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Why do you think so many middle class liberals adopt communism and anarcho-communism as their ideology when, realistically, they'd have the least to gain from a communist or anarchist state?

I don’t have a real answer to that.

I think a lot of it is down to ignorance and an overly-simplistic view of how to make the world better, as well as a smattering of entitlement.

In an ideal world, there would be no homeless people, everyone would be healthy, everyone would have a decent home and nobody would ever go hungry. But that costs money. 

There’s a reason that the newly-politically-“aware” youth are much more likely to be communists than older people. They haven’t gotten a decent grasp of basic economics yet. They haven’t worked for years and seen the fruits of their labours when it comes to building a home and building a life for themselves, the sense of accomplishment that that gives. A lot of them are coddled, so they don’t really understand the meaning of, “I paid my bills, but I saved to get this, I worked hard for this, this is mine and I’m proud of myself for my achievement.”

The older ones tend to either be people that have been paid to do nothing but espouse communist views – like politicians or professional protesters, given money only to complain – or the most embittered needy and vulnerable that can’t seem to get ahead and blame the system for their luck, so want others to foot the bill.

The fact is that the world needs a mix of capitalism and some socialism in the right kind of balance.

Nobody decent thinks that the disabled, the elderly etc should be left to starve to death if they can’t work. There needs to be a cushion there. But it’s also wrong to strip someone of their hard work.

These people, they ironically lack empathy and claim to care about others. It’s a much bigger picture than, “Take from the richest to give to the poorest.” All they can picture are fatcats with millions, not families that have worked hard to save as much as they can to leave a nest egg to protect their children when they’ve gone.

And the thing is that you’re right. Most of the poorest people want to get on the ladder to earn for themselves so they can feel proud of themselves and achieve something for themselves. But if there’s “revolution,” then those middle-class “communists” are one of the first on the chopping block. 

Shouting “Communism for all!” is a cheap way to pretend to care about the poorest without actually doing anything to help them. You see that constantly on this site. All that they think they need to do is espouse communist rhetoric and maybe attend some rallies. At best, they might help out with a charity. But they never actually practice what they preach aside from cooing at the idea that they know, deep down, will never happen.

And that suits them, quite frankly. Because as long as they know that capitalism is in control, they can keep complaining and keep shouting for revolution, but never lose any of their comforts and never fear losing their personal quality of life.

When did you last hear of a communism/etc-support-shouting politician that looked at their massive salary and pension and gave it away happily?

They don’t believe in it. They might convince themselves that they do, safe in the knowledge that what they claim to want will never pass, but deep down? They really don’t mean it. 

To anyone who feels like they aren’t doing their part as a punk to stand up to the injustices of the world due to circumstances such as location, mobility, ect: it’s okay. That doesn’t mean your a fake punk, or that you don’t care. I myself live very far from all the protests and rallies going on in my state. That’s why i wanted to make a list of sorts of things that you can do to still support important movements and make a change in the world.
-sign petitions; signing petitions are a great way to get involved with events going on in the world, especially if it’s something going on in a different country or state. Even though you can’t be there physically to be involved, your still doing your part and helping make a change.
-donate money; I constantly see donation posts circulating on Tumblr. Donating money to help protests and charities and such are a great way to help make a difference. Even if you can only donate $1 that’s still helping.
-share and boost things going on in the world; let other people know about protests going on so they can go. Chances are by doing this you could possible catch a ride with someone, as well as inform others to get more involved.
That’s all i have for now. I hope this helps in some way. Feel free to add other ways to help protest and make the world a better place by reblogging or commenting on post😊

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

- Cree Prophecy

So how likely is it that Percy and Vex have actually been wearing rings ever since half-way through the time skip, but the entirety of VM just rolled shit on their perception rolls and hasn’t noticed so far?

…How likely is it that they could pull that off with an entire pregnancy?


Prompt #49 with Tommy Shelby: “I don’t want to screw this up.”  

Originally posted by haedall

Tommy was not notorious for being a gentle man. Anything you heard about the Shelby family, especially Tommy, hardly cast them in the best light. Since you were a young girl, you had heard rumors (most only half true) about the Shelby family- how they were no good, murderous Gypsy’s just trying to make a quick buck. For the most part, you believed them. So you were cautious walking home from your job as a shop girl at night, looking behind you as you walked so you could be ready to run at any moment. You didn’t look a Peaky Blinder in the eyes, so as not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. You weren’t scared, really, just careful. 

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our love was made for movie screens;

pairing: riley matthews and lucas friar
word count: 1.5k
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: lucas friar loves the movies, but he love seeing them with riley even more.
a/n: so, this is my first rucas oneshot, and it’s probably not that great, have mercy. the fic is set in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. there’s been a lot of references to rucas movie dates in the show (gm texas pt. 3 and gm the new year) but we never saw any of it, so i imagined what one of them was like. the movies mentioned are avengers age of ultron (cursed) and inside out (which i haven’t seen dfgjdfg) and the title is from all i want by kodaline. 

There was something special about going to the movies. Maybe it was splurging on overpriced buttery popcorn and sugary sweet chocolate, or finding the perfect seat to settle into. Perhaps it was escaping screams and the crushing weight of expectations, the feeling of knuckles and the taste of blood– the distraction of being transported into another world and focusing on someone else’s problems. But the best thing, to Lucas, was the company. He wasn’t always the best at talking to others, unsure of his words, but he didn’t have to talk when he was at the movies. Lucas was allowed to bask in presence of his friends, listen to their laughs and watch them cry, just be. The movies revealed the little things that made his newfound friends tick or burst out into grins. It helped him understand the crazy people who were Farkle, Maya, and Riley; while he seemed to fit in well with the three, he still had a lot to learn about the native New Yorkers.

Lucas Friar loved the movies, plain and simple.

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Bad Ideas (Chapter 2)

Welcome back to the story! Catch up on Chapter One HERE! I’m glad that a few people were interested in this little fic, it’s my first Spidey-pool fic so I wasn’t really sure how I did!
Enjoy Chapter Two!

“Wade, this is not a filing system.”

“I don’t know what you mean by that, honey buns, all those papers are in a filing cabinet. Therefore, they are filed, therefore in a system.” Wade looked up from replacing the battery in his drill and frowned. “What more do you need?”

“Yeah, well.” Peter pushed his glasses up on his forehead long enough to rub at his eyes. “Just because you toss random papers in a file cabinet doesn’t mean it’s filed. Or sorted. Or organized. Or looking like anything other than a rats nest.”

“You’re awfully rude for someone who hasn’t combed his hair in three days.” Wade snipped back and Peter sighed in exasperation.

First of all, I combed my hair. It just always looks a little–”

“Rat-nesty?” Wade huffed and stomped out of the office dramatically. “I’m not paying you to talk about hair, Peter! Shut the hell up and do the secretary thing!”

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I'm Not The One Pt. 2

Summary: Why in the world would you want to break your soulmate clock just so you could be with me? The guy who isn’t even supposed to be with you.

Part 1

     That night after your shift had finally finished, you went home to find your little kitten sitting on the loveseat couch in your apartment. You cooked some dinner, because you are not paying for pizza no matter how good it is. You decided to just cook a bowl of macaroni and cheese and watch t.v. that night in.

     Right when the macaroni was finished cooking, you got an alert telling you your phone went off. You looked over to your phone after putting the macaroni in a bowl and saw a text from an unknown number.

     Hey Y/N it’s Ashton!! I just wanted to know if you had off tomorrow because I wanted to get that coffee sometime.

     You smiled as you were instantly reminded of the previous conversation between you two. You had a thought that it was all just a dream, but his text confirmed everything for you. You brought the macaroni and cheese into your living next to your kitten who was now sleeping peacefully. You turned the t.v. on and put your food down on the coffee table in front of you.

     Hey Ash you’re totally in luck because I just do happen to have off tomorrow. I’d love to get that coffee with you sometime. Is noon-ish ok with you?

     His text back was almost instantly after you had sent your to him.

Noon sounds absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to see you then Y/N ;-)

     You smiled like a school girl with a crush. You were actually going on a date tomorrow at noon. That means you’d have to do your make-up and shower so your hair wasn’t greasy. You sighed and started to eat your food and watch the show that came on.

     When you finished eating, you put your bowl in the sink and brought your kitten into the bed with you to sleep. “I’ve got a date tomorrow. I actually have a date with Ashton.” Your smile grew larger until you were full on grinning. “I have a date with Ashton!” You screamed excitedly startling your kitten. You smiled sheepishly as she meowed and got comfortable again.

     Sleep came to you quicker than you could ever imagine. It was a deep sleep filled with dreams of your day tomorrow. The only thing that woke you up, was your alarm going off at nine a.m. exactly.

     You groaned as you shoved the blankets off of you and onto your kitten Roxy. She meowed when the blankets covered her tiny body and crawled out from underneath of them. You giggled and went into your bathroom to take a shower before you did anything drastic.

     While showering, you made sure to shave you legs and arms because it was supposed to be hot outside. You finished shaving and got out of the shower to dry yourself off. Wrapping the towel around you, you walked out of the bathroom and into your room to dig through your closet for the best outfit possible.

     You pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white fitted tank top. It was much different from your usual work outfit, an apron on top of some maroon pants and an ugly green work shirt. You put on some light make up, just some lip gloss, tan eye shadow, and mascara.

     You checked your phone and noticed it was 11:34 so you grabbed your phone, some money, and put them into your purse. You quickly texted Ashton to make sure you were heading to the right coffee shop and hopped into your car to get there.

     When you walked inside the coffee shop you noticed Ashton sitting in the back corner of the small un-crowded shop on his phone. You walked over to him and sat down in the booth across from him. “Hey Ashton.” You said with a smile as he looked up from his phone. He smiled back even wider than yours and put his phone away.

    “Hey Y/N, how’re you?” He asked with a small smile. “I’m good, I get to hang out with this really nice guy today so I think today’s going to be great.” You said with a cheeky smile. He laughed and shook his head. “Funny, who are you hanging out with today Miss. Y/L/N?” He asked with an equally cheeky smile. You fake pondered on that thought. “oh, well, now that I think about it, I’m only hanging out with you today Mr. Irwin.” You said as you stood up.

     “I’m going to get a coffee or something, do you want anything?” You asked as he also stood up. “Yeah, I’ll come and get it.” He said as you two walked up to the counter. “Hello, can I get a coffee please?” Ashton asked the coffee guy. He nodded his head as Ashton described what he wanted in it. “Um, can I just have a green tea please?” I asked politely. The guy nodded and went to make our drinks.

     He came right back out and handed them to us. I dug ion my purse to get the money to pay, but Ashton stopped me. “I got this,” He handed the guy the money. You tried to protest, but Ashton put his finger up to your lips. “Hush."  You giggled and he laughed as he removed his finger from your lips and escorted you back to your table.

     Throughout this whole time you were together, all you guys did was tell funny stories and get to know each other better than you had ever hoped. You had learned that his dad left them at an early age so he became the one who cared for his siblings. He tries his hardest to make enough money to help his mom support them. He loves animals but is allergic to cats. you told him about your kitten at home and he replied with a laugh and ‘what’s my luck’.

     You told him about how you moved away from your parents and about how you were saving up to go to college, that’s why you lived in the apartment, because your parents wanted you to become something you never wanted to be. They are both doctors, and wanted you to be one too, but you have a passion for writing. You always have. Ashton wanted to read some of your works, but you told him you didn’t like to show anyone. "Maybe next time Ash. I’ll maybe let you read some of it.” He smiled at you and lightly kicked your foot under the table.

     “Oh no, we are not doing that.” You stated as he smiled. “Whatever do you mean?” He laughed while you kicked him back lightly. “Oh, it’s on now.” He challenged as you guys started kicking each other lightly as to not hurt the other person. By the time you guys settled down and finished your painful game of footsies, you checked you phone. It was 3:50 and you had to meet up with your friend at 4.

     “Sorry to cut this short Ashton, but I needed to meet up with my best friend at four soon. I’ll see you at work later? Or would you take into consideration doing this again sometime?” You teased as you stood up from your seat. He sighed with a smile and stood up as well. “I guess I have no other choice but to take you up on that offer. I’ll text you later to figure out what we’re going to do.”

     You two walked out the door together and he surprised you by giving you a hug. “Bye Y/N.” He whispered in your ear right before you two pulled away. “Goodbye Ashton.” You waved as you walked into your car and drove to your friend’s house with Ashton on your mind.

echoraven1219  asked:

Ideas for a character that used to be in a gang? What sort of problems might he have now (he's already a kleptomaniac)?

Hi! Here’s a bit of a mix of ideas and problems:

● Old gang is trying to get him back
● On parole/ watched by the police
● Criminal record makes getting a job harder
● Feels like he needs a group of friends or a family (as one appeal of gangs is the loyalty)
● Hard to not resort to violence during a disareement
● Lacks a home or money since he was dependent on the gang
● Afraid of walking into gang territory and getting caught back up in the mess
● Has to constantly check his morals to make sure he doesn’t slip into crime again
● Almost too nice because he’s trying to make up for his past
● Old rival gangs mess with him/ hurt him
● Lost in terms of his goal for life
● Struggles to reconcile with family
● Unsure of how to act around old gang members
● Snitched on his old gang and has to watch his back now
● Can’t decide what to do with his illegal prosessions or money
● Protesters harass him becuase he was involved in a shooting a long time ago that involved a stray bullet and unintended victim
● Drug addict/ alcoholic/ smoker
● Feels overwhelmingly guilty about people he’s killed, hurt, or helped to kill (visits the graves)
● Tries to cover up gang tattoo