money saying

  • dirty harry: about the iraq war
  • 911: about 9/11 and terrorism
  • kids with guns: about gun control and school shootings
  • plastic beach: about marine waste
  • gorillaz fans:
  • hallelujah money: about donald trump and the rise of money-based power
  • gorillaz "fans": what is this :(( where did all this politically charged crap come from :(( gorillaz has never done social and political commentary ever before :(((((((( it's not normal

kiho shopping in Abu Dhabi 

“I’m not gay.

I mean, I don’t think I am, but I don’t think I’m straight, either.

I don’t know what I am. I think I might be nothing.”

“Oh. Well, that’s okay.”


“Yeah, of course.”

I absolutely loved this scene in the recent season of Bojack. And I just can’t wait to see what comes next for Todd! 

KNK dancing to Hello Bitches is everything I didn’t know I needed

Since we’re discussing Karolsen children, who would be the cool aunt ?

Maggie: is actually really good with kids, is a cop , would support whichever kind of music the kid is into, makes great food 


Alex : let the kid play with DEO stuff,  as long as nor Maggie nor J’onn are around, let them eat junk food, is really good at games, bed time is never 

The Swear Jar

Dr. Flug, in an effort to keep the newly-created 5.0.5 (who is basically the equivalent of a baby) from being exposed to foul language, starts up a swear jar. It’s not like he’s the one who needs it; he rarely curses unless his devices aren’t working.

Dementia, to everyone’s surprise, finds it easy to stop swearing. She just breaks something whenever she feels like cursing instead. Flug realizes that this might not have been an improvement.

They have to trick Black Hat into doing this.

“Surely the Incredibly Evil Black Hat has the best control over himself. I’m sure he’d find a challenge like this easy” says Flug in a deadpan voice. BH laughs and says he’s not that stupid.

And Flug lays down his trap card

“Shame, I guess it’s either gonna be me or Demencia who wins all the money–”

“Say what now where

So BH joins the Swear Jar group. It’s. A mistake.

“Flug you blithering idiot if you don’t have this prototype done by tonight I will personally wring your fucking nec– oh fuck– SHIT– SON OF A. MMMMMMNPH”

Black Hat has smoke coming out of his hat at this point. Dementia can’t stop laughing; Flug sees his life flash before his eyes. BH, with shaking hands, puts a fistful of cash in the swear jar and leaves.

They collectively give up on the swear Jar about three days later when BH has a tantrum that shakes the entire house and leaves him broke.