money no


T: Minho, your English very good
M: Thank you
J: Your English very good
M: Your English very good too
J: Thank you tooㅎㅅㅎ
T: How about me?
M: um…not bad
T: What?
M: Taemin you, not bad. So so
K: Yo yo! You you! What happened to your back?
T: No money^^;;
T: Here very hot. I’M HOT! OH, HOT? CUT! OK! CUT!✌️
M: Hahahahaha…

 170321 SWc 5 in Vancouver - 2min /Taekey

  credit: @ 525silverriver

this is an au my bestie @llamavillana​ and i made up !!

So Jason and Lena met at this bar, both were drunk, crying for their loves (kara and barbara, who are friends, coincidentally) and since then, they become bff and give advice to each other on how to get their girls. Lena would always tell Jason how to make a romantic dinner for Barbara (not good), and Jason would always tell Lena how to act cool, dress in leather, and impress Kara (also not good, it usually ends up in trouble but these kids are trying their best)

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Your conclusion was lovely. I have nothing to say other than, don't listen to people telling you to hurry up, or anything like that, you work at your own speed. Your comic makes me super happy, and I am so thankful for that. I'll keep checking every day for Blind!Dean updates, but I won't expect them any faster than you can produce them! Thank you again! xx



THANK YOU, oh oohhH MYGOD holy shit this mean so much. This is literally the reason why i keep going SO THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH seriously

 you guys have no idea what it means when you comment, or send asks, or leave cute little notes in the tags THANK YOU HOLY FUCK.

While looking at the original file in an old version of workshop, I realized 1) I miss CAS (I’m going to beat that dead horse a little more) and 2) this was intended to have pattern. So - I have added six patterns, but I will absolutely release the recolor file. Oh, and 3) It was called the Funny Bunny Chair originally and I will probably just call it that again.

I have asked this before, but how do people prefer the recolor file? I simply take the S3 multiplier and apply pattern to it using layer effects - it’s really that simple - so for me, I just need a multiplier. The original ‘map’ from UVMapper can make exacting sense of things, but that’s about it. In the past, especially if it is a complicated photoshop layout, I have included the PSD with example layers so people can set up the file with their own textures in the same way I did to achieve a similar effect. I have threatened to release recolor files for every last S4 set, but those to date have been huge in file size.

Any recolorists out there care to chime in?