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FIDGET PAD (by WeFidget on

pardon the lighting, as it was hard to find anywhere quiet to make the video. if you see me struggling, it’s not that it’s difficult to operate but it is difficult to show it on video with one hand.

i have a bunch of fidget cube knockoffs at this point and this one is my personal favorite. this is the fidget pad by WeFidget on sold by ZOND, so if you get it from a different company or seller or website, it may be different from my description.

anything in brackets “[ ]” is my personal opinion and your experience may differ.

1. the joystick has a rounded top, not a flat one. here’s hoping it doesn’t become squeaky like certain other knockoffs. [i find it comfortable.]

2. two silent buttons and two loud clicky buttons. [these have a good feel of slight resistance to them, even the silent ones.]

3. two spinning “gears” that click. they resemble a combination lock. [i absolutely love this one.]

4. a silent roller with tiny bumps on it. there’s resistance when rolling it.

5. there’s a line of tactile bumps on one side of the pad. very stimulating.

6. there’s a “paddle” on one side that you can push and it will snap back into place.

7. loud clicky rocker switch. it’s large, round, and slightly concave. [very comfortable.]

8. a spinner. it has no resistance, in fact, it’s very loose - but won’t just stop in place when you spin it, it has some momentum.

9. two holes for a small lanyard, which came included for mine.

overall, i feel that this fidget pad is well thought out and well designed. it doesn’t feel cheaply made, but its durability is to be seen. the exterior is a velvety, matte plastic while the features are more of a plain shiny plastic.

also, you can fidget with this with two hands as opposed to just one. for me, it’s much more comfortable in the hand than a smaller fidget cube.

i recommend it. if you have any questions about this specific product, send me an ask. this fidget pad goes for around 12-14$.

I hate that trope of characters who are like “oh being poor doesn’t scare me” like okay I’ve been financially unstable and lived in an economically depressed area most of my life and it scares the daylights out of me bc I know some of the consequences

like…this isn’t about how hard I’ve had it bc there’s loads of people who had it much harder, it’s about the fact that I /hate/ when people who have never really experienced financial hardships bad enough to compromise their ability to afford basic necessities romanticise poverty as somehow ~simple and ~wholesome in contrast to the ostensibly exhaustingly complex lifestyles of the rich

it’s not simple it’s complicated and difficult and can severely impact your mental and physical health and making it seem all rosy-tinted is just another way for rich people to make themselves feel better about wealth inequality

Transference (M) – Chapter 07

cr. [X] 

Summary: You and Hoseok struggle separately to process what has transpired between you.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 7,733

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, mentions of alcohol, profanity.

A/N:  This chapter contains both the Reader and Hoseok’s POV and will be labeled whenever it switches. It’s a sad one, but necessary for the rest of the series. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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When I'm on my period
  • Me: I'm dying.
  • Me: *Googles "How and where can I donate or get rid off my ovaries and uterus.*
  • Me: Why the fuck do women have to pay for pads, tampons, period panties, diva cups and painkillers? We can't help it! There's money for wars but there isn't any money for pads.
  • Me: Mom take me to the hospital, i need morphine.
  • Me: I'm the chosen one. I bleed but I don't​ perish. Kneel at my feet you petty peasants.
  • Me: Chocolate has no calories during a woman's menstrual cycle.
  • Me: *Lays down on the bed in the fetal position with one of the cats and deals with it.*
I hate dealing with my period

I have to take meds for my pain.

Gotta drink 10x the amount of water I usually do to get rid of my bloating.

Can’t lift shit up at work cus I’m afraid I might make my tampon fall out of place.

Gotta make sure to change my tampon in time.

Waking up in the middle of the night to check the bed just to make sure no leakage happened.

Spending money on tampons, pads and liners.

Taking forever in the shower to wash up (it’s tiring after work).

Keeping myself together when I want to cry for no reason.

Eating way too much and regretting it.

Pooping and wasting a tampon.

RFA when they had a bad day and you have bad period cramps

a request from @miyakokurono

I hope this is what you had in mind

and with this I have done all 3 of your requests thank you for dropping them in !

I also have bad cramps so I can relate -


  • He had a long day after his performance and he got hurt during his last song it was not a bad injury but he was in a bad mood when he came home.
  • You had really bad cramps from your days but when you saw how bad Zens mood was you did not mention your pain and tried to cheer him up instead.
  • But even standing up made your pain way worth you flinch from the pain an Zen rushes over too you to see what is up.
  • He forgets his bad day right away since he worries so much about you.
  • You tell him you have bad period cramps and Zen feels so bad for you he picks you up and carries you bridal style to bed.
  • He takes care of what ever you need : heating packs ?done. gentle rubs ? double done
  • What ever you need he will do it for you he will safe you from those evil cramps how dare the gods to punish his princess with such bad pain.
  • Somehow that makes you lough even when it hurts it´s just so cute how Zen does everything for you.


  • He had a new teacher at his class and he really hated Yoosung for whatever reason and today he really was hard on Yoosung it was really frustrating him.
  • Specially now where he took his Studies seriously it was bad to see him like this.
  • You had so bad pain you could´t cook for him like you uselessly would when he had a bad day.
  • Of course he assumes you where busy but when he sees that you are laying on the bed curled together like kitten he knows something is up.
  • You are not happy like you are normally no sweet smile to greet him he checks on you he first think you are sick what really worries him.
  • You tell him you just have really bad cramps from your days.
  • Yoosung is relived that its nothing serious but of course now he has to make sure that you are getting better.
  • First he makes you some food since you not eaten anything yet.
  • He makes you also a heating pad and gives you painkiller if you want it.
  • Yoosung tends to you the whole day even when your cramps getting better he will dote on you the whole time he ends up laying on the bed with you and holding you.


  • Once again she got a cat project to take care about next to her other 3 projects so she is really stressed and really in a bad mood when she comes home.
  • She complains a bit once she comes home but then she sees you laying on the couch curled up to a ball.
  • Your pain is really clear to see and she knows right away it´s this time of the month she knows what you are going threw.
  • She forgets her own issues and gets you the meds right away plus some heating pads.
  • Jaehee also gets some snacks ready for the case you get food cravings later.
  • She will sit with you on the couch and she will watch some movies with you and do everything to distract you from your pain.
  • She will gently rub your abdomen if you want her too or your lower back if that helps.
  • If your pain goes away she will finally relax as well in worth case she will be up all night with you so you don´t feel lonely.


  • He had a argument with his father about his new girlfriend who was just an other gold digger.
  • It was so bad to see for both of you.
  • Jumin came home and was really annoyed he also did not like it that you had not come to greet him at the entrance.
  • Maybe you did not hear him though so he went in and he saw you  laying on the bed like a cat curled up.
  • First he thinks that it´s really adorable since you look like a cat  so he just comes closer to you till he sees that you are actual in pain.
  • Jumin asks what is up and if he should call a doctor but you tell him you just have really bad cramps.
  • He will not call a doctor in that case but he will do everything else for you.
  • He got you the best medications and the best heating pads that money can buy *even when prices don´t really matter with these Jumin*
  • He makes what ever he heard helps like relaxing tea and he lets you cuddle with Elizabeth the 3rd all you want and if you rather have him cuddle you he will consider this as a great honor.
  • He will even take the next day off so he can make sure you are all better.


  • He had a hard time with his work he just could not focus today so at some point he decided it´s time for a snack.
  • Uselessly you would make him something while he is working and then yell at him for eating too many chips and just drink unhealthy thinks.
  • These thinks that are really bothering him and are so distracting where are these today ?
  • He looks around and gets slightly worried till he sees that you are bundled up on the couch first it looks like you are sleeping.
  • So he goes over to bring you a blanket. – and maybe to poke you bit for not bothering him-
  • But you are no sleeping you have terrible pain.
  • He feels right away so bad for you and he feels guilty for your pain even when its natures fault and you just happen to have these once a month.
  • He is a bit lost on what to do about the pain he wants to fix it but he can´t and you are assuring him that all you need is some rest and a heating pad.
  • So he does that for you he lets you rest and  gets you a heating pad and he even makes sandwiches for you since you also have not eaten yet.
  • He is extremely worried about you till you feel better he also feels extremely useless and tries to cheer you up with kitten videos what kind of works and when you cuddle up to him he finally feels a bit better.
  • It almost worth for him then it is for you he hopes that that his poor angel can soon smile again – and that sentence works since he is just so sweet-

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I’m actually doing Musician Adulting stuff who’s proud of me

(I mean I’m only doing it because I really need to be able to play my instrument consistently but still)

anonymous asked:

hi! im transmasc and my period gives me really bad dysphoria, but i'm not out and won't be going on t anytime in the near future. any tips for getting birth control for stopping my period or something like that? thanks!!

Lee says:

When you mean tips for getting birth control for stopping periods, I assume you mean convincing your parents to let you start it without coming out?

  • You could say you have a heavy flow and starting birth control will make it lighter
  • It can help with anemia because you aren’t losing any iron through your period blood if you don’t get your period
  • You could say your friend/s have done it and it helped them
  • To stop period related cramping and pain
  • You could say you have gross period side-effects (like diarrhea and more farting) for the week of your period
  • It can make your periods more regular (or make it so you can control when it happens so you’re not caught off guard)
  • Helps with PMSing so you don’t have to deal with any of that
  • It’s more convenient and you don’t have to remember to change your pad/tampon
  • If you’re disabled, it can help save spoons and effort and make your week easier
  • You may not be able to change your pads regularly if you’re disabled (I can’t) and that’s kinda unsanitary and the pads can break so stopping your period can help with that type of stress
  • Save money on pads/tampons
  • Save time having to use pads/tampons and keep visiting the bathroom during class
  • It can help with migraines if you get headaches or migraines near your period
  • It can help with PCOS, PMDD, and endometriosis if you have any of those conditions
  • It can lower your risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer (but increase your risk of breast cancer but if you’re trans you might be hoping for a mastectomy anyway)
  • If you swim, it’s better to not have your period (And it’s inconvenient for athletes in general
  • It can help regulate your mood (especially if you’re mentally ill and find mood fluctuations around your period hard to handle)
  • Why have a period when you can not have one? There are no positive things about having a period because the whole thing is just gross and awful and inconvenient, at least in this mod’s opinion. 
  • It’s pretty safe and many people do it, and if your doctor prescribes it and monitors you then there’s not a big risk in it

Followers, any other reasons why it’s a good idea to get birth control to stop your period?

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Please do 63 <3

i dont think people are things that can/need to be fixed, so i went sort of around this prompt, but hopefully it still gets those deckerstar feels :)

63. “Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.”

Lucifer had shed his waistcoat and rolled his sleeves up, undoing buttons at his throat as the heat increased. He’d bought the parts, read the manual, looked up the youtube videos. He wipes at his forehead, unknowingly smearing grease across his brow, his fingers blackened and smudged.

“I don’t know why you didn’t just take it to a mechanic.” Maze grouses from where she sits in the drivers seat, her booted feet hanging off the door.

“And have those charlatans swindle me out of my money for break pads I don’t need? I think not.” Lucifer retorts. “Try it now.” 

Maze rolls her eyes, but pulls her limbs back inside the car and attempts to start the engine. It clicks and sputters. She tries again, but no dice.

Lucifer runs a hand through his hair, curly and untamed, and sighs. 

“I’m going to get a drink.” Maze announces, leaving Lucifer to his own devices. 

“Ungrateful wench.” he mutters as he leans into the guts of his beloved corvette, talking about both the car and Maze. Maze runs into Chloe inside the club and directs her to where Lucifer is tinkering out back. 

“Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.” he tells the machine. Chloe watches the sight of Lucifer’s too tight suit pants bent over the front of his car with amusement and appreciation.

“What seems to be the problem?” Chloe asks, causing Lucifer to jolt upright and nearly hit his head on the metal car hood.

He turns to look at her and her mouth goes a little dry. He’s a little dirty, a little sweaty, in all the right ways. 

“Detective!” he calls, pleased to see her. “I thought it was the ignition coils, but now I’m thinking it’s the merely the spark plugs. I bought replacements.” he frowns thoughtfully. Chloe drags her eyes up from his forearms to his face.

“Could be, yeah. What’s it sound like when you start it?” Lucifer makes a clicky, gargling sound. Chloe laughs. “How about I just try and start it?”

“If you insist.” and he bows gracefully out of her way.

She settles in to the soft leather seat and tries the ignition. It clicks and tries to start and fades out. “Hm. Has it got gas?”

“Filled it up yesterday.” he replies, settling distractedly against the side of the arm, arms folded. She gets out and comes around to look at the mechanic, Lucifer trailing after her.

“I would say you’re right about it being the spark.” she blows a strand of hair out of her face. “Where are the spark plugs?”

They end up replacing the parts together under the Californian sun and when the corvette starts up with throaty purr they both cheer in victory. Chloe turns it back off and exits the car.

“I didn’t know you were so mechanically inclined, Detective.” Lucifer says, eyes bright.

“Only with the littler stuff. I used to go out and help my dad in the garage all the time when I was small.” she smiles a bit melancholy. 

“Well, I’m grateful for your help.” he says and he’s suddenly much closer. “How ever shall I repay you?” and it’s deliberately alluring, the way he let’s his head angle down towards her. 

Normally, Chloe would brush it off, say that’s just what friends do, but he looks so delicious, standing there like he’s walked off a magazine, teasing her, and she’s feeling bold and triumphant.

“A kiss.” she states, surprising him. “That’s my fee.”

“Allow me to pay it.” he murmurs and brings his lips to hers. She reaches for him, crinkling greasy fingers in his shirt. His thumb brushes her cheek, leaving behind a smear of black. He bites at her lip as he pulls away and she chases him, hand braced on his side, on her tip toes. 

Eventually his height separates them, but his eyes are dark. He laughs at the soiled fingerprints they’ve left on each other. “Shower?” he suggests and she grins.

What’s in my Nurse bag?

Inspired by @nursegif, I put together a little bag full of goodies! I plan on bringing this bag everywhere I go, not just those long shifts. It’s portable and chock full of on-the-go travel size necessities. The little bag itself was only $10 and while spacious, is very practical.

Make sure your bag is convenient for you. You never know when you’ll need some of these items! For example, I have panic disorder. I randomly get diarrhea, I get sweaty, and as you can imagine, it’s unpleasant.  Imodium and feminine wipes to the rescue!


·         Cortizone-10 cream

·         Neosporin ointment

·         Pepto-Bismol caps

·         Aleve tablets

·         Tylenol tablets

·         Imodium tablets


·         Floss

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Wet wipes

·         Feminine wipes

·         Pads & tampons 


·         Matte shine control powder

·         Moisturizing lotion 

·         Bobby pins

·         Dry shampoo

·         Mints

·         Deodorant

·         Hairspray

·         Eye drops

·         Make-up removing wipes

·         Nail clippers & tweezers

·         Moisturizing lip balm 


·         Tissues

·         Bandaids

·         Tide stain remover wipes

·         Pair of latex-free gloves

Other things you could include: money, pen & note pad, zip-lock baggies, a snack bar, extra phone charger, gum, q-tips, hair ties, sanitizing hand wipes, and kids & adult allergy medication


‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham and 'Celebrity Big Brother’ alum Frenchy Morgan clearly had no idea cameras where trained on them as Frenchy grabbed a piece of Farrah’s famous ass.

The thirsty pair were hanging at a Vegas pool Saturday, soaking up attention for anyone in the market to watch.

Farrah was there for the Backdoor Key launch party – seriously.  It’s a shindig a Crazy Horse III, a Sin City gentleman’s club.

Good to know Farrah’s rebounding in the cash department after loosing money on her L.A. pad.










 What’s in my bag tag 💼

I was tagged by @soft-almond thank yoou love 💕 

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As you can see, in my shitty bag I have my wallet, lip balm, a book, glasses, a pad, some money cause I throw money everywhere in my bag lol, sketchbook, charcoal..