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I understand if you’re pissed at Marvel, as you should be, as you ABSOLUTELY should be, but I think an all out boycott of the company will not be effective. Because right now Marvel is attempting to pass the buck and pretend like it’s ‘diversity’ that’s pulling down their readership. They’re not learning from low sales, they’re doubling down on the Nazism because of it.

To them, Nazism is a spectacle, an event, something to lure people in.

So, a more effect protest/boycott is to stop spending money on the series that are currently Hydra-infested shitholes and spend the money instead of diverse titles. Not because this protest is necessarily effective, it’s not really. But so that titles about diverse characters or written by diverse writers don’t suffer because of this. People still need the America Chavezes and Kamala Khans and Miles Moraleses of the world. Kids still rely on them on representation and I just KNOW they’ll be the first characters/comics to go when readership really does get that bad.

Drop something as soon as Hydra touches it, do not support this blatant Nazi-apologism, but recognize that a blanket protest is going to have a lot of fall out and the comics/characters/creators hit the hardest aren’t going to be the Nazi-apologists, it’s going to be the newer, more diverse characters.

So, I ask of you–let your protest have nuance. But I also ask that knowing that a lot of people cannot bring themselves to support Marvel in any way at this point and if that is true, please support non-Marvel comics about diverse characters written by diverse people.

(Also, if you’re still invested in the characters that are currently being fucked by the Nick Spencers of Marvel, PLEASE remember there are free online alternatives. You can find out what’s happening without supporting Marvel financially right now. You may not think your individual purchase matters and, for the most part, you’re right, but these things add up.)

Knight in Shining Armor (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 999999999-999998361

Request: I think I requested a medieval au laf x reader (reader saves laf) @psychiclianna

A/N: i took way too long on this and i apologize, this was hecka lot of fun to write tho, ty for the request! i did barely any research on knights and medieval times, so bear with me plz 

special thanks to @sorry-but-no-sorry for the french translation! 

You grabbed your sword off the ground, placing it in the pocket on your back. You walked ahead, looking for any signs of danger. Fortunately, you were in neutral territory, away from all the violence between the two empires.

There was a war for land going on between the French and the English. You belonged to neither, a rogue knight as many say. This has caused a warrant out for your arrest, the kings of both nations wanting your head on a stick. So whenever a knight stumbled upon you, they would try to kill you (due to the fact that you were neglecting both nations). Seeing as you were still walking today with little injury, killing you was not an easy thing. Still, many tried.

You heard shuffling in the woods ahead, and immediately ducked behind some greenery. You peeked through, seeing two knights fighting each other. Most of their armor was off, leaving them in plain clothing. Usually, you would turn around and run, avoiding the unnecessary conflict, but it seemed like the man pinned to the ground was losing.

His face was beaten badly, blood coming out from a slice on his cheek. You bit your lip, debating on whether you should leave. But, the other man on top of him, was wearing the same outfit as him. You raised your eyebrows in shock, confused as to why two fellow knights were fighting. The sword got closer to the man’s neck on the ground, seconds from cutting through. Immediately, you jumped out of the bushes, kicking off the man that was on top of the other. He tried to get back up again, but you pressed your metal foot against his chest, forcing him back to the ground. The two of them gasped in shock, and you pointed the sword down to the man’s neck, threatening him.

“Who the hell are you?” He yelled, and you pressed the tip closer to his neck.

“I’m the one with the sword. Now, before I change my mind. Leave.” He began to speak again, and you cut his skin slightly, the blood leaking out. He nodded quickly, and you allowed him to get up, removing your foot from his chest. He tried reaching for the sword on the ground, but you waved yours in the air, preventing him from doing so. He gave one last look at you, then ran, leaving his weapons and armor behind. You sighed, putting your sword back on the side of you.

You turned to the man on the ground, and he was gone, leaving only a pool of blood in his wake. “You’re welcome.” You mumbled, turning back. A sword was pointed at you, the man staring at you. The blood was still flowing down his face, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. He was rather tall, a giant compared to you. You rolled your eyes at him, but of course, he couldn’t see, since you had your helmet on.

“So this is the thanks I get from saving you?” You grumbled. He said nothing, reaching over to pull off your helmet. You let him. He revealed your face, and you smiled at him, winking. “Hey there.”

“Who are you?” He asked, and you noticed a slight French accent to his words. You were puzzled. He wore English armor and clothing, but he was French? Seems like an interesting story to tell.

“Does it really matter? I’m just trying to get out of the country before you guys destroy it all.” He pointed the sword closer to your face. You could easily move it away, but you were entertained, wanting to know what else he had up his sleeve. “Whoa, easy there boy, no need to get riled up.”

“You did not answer my question.” He spat back.

“My name is Y/N.” He widened his eyes, immediately moving his sword away from you. You lowered your hands slowly, more perplexed than before. “Um…”

J’suis chauve! (I can’t believe it) You’re the rogue knight, the knight everyone is hunting.” He replied, placing his sword on his side. You wondered why his first instinct wasn’t to kill you, but you shrugged, grabbing yours off the ground. “Why are they looking for you? Did you assassinate someone?” So many questions.

“I’m sorry, but I did not hear a thank you come out of your mouth yet.” You replied, grabbing your helmet off the ground. You didn’t put it on yet, curious as to what this fake Englishman had to say. He smiled at you, and you rolled your eyes, hiding your smile.

“Thank you, sir Y/N.” You cringed at the knight surname, and shook your head.

“No problem, but please, drop the sir. I hate being called that, my name is just fine by it’s lonesome.” You did not mean to sound so harsh, and you glanced at the man. He was still smiling.

“Of course, Y/N.” He said back, the happiness never leaving his face. Why was he so happy? He was still bleeding profusely, limping. You knew it was unwise to help anyone involved in the war, but he was helpless. He seemed like a pretty decent guy, and you could not just leave him behind. Someone would come and kill him minutes after you leave. You sighed, looking at him.

“If I help tend to your wounds, would you promise not to tell anyone that you saw me? Pretend like I never existed?”

Oui, anything for the one who saved me.” He joked, struggling to walk over to you. You ran over to him quickly, putting his arm around your shoulder. He smiled down at you.

“What’s your name?” You asked, helping him along. The closest place you could go without anyone spotting you is a local town an hour or so away. You promised them that you wouldn’t come back, but it seemed inevitable, he needed to be treated as soon as possible.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. But you can just call me Lafayette.” He replied, looking at you. You blinked. Who the hell has a name as long as that?

“Um, okay, Lafayette. Tell me about yourself, since it is going to take us a while to get there.”

The two of you conversed, him telling you about his journey on rejecting the French ideals and deciding to fight for the English instead. The conversation went like this for a while, until finally, you made it to the small town. The people glared at you as you walked in, and you gave them sheepish smiles, carrying Lafayette over to the medical tent. Your friend was the doctor, and he frowned as you walked in carrying Lafayette.

“Y/N, I told you you cannot come back here, you know-“

“I know, I know. Lafayette just needed to be treated. Here, I’ll give you the money.” Lafayette protested at you handing him the cash, but you ignored his pleas, giving the doctor the money. Your friend sighed, but took it anyway, going over to examine Lafayette. You took this as your cue to leave, walking back. You heard Lafayette call to you, and you turned back, looking at him. He had a small smile on his face.

“Thank you, Y/N. You are much kinder than you make yourself out to be.” You gave him a closed-lipped smile, nodding. “Are we going to see each other again?”

“Take care of yourself, Lafayette.” You winked at him, then left quickly, leaving an awe-struck Lafayette behind. The doctor chucked at Lafayette reaction, cleaning off his wounds. Lafayette looked at the doctor.

“Is Y/N always this mysterious?” The doctor nodded, placing cream on Lafayette’s leg.

“Yes, they are. Still, I never saw Y/N risk their life to save another. You must be special.” Lafayette groaned at the stitching the doctor began, looking back towards the entrance. A small part of him hoped that he would run across this Y/N again.

echoraven1219  asked:

Ideas for a character that used to be in a gang? What sort of problems might he have now (he's already a kleptomaniac)?

Hi! Here’s a bit of a mix of ideas and problems:

● Old gang is trying to get him back
● On parole/ watched by the police
● Criminal record makes getting a job harder
● Feels like he needs a group of friends or a family (as one appeal of gangs is the loyalty)
● Hard to not resort to violence during a disareement
● Lacks a home or money since he was dependent on the gang
● Afraid of walking into gang territory and getting caught back up in the mess
● Has to constantly check his morals to make sure he doesn’t slip into crime again
● Almost too nice because he’s trying to make up for his past
● Old rival gangs mess with him/ hurt him
● Lost in terms of his goal for life
● Struggles to reconcile with family
● Unsure of how to act around old gang members
● Snitched on his old gang and has to watch his back now
● Can’t decide what to do with his illegal prosessions or money
● Protesters harass him becuase he was involved in a shooting a long time ago that involved a stray bullet and unintended victim
● Drug addict/ alcoholic/ smoker
● Feels overwhelmingly guilty about people he’s killed, hurt, or helped to kill (visits the graves)
● Tries to cover up gang tattoo

Why do movies keep casting white leads?

Ok, let me teach you all a thing about the film industry, called “pre-sales”. Pre-sales is exactly what it sounds like, the deals that are made before the film is created. Movies cost a lot of money to make. These days on average a movie can cost around $200 million (and often, more) to make. So who pays for all this? 

Film distributors. These are the people in charge of marketing and advertising for a movie and, essentially, selling it to the public. You’ve probably heard of a lot of the big ones, Paramount, 20th Century, Warner Bros. (which can also help with production as well), but there’s a lot that might be a bit less known, such as IFC or Weinstein. 

Now, these film distributors are also the ones who fund the movie as it is made, on the expectation of it turning a profit (and thus, making them money). The way they “ensure the profit” can be done in a number of ways, but usually they require the director of the film to enter into a contract that includes an “essential element” clause. Long story short, this means that the distributors can require that a film has certain things present in it or they won’t pay for it. 

Oftentimes, these essentials are actors

Actors are ranked (amongst financiers) by how much money they can bring to the box office, just by having their name on the poster. How many times have you gone to see a movie cause that one actor that you love is in it? That’s what distributors are counting on. And, unfortunately, in this day and age, the highest grossing actors are often white (at the fault of years of ingrained, institutional racism in society and film industry). 

Film distributors will actually hand a list of actors over to the directors and tell them to either cast one as a lead or their movie is not being made. 

While, yes the constant stream of white leads is incredibly disheartening we can’t keep blindly blaming the directors or producers of these movies. 

Yes, of course there is a poc actor that could play this role perfectly. Yes, there is someone out there who would be a better choice. But sometimes the directors don’t actually get that choice. 

Until we as a society stop putting only white actors up on a pedestal, film financiers will continue to assume that poc actors can’t make money. If you want more poc leads, celebrate poc actors, start going to films with poc leads, boycott films with an all-white cast. We can’t just sit back and demand that they give us poc leads (unfortunately), we have to force them to see that we will pay to see them. 

tl;dr Film distributors require directors to cast white actors to get their film financed and we, as a society, need to come together to actively change that instead of sitting at home passively upset. 



Jay Z and Beyoncé have allegedly paid “tens of thousands” to bail out protesters 

There have been rumors for a while that the couple have been supporting activists in Ferguson and Baltimore behind the scenes. Over the weekend, dream hampton, writer, filmmaker and coauthor of Jay Z’s Decoded, alleged that the rumors are true. And they’ve done more than anybody thought.

Howdy Nightmare Folks. I just want to say making fun of, and laughing at Trump is good and important. But there are real people right now who are being hurt badly by him and his administration. If you have the means, please volunteer, donate money, protest, or whatever you can to help immigrants who are in need right now.

Also, I don’t get why we’re getting random Medicis and Florence when Mary’s big ally in Italy was Rome and we could have her instead getting money from the Pope to promote the Catholic faith in Scotland while actually doing nothing to promote the Catholic faith in Scotland

You know those credit card solicitations from the big banks?  They pay for the return postage for your application.  Send it back to them and tell them why.  Let them pay for the postage.

Here’s how to tell if the bank soliciting your business is a targeted bank.  Vote with your money!  If you haven’t moved your money to a local credit union, now is the time to do so.


so it looks like the safety pin thing has been co-opted by white supremacists. we need other, better ways to show solidarity anyway. wear an “i’ll go with you” pin, if you want that badly to wear a pin, or better yet, stand up for marginalized folks when you see them being harassed (online and irl). join an organization, volunteer your time, donate money, join a protest, if you’re able. wear a “black lives matter” or a “not my president” t shirt. there are so many ways to show solidarity and we need to get started now.


i just

i just want antis to stop

i want antis to realize that they are not children, they are teenagers and are developing into adults

i just wanna live man

ive been thru too much shit in my life, i dont need no teenagers playing internet police fucking with shit

have they ever been to a protest? held up a sign? i hope they be donating or signing whatever shit they rb.

man, ive been to a protest, donated money tho only a lil bit, depends on how much i have when i get the chance

why is life

why is antis