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Here is another OC of mine. He’s called Trick.

He comes from a long line of magicians, although he doesn’t have any family left. A few generations ago, his direct ancestry split from the magicians, so he doesn’t even know where to find them if there are any left.

He’s not very good at doing many tricks although he can pull off a few. He is the type of person to only do what he is confident in and struggles to grow. He ends up following Bae for the length of the story. He looks up to her and is jealous of her strength and ability to take action. 

In the beginning, when he meets Bae, he acts as a sort of guide for her. He fakes confidence for her and tries to take her through the country. She realizes he isn’t very brave, but grows to appreciate him anyway and encourages his efforts. 

I drew him wearing his performance clothes. He normally wears stuff that doesn’t stand out, but after travelling with Bae for a while, he dons these quite normally so he can be noticed. Bae and Trick sort of ground each other throughout the story. The two consider what is best for the other. She begins to see him as a little brother or younger companion that needs support and guidance.

Here are my other OC’s from this idea I like to daydream about:

Bae   Rhyne   Verai   

178. We are not allowed to super glue galleons to the ground and watch as students try and fail to pick it up.

You were right, Pete. Muggle super glue was way more effective than using a sticking charm. - JP

I knew it! I figured most people would immediately try to counter a sticking charm. But, this way, they couldn’t! - PP

I still think this was a complete waste of valuable money. - RL

C’mon Moony. You know in between James and I, we have more money than we know what to do with! - SB

Yes, that is obvious. - RL

Totally worth it. I have no regrets. - JP

So I’ve got my school’s senior prank figured out

I’m gonna buy a Furby and gag it with a sheet, then tie it up and hide it above one of the tiles in the ceiling. Time will pass, but shit will start to go down. People will hear voices and weird sounds coming from the roof. Eventually, someone might even look into it. But what are they going to find? Nothing, because this fucking Furby is going to move. I’m talking bathrooms, lockers, classrooms. You name it, this fucking Furby will haunt the shit out of it. People will start to get freaked out. Rumors will spread. The buddy system will be woefully reinstated. But what happens when Furbies are neglected? The answer is simple. They start to cry. And just like that, this Furby infestation will evolve into a full-fledged Furby poltergeist. It will whine, moan, scream and beg. You won’t be able to take a dump without something sinister crying ‘feed me, feed me’ from the ventilation. And when the battery starts to die, the Furby’s sound system will get fucked up. It will warp, glitch, malfunction- People will have nightmares. Rooms might get locked, maintenance crews will get called in. Hell, someone might even call a Shinto priest to exorcise the miniature demon terrorizing the school. And after all the chaos this little Furby will unleash, it will suddenly stop. It will stop moving, stop crying. The walls will finally go silent. And at long last, they’ll find it. Gagged and bound, with the batteries taped to it’s face. But it’s not over yet, oh no. They’ll throw this Furby out, that’s a given. With the evil destroyed, life will go back to normal. The days will fly by, and when the time comes for graduation, all will be swell. The last day of school will go off without a hitch. Until, that is, the announcements come on. We’ll hear the usual garbage- How it was a great year, the grads will be missed, and to have a good summer. And finally, how the graduating class has a special message to the rest of the student body. A voice recording from our very own Furby- with the warped, feeble words played into the PA.

“Feed me.”

Yoongi as your brother (Brother! Series)

-I feel like he would be the perfect big brother

-Giving you extra money

-Helping you with homework

-Dropping you off to school on his way to the studio

-Buying you tampons (or pads)/condoms

-If you’re in urgent need

-Giving you advice about dating

-Helping you through your heartbreaks

-By eating lots of ice cream

-While cuddling

-And watching anime and drama

-’He/She didn’t deserve you anyway.’

-Playing with your hair to help you relax

-Ending up with writing a song about your heartbreak

-’Hyung/Oppa~~ why are you using my misery to earn money?~’

-Pranking your parents together

-Teaching you how to play piano when he’s free

-Taking you to fancy restaurants

-Bringing you the prettiest gifts from all around the world

-And you love him the most because he is so protective of you.

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Here's a fun april fools day you can do. Sneak into my room and place thousands of dollars everywhere. Just on everything. Cover my things with an insane amount of money. Make it a real hassle to clean up. The more money the better the prank.