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I Once Loved a Sociopath

I once loved a sociopath,

who actually loved me back.

Even though I could feel it,

she kept saying that she isn’t the kind of person who is capable of feeling love.

I guess she’s never been loved, the way i love her.

Because she’s a murderer,

who has killed my demons.

all without her heart beat going over 40 beats

I’ve got nothing left to be afraid of,

except the thought of losing her.

She once told me that the world was a beautiful place.

That the reason why our blood is red,
is the same reason why some stars are red.

Their time is almost up,
Because our time was almost up.

And as I sat there kissing her lips,

I knew, that we weren’t friends anymore.

That time is was almost up.

That this only means it won’t be long,

before we become fireworks,

Little powdered packages,

That explode into something much bigger.

Before “I love you” is no longer just a code word for “I’ll be gone in less than a month.”

We’ll be together,

and she’ll stay with me.

Not because I asked her to, but because there is no other place I’d rather she be. because, every other place she was, before here, didn’t have me.

Sir Ya Real?

The internet is the real world. Not just some cyber-realm where only introverts get together who discuss anime or murmur misanthropic rants to appease themselves into some self-indulgent delusion they’re more special than others. You can’t believe that perception anymore as it was never real to begin with. You can’t yell that pejorative phrase, “Get off the computer and enter the real world loser!” at those who are spending time on the web just the same as you are. Jonesing for Netflix or spreading memes as Terence McKenna once dreamed and told us to do, told us to be. Spread those ideas across the fiberoptic streams. Memes are a form of art. Art is not just a way to make money or express the self. Art is an obligation to your very soul to keep what’s true prominent and keep reality an strange. Art should be the planetary purpose for higher-conscious beings so we can evolve into something better than money loving monkey’s.

So what is this real world? What’s real or natural about skyscrapers, automobiles, and minimum wage? What is reality without the mind? What’s consciousness without flesh? The real world, to speak more literally, is the forests and deserts. The real world is nature and the creatures that inhabit it. The real world is nothing like you perceive it to be – might be because of the social construction, the indoctrination, and the brainwashing dogmatic rituals that keep us from seeing what’s real and beyond what we’ve learned. Culture tends to finite things. Bringing an end to human exploration of the cosmos, whether it be outer space or inside ourselves. Inwardness is illegal and detrimental to corporations, geopolitics, social regimes, and economic systems. How dare you think freely? How dare you express your birthright? How dare you be nothing but government property? The internet isn’t and neither should you.

Concrete and cellphones were derived from nature. Fuel came from fossils, ancient trees and dino bones. Electricity came from nature, from the earth. The World Wide Web is a reflection of our brains, a continuation of our dreams, and a simulator of entheogenic practices to realize ourselves. The internet is just a new language, a new and better way to communicate. But we have these cyber-bullies running amok, trolling the web with their disease of anti-intellectualism, demeaning and abusing others for being on the internet cultivating a new way to expand dominance. The cyber-bullies cruel nature resembles the outside social hierarchy, the dominator-culture run by men. In which the actions of these cyber-bullies, mostly male, they create suicide among teens and young adults who only try to be themselves but rather die than deal with the malevolent side of humanity. Whenever we try to be who we are, speak the truth, or escape social anxiety for a couple hours, and not exude a false sense of identity, there will be others who will envy and hate us. You must not let them win. Simple as that. Be cruel back. Eye for an eye may make us blind, but at least we’d all be too blind to care to be any more cruel than already we are to each other.

“Only young people love the internet.” No. They’re born into it now, they automatically love the web, but barely understand what life used to be without it. Can you blame them? Can you imagine what life was like without cellphones and video games? Are you some ignorant spoiled youngster too? Are you beyond privilege while living within the same luxuries you may despise? Communication and language evolves, as it should. News Channels, Newspapers, Phones, and Books is how we got our information across each other before the internet. I’m sure people were just as distracted and wrongly informed when television was first invented. Hipsters hate and love ironically for the sake of being cool without being cool, because that’s not the hipster way; to be uncool. So what does it fucking matter how we wish and choose to communicate? As long as we communicate.

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500 రూపాయల నోట్ల వర్షం కురిపించిన ‘కోతి’

500 రూపాయల నోట్ల వర్షం కురిపించిన ‘కోతి’ #500-rupee notes rain down near Banke Bihari temple

కోతి ఏంటి…డబ్బుల వర్షం కురిపించడం ఏమిటి అని ఆశ్చర్య పడకండి. ఇది ముంబై లో జరిగిన సంఘటన. ముంబై లోని బోరీవలీ ప్రాంతానికి చెందిన హేమావతి సోంకర్  తన భర్త, ఇద్దరు కుమార్తెలతో కలిసి శనివారం బృందావనం వచ్చారు. బాంకీ విహారీ ఆలయంలో పూజలు చేసిన తరువాత రోడ్డు పక్కనున్న దుకాణాల్లో షాపింగ్ చేసుకుంటున్నారు. ఎక్కడనుంచి వచ్చిందో ఏమో గానీ హఠాత్తుగా ప్రత్యక్షమైన ఒక కోతి హేమావతి చేతిలోని బ్యాగ్ లాక్కుపోయింది.…

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