money pieces


I (finally) added prints to my RedBubble! You can now purchase prints or other merchandise for each of the pieces in this post by clicking on their title (listed below). You can also reblog each individual art piece on tumblr by clicking the (x) link after the title. Both reblogs and purchases are greatly appreciated! n__n

Lollipopplanet (x)
Mediterranean Mermaid Lovers (x)
Gemlato (x)
Sic Semper Tyrannis (x)
Hidden Figures (x)
Paint by Numb-Her (x)


(Psst, click the pic because tumblr eats the quality)

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toooon of shop updates including originals, pins, keychains, and postcards!

I am very attached to originals, so it’s a rare occurrence when my originals are up for sale! The prices are based on my attachment to them; the higher the price, the more attached I am to them and want them to find the perfect home to go to. Please check it out!

Shop originals here.