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I hate dealing with my period

I have to take meds for my pain.

Gotta drink 10x the amount of water I usually do to get rid of my bloating.

Can’t lift shit up at work cus I’m afraid I might make my tampon fall out of place.

Gotta make sure to change my tampon in time.

Waking up in the middle of the night to check the bed just to make sure no leakage happened.

Spending money on tampons, pads and liners.

Taking forever in the shower to wash up (it’s tiring after work).

Keeping myself together when I want to cry for no reason.

Eating way too much and regretting it.

Pooping and wasting a tampon.


bless this person, they r 2skilled4me @ this stuff


So I might be a tad late on this news, but I was so excited that I’m gonna post about it anyways.

This device is called the Blossom Cup. You may have heard of a menstrual cup, and this is the brand of cup I prefer. It is designed to make periods less awkward, messy, and generally more enjoyable.

It is made of silicone and eliminates the need for pads and tampons. Once inserted, it collects all of the blood shed by your uterus. You wash it out 1-2 times a day, depending on flow and personal preference.

You don’t notice that it’s even there! This thing has honestly changed my life. I never skip or shorten a workout or social event because of my menstrual cycle.

(Did I mention, you purchase it once, and it lasts, like, forever? So you’re saving hella money on tampons and pads every month.)

This isn’t weight loss related, but it is health and I honestly just love this thing so much. 👏🏼 this isn’t even a sponsored thing I just honestly owe my best pair of white jeans to this device.

Thanks for reading,
Keep pushing, beauties. 🌸💪🏼

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Im really glad to see that someone else thought TFA was a gigantic overrated mess. While i did enjoy it the first time watching it two more times made me realize how much pandering this movie made for the sake of nostalgia rather than create something original. I pad money to see a new fucking movie, NOT episode IV 2.0. Also, i will never fucking forgive Disney and J.J Abrams for killing off Han Solo so predictable and stupidly done. And don't even get me started on Rey's character.

The movie is straight up garbage and I don’t understand how anyone can call themselves a fan of Star Wars and say they liked it. It completely destroys the entire OT by rendering it entirely pointless. Now nothing Luke, Han, and Leia did back then mattered cause everything got effed over by the Empire anyway. The First Order maintains the exact same strength of the Empire, if not more, which is freaking stupid and makes no sense. AND it kills off Han after destroying his relationship with Leia for the sake of creating a crappy new villain. How can anyone who likes Star Wars think this movie is anything but garbage?


The Effect of Periods 

  • Wasting money on pads and toilet paper
  • Having to go to the bathroom every hour
  • Bringing your backpack to the bathroom
  • Showering or going to the bathroom and ending up with a bathtub and toilet full of blood
  • Awkwardly squirming around everywhere
  • Walking like a penguin
  • Eating everything and mood swings
  • Cramps, cramps, cramps
  • Not being able to wear tight or white pants
  • Waking up and spending an hour in the bathroom
  • Those guys who say, “Jeez, are you on your period?”
  • Leaking
  • Tampons
  • Screaming, “Where does all this blood come from?”
  • Blood

my periods last five days now. just five days. five blissful, short days. not four months, not three weeks with a one week break afterwards, no. five days. just five. five days of minimal clotting and manageable pain. birth control is magical. birth control…. is amazing. why would anyone want to make birth control illegal? I truly don’t understand.

Why The Signs Got Detention
  • Aries: Drawing on doors and school buildings.
  • Taurus: Cursing in Spanish at fuckboys.
  • Gemini: Late to class.
  • Cancer: Gave people answers to homework for money.
  • Virgo: Putting painted pads on peoples backs.
  • Libra: Taking over the class as if their own.
  • Scorpio: Making sexual jokes about hot teachers.
  • Sagittarius: Came to school hungover.
  • Leo: Way too loud and disruptive.
  • Capricorn: Tries to make a joke but comes out insulting half the class.
  • Aquarius: Not participating in group activities.
  • Pisces: Stoned during p.e.

Teen girls from the Kibera slums in Kenya banded together to solve a common problem that keeps thousands of girls away from school: lack of access to sanitary pads. Led by 15-year-old Halima Mohammed, the girls formed a youth savings club where they made and sold bracelets, beaded jewelry and soaps, and used the money to purchase pads.

“We can change Kenya,” said Halima.

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