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Request: How about a story where Y/N is a new girl in Charming, working as a waitress at the club’s favourite dinner. You start to get close to them and they ask you to help serve at some parties and at one a prospect, or hangaround, gets a little too handsy and they have to step in?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: harassment

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They got divorced. After years of happy marriage, my parents got divorced. I guess it wasn’t such a happy conjugal life after all. I was in college and my last summer break was close, I had no idea where I should go. My father was still living in our house, but mom had moved to California. My only plan was to work during the summer, save money, and when mom called, telling me her friend had a job for me, I made my decision. I packed and hopped on a plane to California.

The job was as a waitress in a Charming’s diner downtown and I just glad to have my own money and that experience. I had been doing fine, getting good tips, especially from the Sons. The Samcro bikers were regulars at the diner, coming over from breakfast or lunch after a run to somewhere out of town. I liked them, despite all the things I had heard around town. They were always nice to me.

That morning, they were talking about a party and it would be a big one apparently. They sounded so excited that I thought I had become invisible as I poured coffee on their cups, but then Bobby talked to me.

“How about making some extra cash sweetheart?”, he looking at me over his glasses, “This is gonna be a huge party and Gemma could use some help. You have experience, should help serve at the party”

Gemma Teller. I had heard a lot about her and, to be honest, she was the one who scared me among the Samcro family. I bit my lip, “I don’t know Bobby”

“I know you heard about our parties and that we’re savages”, Tig smirked, “But we will keep you safe. I promise”

They were looking at me, waiting for an answer, “I’ll think about it. I promise”

I did thought about it and realized, looking at my plans for next semester, that the extra cash would be great. I knew my mother wouldn’t like it, but I said yes anyway. Boys showed up at the diner on the next day and Jax gave me his mother’s number, I had to deal with Gemma now. I was so nervous when I called her, but she was gentle and said the boys had said good things about me. She needed me at the clubhouse on Friday night, but if I could be there earlier it would be even better. By the end afternoon I met Gemma at her office and she introduced me to the other girls helping at the party. They were used to those parties and I felt a bit intimidated, worried about doing a good job.

I had been helping Chuck all day and was seated outside, on a break, when the boys arrived. They hopped off their bikes and Chibs was the first one to see me, wrapping ar arm around my shoulders, “Hi darling. How are you doing?”

“Good”, I smiled, “Gemma is great, she told me to help Chucky, stay close to him”

“Don’t worry sweetheart”, Bobby entered the clubhouse as we all followed him, “And tells us if anybody bother you”

“Okay”, I nervously nodded.

“We mean it”, Tig emphasized and kissed the top of my head. They were being nice, but I was still nervous. I decided to find Chucky and go back to work. 

Boys were right, it was a big party indeed. I saw kuttes from at least two different places and many hangarounds too, people who knew the Sons and were friends of the club. Chucky wanted me to stay behind the bar since I was new around there, said he didn’t want anyone taking me for a sweet butt or crow eater. I did what he told, but that didn’t stop men from hitting on me. I had said no a dozen times already and it had worked so far. 

I just had opened a new bottle of whisky when this young Son leaned over the counter, asking for a drink. I served him, but he didn’t let me go, grabbing my wrist. 

“Let go”, I calmly said, but he just smirked. 

“You do know that you’re here to please, don’t you babe?”, he licked his lips and I only felt disgusted. He was drunk and couldn’t hold my wrist when I pulled back.

“I’m not your babe”, I hissed. I knew I should tell one of the boys, but I also wanted to handle it on my own, “Get lost”

He glared at me for a second and then shrugged, walking away from the bar. I rolled my eyes when I saw the prospect patch on his back. I breathed deeply as I looked around and noticed Gemma staring at me across the room. She just raised an eyebrow; I nodded that everything was fine and continued to work. At some point, people started to leave, find rooms or just fall on the couches or floor. Gemma told me I could go, paid me and kissed my cheeks, saying I had done a good job and she hoped to see me again soon. I grabbed my car keys and walked outside. I just had closed the door behind me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye to me?”, his drunk giggle was enough for me to recognize the man as the idiot that was hitting on me later. 

“Let me go”, I clenched my jaw and was ready to hit him if I had too. My father had insisted on self-defense classes before I leave for college. He laughed but it got choked on his throat when someone else held him in a lock. Chibs kept me from falling, holding me by my waist.

“Are you okay?”, he asked. I nodded, watching Tig and Happy hold the prospect as Jax approached him. Samcro president had a smirk on his lips and I couldn’t listen him, but he clearly was threatening my stalker, whose eyes widened. 

“Do. You. Understand?”, Jax asked louder, the prospect nodded and he told Tig and Happy to let the boy go. He ran as the devil himself was after him and Jax finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay darling?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I nodded, “Thanks… What did you just say to him? You scared the shit out of that boy”

“Don’t worry about that darling”, Jax winked as him and Chibs walked me to my car, “We got you”

Money-saving tips for parents

1. Make a budget

It’ll help you be able to understand your financial situation and keep track of how you spend your money. Start by asking yourself: What’s my/our income? What are essential payments we have to pay each month (rent, car payments, electricity bills etc.)? Subtract those from your income and now you see how much money you have left to spend on food, clothes, education, entertainment etc. or save up. Now you can make a plan and prioritize what’s important to you and your family, so you can set yourself a limit on how much to spend on what. 

2. Make a meal plan 

Buying in bulk is often cheaper, and so is sticking to your grocery list. But it’s hard to do that when you have no plan what you’ll actually eat next week when you enter the supermarket, and buying in bulk is useless when you have to throw away half of it because it turns out you never need those ingredients while cooking. So, write down a list with meals for next week before you go grocery shopping! Then write down the items you’ll need and stick to that list. 

3. Plan your meals around what’s on sale, if possible 

This goes hand in hand with tip number 2. Seasonal vegetables are often cheaper, so check which ones are in season now and plan your meals with them in mind. Check the flyers, advertisements or websites of the stores you regularly shop at. If something is on sale, plan meals with those ingredients.

4. Use coupons and promo codes 

Sign up for your favorite store’s newsletter. They’ll often include coupons or promo codes. There are also whole websites and apps full of them. Some stores offer loyalty clubs for frequent shoppers who can take advantage of special coupons, sales and rewards if they sign up (Ask if they are free before you sign up!). 

5. Buy generic 

In many situations, generic products equal their name-brand counterparts in quality. Especially dry goods (like sugar or spices), cleaning products and diapers are often much cheaper when you buy generic. 

6. Have fun for free

Especially younger kids are often very entertained by activities that are free, such as taking a walk to a lake with ducks and watching them, watching a construction site, watching planes take off at your local airport.. Many libraries offer free events for kids and your home town may even have sculpture gardens, museums etc. that are free to visit. Some restaurants or food chains offer “kids eat for free”-days. Try a quick “Free things to do in (your home town)” google search! 

7. Be eco-friendly 

When you save water and energy, you protect the climate - and you save money. Encourage your family to take shorter showers. Install a low-flow shower head. Turn the light off when you leave the room. Go for the reusable alternative instead of the “Use-once-and-then-throw-away” one whenever possible. Breastfeed (breast milk is free!). Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Even small steps can add up! 

Two days ago I took my dad and his wife out to eat and paid for dinner. First time I paid for dinner and tip and everything for one of my parents. He said he was proud. I thought that would make me feel better about myself and feel like I’m doing okay in life so far but I’m still criticizing myself and I feel like ass.

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I'm just asking because that post you reblogged really confused me and I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. It's the one about a man proposing and then a man being married. Does it mean how it's weird (and sexist) that traditionally men are the ones to propose marriage but then married men often complain about how "awful" marriage is?

That’s absolutely what it means. I truly don’t understand this thing where men are expected to act like being married is *so terrible*. It’s a CHOICE. And frankly even in relationships where the woman is pushy, American culture dictates that it’s the man’s responsibility to take the step from dating to marriage. Women don’t usually propose. And even if they did, the man would still be allowed to say no.

This is the reason I can’t stand sitcoms. The stereotype of the poor oppressed man who’s stuck in a lifelong prison sentence with a nagging wife?? Seriously? YOU made the choice to marry THAT woman, and YOU make a choice daily to ignore her when she asks for your help around the house. So this whole idea is literally a man convinces a woman that he is madly in love with her, then after she marries him he treats her like a burden, and then he makes her ask him multiple times for help maintaining THEIR home and calls her nagging for it- and THEN he gets pissed off when she won’t jump into bed with him every single time he’s in the mood. 

Here’s a thought- if you don’t want to have the responsibilities of a married adult human, don’t get married! If you consider marriage to be an end to all fun, don’t get married! If you think a wife is a ball-and-chain who’s primary purpose is to drag you down and destroy your life, don’t get married! If you can’t have honest adult conversations with a female human about sharing the workload of running a home, division of resources, long-term planning, and sex, for the love of sanity, do nOT GET MARRIED. I promise you, no woman wants to be attached to a manchild who considers her a burden because she doesn’t like being his 2nd mom. 


Me: transfers colleges to save money
My mom: “you failed college so don’t talk to”
Me: “no. I transferred to save money since you won’t help pay”
My mom: “no you failed and you’re the worst daughter I’ve had”
People: *wonder why I hate my mom*

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Mckirk stockholm syndrome au. Bones lost his job and he's desperate for money to save Joanna/his mom from dying of an illness. He gets offered a job by Khan to capture a certain blonde captain.

  • The last thing Jim remembers is being separated from his away crew in an attack. Something hard and blunt hits him on the head, and then everything gets kind of black.
  • When he wakes up, his head is pounding and he’s pretty sure he’s bleeding, but he can’t reach out to touch the wound on his head because his hands are bound. He groans loudly, trying to take in his surroundings. Looks like a small ship. Its pilot looks nervous to be flying all by himself. “Hey. I don’t know what you’re trying, but the Enterprise is gonna come find me.” Jim says slowly, voice rough. “Keep your mouth shut.” The guy says. “At least tell me where we’re going.” “No.” “What’s your name?” “Shut up, Kirk.” “So you know mine and I can’t know yours?” “If you don’t keep your mouth shut I’m going to eject your ass into space.”
  • Jim wants answers. He’s tied up very well, and his phaser has been taken away from him. His wrists are sore and he’s counted every crook and nanny of the small ship. “Where are we going?” Jim presses. “Can you shut up?” “I will if I know what’s going on,” Jim says. “I’m taking you to Khan.” “Khan,” Jim repeats, the name still making his blood boil. “Listen, you don’t have to do this. Whatever Khan’s trying to make you do, you don’t have to-” “I don’t have much of a choice.” “There’s always a choice,” Jim says.  
  • “What’s your name?” Jim tries, but he’s ignored for a while. “Can I at least know the name of the guy’s who’s taking me to my inevitable death?” Jim says, perhaps a little dramatically, and the guy sighs. “Leonard. I’m only doing what I have to. It’s nothing personal.” “I believe that,” Jim says, “but you know you don’t have to do this. Why is he making you do this?“ “I have a daughter. She’s sick. He can help her get better.” Leonard explains, and Jim frowns. “I’m sorry to hear that. Hey, but we have a great team of doctors on the Enterprise. We could help-” “I am a doctor,” Leonard explains, “I’m a good doctor, too. I wouldn’t be doing this if I had another choice. I save lives, I don’t end them. I’m sorry, it’s really nothing personal. But my daughter-” “Hey, I understand,” Jim says. “I get it.”
  • Leonard flies them to a larger starship, and messily docks at the station. Clearly, this guy is no pilot. Jim waits until Leonard releases his bounds just a little, holding his arm as they enter the ship. He’s first taken to a private quarters. Leonard sits down there as well, and he’s fidgeting. “Hey, calm down,” Jim says, “if Khan’s gonna save your daughter, I understand your motives. I can’t blame you.” “Would you have done the same?” Leonard asks. Jim hesitates, before shaking his head. “No, I don’t think so. But I don’t have a daughter, so I can’t answer that for sure. But I understand your motives, I do. I’ll think of something.”
  • But Khan doesn’t give Leonard the blood he needs to save Joanna. The only answer he’s given is “soon, maybe”, and Jim looks surprised when Leonard gets back to his room. “Did you get what you needed and now you’re saying goodbye to this handsome mug?” Jim asks, and Leonard huffs. “No. I don’t think he’s going to keep his word. He didn’t give me anything.“ “I’m not surprised,” Jim says. “I’m sorry I got you into this,” Leonard says, and Jim huffs a little. “You’re a terrible bad guy.” “Again, I’m used to saving lives. And now I can’t even save my daughter and I’ve taken yours.” Leonard says, burying his face in his hands and Jim frowns. “I’m not dead yet.” Leonard looks up. “I got an idea. I know you have every reason not to trust me, but I think I can get you off this ship.”
  • “So you’re saying that if I take this pill I will essentially die for a few hours,” Jim says, holding a little pill in his hand. “Yes. I made it myself.” Leonard replies, and Jim sighs. “That’s comforting, considering you literally kidnapped me to be killed by my nemesis.” “He’s gonna come soon, too,” Leonard continues. “You better take that pill. When you’re dead, I’ll put you in my ship. You can take off.” “What about yourself?” “If I can’t save my girl, I have no reason to go anywhere else.” Leonard explains, and Jim sighs. “Again, you’re the worst bad guy I’ve ever met.” “I take that as a compliment,” Leonard says, turning around as Khan marges through the door. Jim hides his hands behind his back.
  • Jim may be a fool for trusting the guy who got him in this mess in the first place.  Khan drags him out to the bridge, having put up a comms channel with the Enterprise, Jim feels even less sure of himself now that Spock and the others are watching him. “James,” Spock says, and Jim smiles weakly. “Don’t worry about me, Spock. Make sure Khan’s not gonna get away.” Khan’s going for a very public execution, and Jim fights him off to the best of his ability. He manages to pop the pill in his mouth and swallow, even though Khan’s many times as strong as Jim is. And shortly after taking that pill, mid fight, his vision blurs and his heart just stops. The last he hears is just Spock’s voice over comms, telling him to get back on his feet.
  • The next time Jim draws a breath of air, it comes out like a gasp. He’s on the floor, flight a little turbulent. “You’re fine,” he hears Leonard’s voice, “take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, then exhale slowly.” Jim slowly sits up straight. “Where are we?” “We’re out,” Leonard says. “I told them I would expose of your body. And I did. In my ship.” “Are you being followed?” Jim asks. He slowly gets up, stumbling towards Leonard. Leonard simply shrugs. “Not that I know of.” "Okay, well, you’re not the most skilled pilot,“ Jim says, and Leonard turns to look at him with raised eyebrows. “I saved your life.” “To be fair, you were also the one almost responsible for taking it.” “Touche.” Jim sighs, sitting down in the seat next to Leonard. “Where are we going?” “You ask a lot of questions,” Leonard says before adding: “The Enterprise.”
  • Leonard is arrested the second they get to the Enterprise. Spock has him tied down and transported to  one of the Enterprise’s cells. It takes a full day before Jim visits him. He’s showered and slept, and they have been in pursuit of Khan for the last day now to blow that ship into oblivion. "I have something for you,” Jim says, and Leonard looks up. Jim opens the cell door, walking inside and sitting down on the floor next to him. “I, uh, saved some of Khan’s blood for you. During our fight, I stabbed him.” He explains, faint smile. “We’re going to York Town, and then you can visit your daughter.” “You’re not going to get me to prison?“ “I don’t think you’ve a bad person,” Jim says. “You went through great lengths to save  your daughter. And not just that. You did to save me, too.” Leonard smiles faintly. “Thank you.” “Hey, if you want to, and all of this is over, we could always use an extra doctor aboard.”
  • Leonard doesn’t think he deserves to be saved. Spock is initially against it, too, but Jim is not often wrong in people. He insists Leonard clean his reputation by saving people - after saving his own daughter, of course. And Bones is a fine doctor, who quickly becomes a member of the crew everyone appreciates. Even Spock, eventually, when Leonard surprises him with extensive knowledge about Vulcan anatomy. Jim watches them talk a lot. Sometimes he joins in on the discussion, because Jim’s no idiot. And the first time they stumble into Jim’s quarters together, Jim presses Leonard up against the wall and kisses him. “Jim-Captain,” Bones starts but he shouldn’t have, because having Bones whisper his title against his lips is just the hottest thing. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” Bones breathes as Jim’s lips are on his neck, slowly kissing their way up to his ear. “Why not?” “I did almost get you killed.” Jim pulls away and huffs. “That was months ago. I’m over it.” “I’m not” “I forgive you, Bones,” Jim says, smiling lightly as he grabs both of Bones’ hands. “Besides, I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for saving my life, either.”

Since @zamnwilson (didn’t) ask how kidfic! Steve and Natasha met I am gonna share it since I am not sure how much I’ll get into it during the fic and I am IN LOVE WITH THEM.

Sam and Bucky kind of adopted Steve into their group when they were nine. Steve was getting beat up by a bully, Bucky did that “pick on your own size” thing and Sam was pretty sure that kid was in the second grade. Steve socked the bully in the nose before either of them could get to him and yeah, okay, they liked this kid.

Fast forward to 9th grade. Natasha Romanoff is a brand new student at their high school. Rumor has it she’s a Russian exchange student (she wasn’t- just adopted from Russia at a bit of an older age). These are kids that grew up with those American pie movies so they’re dumb and awful about her. Every boy in the 9th grade wants to get with Natasha. She shoots down every single one. Sam and Bucky even try, but respectfully since their moms raised them right. Steve however, couldn’t care less. Every time Natasha is brought up he rolls his eyes and pulls out his little drawing notebook to drown everyone out.

One day, Steve doesn’t show up for lunch as normal. Bucky’s a little scared he might be sick but then they see him. He’s sitting with Natasha Romanoff at their very own table and she’s laughing. No one knew Natasha even smiled. Everyone’s amazed. Little Steve Rogers got the girl they all wanted.

They date all through high school and were that couple you hated. How could two people be that in love? It had to be fake. Their junior year he gets to be two inches taller than her (finally.)

Steve’s mom dies when he’s 18 and all of a sudden he and Natasha announce that they’re getting married. Everyone tries to talk them out of it. They’re too young, Steve’s grieving, they need more time to think about it, ect. Even Sam and Bucky are a little weary of their quick and young marriage. They do it anyway, getting married at the courthouse with their closest friends in tow.

They go to the same college and live in an off campus apartment, living the married life. When they graduate, they take some of their savings/ the money Steve’s mom left him and head overseas to spend the summer in Russia and a few other countries. Sam and Bucky expect Steve to come back y six feet tall looking like a lumberjack with tons of vodka. He comes back just as shrimpy but Natasha IS pregnant.

8 years later they have four kids, a fancy ass house and Sam and Bucky are dead sure Natasha is secretly a spy.

The Weeaboo Who Tore My Family Apart

Okay so this is easily the weirdest and downright creepiest experience I’ve ever had in my life. This will probably get kinda long, so I apologize in advance. I also apologize to the mods for anything breaking the whole rule against “vilifying” someone, but understand this is from someone who lived with it and dealt with some really nasty stuff on a daily basis.

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My little brother, who is eight years old, broke his arm really, really bad in May because one classmate threw him from a fence. Fourth degree fracture I believe it’s called in English. Anyway, the first surgery to put the rods in his bones to sustain his arm for a month or so we were able to pay it. Unfortunately, the second surgery to take out the rods out of his arm is expensive and we can’t pay it anymore. He should’ve been operated on the 16th of June and today is the 9th of July. Because he stood so much without a medical intervention, he can no longer move his fingers right and his arm hurts, which worries me. The surgery expenses are $700, money we don’t have. My mother has a very small salary, and we can’t afford my brother’s surgery expenses. If we would save the money my mom earns, it would take a few months, also without eating or paying taxes, something we definitely can’t do.

Please help my little brother with the surgery money so he can go to school in September. He already lost an important part of school, and I don’t want him to lose anymore from school, as he still needs to learn how to read and write. He is very stressed by this situation and blames himself for everything that happened, and the parents of the kid that injured him don’t want to help us one bit.

If you can and want to help us, contact me at

Thanks if you read this! ^_^

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You are seriously so pathetic. you obviously have rich parents if you can afford to live in LA and "quit your job" so you can write and "take cool pictures" your instagram and what you promote is so cliche and basic. I hope you mature and realize life isn't about making people believe how "free spirited" you are. Get over yourself.

No, I refuse to accept these negative comments and change what i’m doing in order to appease a person that has absolutely no idea who i am or what i stand for. the only reason why i am not sending this nasty message straight to the trash is because I want to make an example out of you.

Your comments are judgmental, unoriginal, and uninspired… which is why they don’t even phase me. they just make me realize how sad it is that your unhappiness in life drives you to bring others down. Others that are trying to get rid of this EXACT type of bullshit.

You wanna know what is pathetic? The fact that you COWARDLY chose to submit an anonymous comment denigrating a movement that i am starting in order to inspire and help others. a movement that revolves around nothing BUT happiness, love, and compassion (three words you should probably look up and study, maybe implement them into your daily mediation?).

I hope you realize, you have just made such an ignorant judgment making YOU the immature one. That being said, i feel as though you want to get a little down n dirty with me. So, let’s fucking go. 

my economic situation- which is actually none of your god damn business- is not because i have “rich” parents, but because i’m a fucking hustler. the only reason why i could quit my job in order to follow my dreams is because i worked 40 hour weeks WITH a full time school schedule in order to support myself and save my money. my mom and dad are divorced and my mother- who is a breast cancer survivor and has arthritis in both her hands- works 4 jobs in order to keep a roof over my head and food on the table.

so don’t you fucking dare look at me and act as though you know my life story. don’t look at my face, my clothes, or my friends and think for one second you understand who i am and what i represent. because trust me, you’re looking at the world through a lens that needs to be turned towards yourself. stop passing judgments about others and learn to love and respect who you are and what you represent. the only basic one in this scenario is you, because you’re hiding behind an online forum to bring down a woman that is trying to re-write culture, positively, in order to spread love and happiness. 

that being said, get the fuck off the internet if you’re here to be a troll. most importantly my account- because my instagram is for open-minded people who want to create change. a place to nonjudgmentally come together and understand that EVERYONE has a story and a struggle, regardless of what they look like. aren’t you tried of feeding off so much negative energy? go read a god damn book so that you can stop looking at social media images and feeling sorry for yourself that YOU aren’t out in the world following your dreams.