money sharks

gee, it sure is boring around here. my boy. this peace is what all warriors strive for. i just wonder what ganon is up to. your majesty. ganon and his minions have seized the islands of koridai. hmm… how can we help? it is written: only link can defeat ganon. great! i’ll grab my stuff! there is no time; your sword is enough. how about a kiss… for luck? you’ve got to be kidding. squadila! we’re off! in the woods

BtVS Season 10 - The Kittens

We saw on the show that kittens were used instead of money in card games (kitten poker) played by demons (Life Serial), and later that Spike got in serious debt and had to deal with a shark demon who demanded him immediate payment (Tabula Rasa):

SPIKE: Take it easy, you’ll get your kittens.

SHARK DEMON: Oh, I trust you, Mister Spike.

BUFFY: Oh god, what is it with you guys? Why kittens? Why can’t you just use money like everybody else?

SHARK DEMON: She’s funny. I like funny in a girl.

SPIKE: I just need a little more time.

SHARK DEMON: Time, time, time! Is what turns kittens into cats!

In Season 10 (issue #11), Spike was able to redeem himself of this awful habit of gambling for kittens – he rescued 6 of them that were about to be gambled by some nasty demons at the Suppurating Sore Social Club:

He took them home, saying to Xander that he would find them homes the next day…

But the kittens - now cats - are still in the apartment (up to issue #28)…

Xander takes care of them, too: and they were Xander’s companion when he was a little depressed and refusing to leave his bedroom:

And incorporeal Anya has been able to be seen by them since they arrived in the apartment:

Christos Gage loves cats; he was asked if the cats would survive Season 10, and he said that “no cat will ever die in anything” he writes - so no cats will be harmed during the final battle against D’Hoffryn.

2p’s reason for going to jail

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: Destruction of public property 

James Williams/ 2p Canada: Trespassing on public property 

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: Driving under the influence 

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: First degree murder 

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: nothing 

Yang Wang / 2p china: Possession of Marijuana 

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: sexual harassment 

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: Printing counterfeit Money,Lone sharking, and first degree murder

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: Shoplifting, Printing counterfeit money, leader of illegal business 

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: nothing

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: Position of Marijuana

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: He has done so much illegal stuff i can make a list and i woudl rather not…

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: Stalking 

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: nothing

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: Public indecency