money portraits

I need help.

So you guys already knew my dept and the depression who caused to turn me into a pile of regrets and tears..and i’m sorry if i sound whiny or pathetic but i really need help.

I am on a good way to pay those dept off, but i miscalculated the bills and so i don’t even have a spare single coin left to buy some food..i am literally having a rough “diet” and i feel like a piece of shit.

I’m praying, people will share this and maybe take a commission of mine to help me out of this damn misery, It’s once again “Pay what you want” and i will try my best, to present you still the same quality than before, even though i am weak and useless atm.

If there are people who just want to help, i won’t refuse donations anymore, i shall accept it, even though i feel kind of bad to get something without returning a favor… would be my paypal address.

I would be REALLY thankfully for every single dollar i receive, to buy at least a dinner for those days..

Commission pictures would look like this:

Sorry again


When you think it can’t get any worse…HEY, IT CAN!

So you already know about my damn rl struggles atm and i am really happy over the help i got so far, thanks to you i was able to buy food, who will last till end of the month (hopefully) so i was really happy about this..BUT then i got a letter today from my freaking healthcare. I am paying every month 400 dollar for it and they get new settings next month, so i got told to pay the ammount twice..”Advance payment“


I am so sorry that i need to make another help callout, i am so massivly embarrassed about this situation and feel like a homeless person who begs for money, i am so sorry.. is my paypal account if you simply want to help with a little donation, i appreciate any kind of help! T_T

i got 40 left, so i need to make 360 till end of the month in order to pay them, otherwise i may get trouble..really trouble…

I will still take commissions (Pay what you want), i will see if i can livestream them mostly also and hope i don’t annoy you with my fucked up life, sorry again

i feel really bad..

please try to spread this again, i will try to keep an update to this and announce asap when i reach the goal..if i ever reach it -sighs-

103/400 current goal


2017 has been so good to me so far. I turned 18 and got to have my first own exhibition of my drawings & also made some money drawing portraits. I also got to go to Italy and work in a charity organization who helps poor families and refugees. I met the most beautiful children and heard stories from people who got trough so much. It made me realize how lucky I am and how pathetic the media is for making us believe all refugees are the same. I will forever be thankful for the experience. I also realized how important is it to put myself first and work on my happiness! And now my girl @taylorswift is releasing a new album which makes me so happy❤️