money raiser

Banner fan support project for Heize at KCON LA

A wonderful person has decided to host a money raiser to get Heize banners for the KCON LA. If you are interested please check this link. It takes you to twitter were all the details are explained.

If you have any questions you can message that twitter owner or sent email to this address: 

If you are going to KCON LA to see Heize, and have little bit money to spear, go check this project. I’m sure Heize would be very happy to see the banners ♡.

Originally posted by khiphopladies

So do you guys remember my mochi army? Well I’m trying to raise up some extra cash so my baby girl Amelia can have corrective shoes. Insurance isn’t going to cover for much and her doctor says she needs them or she will have a lot of problems later on. I’m selling the ones you see and making new ones. Big ones like Rome I will sell for $15.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Smaller ones I’m selling for $10 but I will wave shipping if you by more then one.
All the money goes for my sweet baby girl.
Shipping internationally is expensive so for now domestic in United States only.