangerous, but they’ve got a more… hands on twisted idea of love or beauty… perhaps even both. The victims don’t need to be alive, they just need to feel them, feel their warm blood and beating heart, and yes this could mean literally. Likely strong into S&M, but without that safe word, as their screams are music to the ear and their blood a way to paint with… sometimes even on the victims bodies themselves. In, let’s face it, a very twisted version of self expression.

ESFP: Desperate and perhaps a bit delusional, wants love and attention, but is constantly avoided, driving them to finally snap. Once done they will become a serial kidnapper, and bring people to places where they really don’t want to be. The madness of this kidnapper will likely cause some harm, with some apologies directly after, and thinks forcing things it considers fun onto people a perfectly acceptable thing. Also most likely to be the one saying “See aren’t we having so much fun?!” with a crazed expression and likely a bunch of dead bodies and freaked out people.

INFJ: Has “seen the signs” has “put things together” strongly believes imminent doom is coming down upon all, unless one were to find a way to survive it all. To protect the ones he/she love, this one will lead them subtly into a “bunker” until the perceived danger is gone. The stars have foretold him/her so, and it is within their duty to protect everyone. As such will often be the one constantly saying “Do not hate me for this, for it will all be over soon and we will build a new world, as the corrupt above die and burn.”

ENFJ: The cult leader… and by cult leader, I mean the one who kidnapped a bunch of youth, and started indoctrinating them into believing that they’re a god/goddess who is to be worshiped and has come down upon them in human form. Will likely make them believe that there is no hope for survival without the aid of their divine guidance, and that their divine providence is that which protects all. Those who do not believe are heathens and that those kidnapped are the god/goddesses closest and truest disciples, meant to keep the god/goddess company for all time away from society.

ISTP: Don’t travel alone in the woods at night, for there is one out there who sees you as game and a thrill of the hunt. They have their own special little cabin in the woods… yes that kind of Cabin in the Woods. Which this kidnapper likely built themselves with their own hands. Woe to all who tread pass on his/her land for soon they will never see civilization again. Upon capture, will be put in cages and treated like caged animals, trophies that he/she has been able to capture, it’s more fun keeping them alive, then having them dead.

ESTP: This one has kidnapped only the one important to it’s arch-nemesis, why? To fight that’s why, the hero has been alluding them for far to long, and this kidnapper has finally… finally found the ones the hero has loved, or well… villain depending on how you look at the story… Regardless, those he kidnapped he has set a time limit on, if his/her enemy doesn’t show up… oh no what is one to do? Besides push them off a cliff of course. In reality however, he/she is banking on the Hero to show up, and to have one final grand stand against them in an epic battle between the two that would go down in the pages of history.

ISTJ: This one is merely doing their duty, fulfilling the role their boss has set upon them as a loyal worker, perhaps even the loyalest workers. He/She may not agree with the standards upon which their employee is doing things, but they have been around them the longest, who are they to judge? As such for this one, kidnapping you is really nothing personal, it’s just business.

ESTJ: This one much like the ENTJ is not to be trifled with. Perhaps this one is the leader of the Mafia, Yakuza, the Triad or what ever kind of gang it may be. He/she looks after their subordinates well if wise, and treats them like crap if not. One will likely be kidnapped by this type if say… a friend or family member your close to decided to… borrow some money from some loan sharks. You may not be killed, but should payment not be sent quickly enough… expect to lose a few fingers or toes until payment is met.