money leaf

Herbs for Magical Teas

Alfalfa Leaf: home protection; money draw; prosperity; security.

Bergamont: money draw; success.

Black Cohosh: relaxation; turn worries aside.

Boneset: call upon devas; divination; protection; ward negativity.

Burdock Root: protection; purification; ward negativity.

Chamomile: calmness; meditation; prosperity; purification.

Chickweed: Crone Wisdom; divination; honesty; love; trust.

Comfrey: health; money draw; safety.

Damiana Leaf: attraction; divination; love.

Dandelion Root: divination; Fairies; good luck; honor/invoke devas; psychic power.

Echinacea: body’s self-defense; empowerment; invoke healing devas.

Elder Flower: Fairie blessing; honor/invoke the Goddess; healing; prosperity; rest.

Eyebright: mental sharpness; psychic awareness.

Fennel: healing; honor/invoke Horned God; protection; purification.

Fenugreek Seed: attract money; skill in verbal communication.

Feverfew: health; protection; purification; ward sickness.

Goldenseal: healing; honor/invoke the God; joy; prosperity; success.

Hops: comfort; good health; relaxation; well-being.

Hyssop: purification; ward negativity.

Irish Moss: invoke Fairies; luck; money draw; protection.

Lemon Balm: health; love; success.

Linden (Tila): love; luck; Otherworld; protection; rest.

Mint: Devas; money; protection; prosperity.

Mugwort: Hecate; divination; inspiration.

Mullein: between the worlds travel; courage; divination; health; protection.

Nettle: healing; love; protection; ward negativity.

Orange Peel: divination; love; luck.

Parsley: purification; protection.

Raspberry Leaf: Fairie blessings; health; love; protection.

Rose Hips: divination; consecration; Elves; protection; ward negativity.

Skullcap: healing (esp. headaches); hidden knowledge; Lord of Shadows; protection; wisdom.

Slippery Elm Bark: clear communication; persuasive speech; protection from envy, gossip, and slander.

Uva Ursa: divination; honor/invoke Artemis; purification; psychic awareness.

Valerian Root: Crone magics; love; protection; purification; psychic awareness.

White Oak Bark: fertility; honor/invoke the Green Man; health; protection.

Wild Cherry Bark: creativity; divination; love.

Willow Bark: health; mental acuity; reduce headache pain.

From Ann Moura’s “Grimoire for the Green Witch”

Financial Abundance Spell 💸

You will need:

  • A (preferably green) candle
  • Allspice; for money
  • Chamomile; attracts money
  • Cinnamon; money, happiness
  • Bay leaf; good fortune, success
  • Ginger; success, power, money
  • Sage; purification, positivity
  • A bag, jar, or envelope
  • Coins (optional)
  • Crystals for abundance (optional)
  • A money/abundance sigil (optional)
  • Any of these can be dropped or substituted

You may want to start by cleansing your space or using a prayer.

  1. Light your candle
  2. First, visualize green and gold light coming down & into the top of your head. Let it flow or surround you, and get it to surround your hands
  3. Take each spice/herb one at a time in your hands, and hold them until they are surrounded with the colored light around your hands. Think of what they are intended for. When you feel done, place it in a bowl.
  4. Once all spices/herbs are in the bowl, stir them clockwise and while saying [“Money flowing free, money come to me. So mote it be.”] Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.
  5. Place the mixture in your bag, jar, or envelope.
  • (Optional step) Using green colored pencil and downward strokes (to bring money & abundance IN), draw your sigil. Charge the paper with the green and gold light. Burn it on the candle flame while saying [“Add my sigil to the mix, financial abundance is what i wish”]. Add the ashes of your sigil to the jar, envelope, or bag.
  • (Optional step) Charge the coins with the green & gold colors. Drop the coins in your jar, bag, or envelope, and say [“A coin or two to ease my mind that financial abundance i will always find”]
  • (Optional step) Think of what you want your crystal to do for you. (I used pyrite, and green calcite, but any will do. Quartz is a good substitute for any crystal you may want to add). Add in your crystals and state [“These crystals given from mother earth, to help bring me the abundance that i am worth”]

Finally, tie up your bag, close your jar, or seal your envelope, and say:

“Money, money, come to me, in abundance three times three. May i be enriched in the best of ways, harming none on it’s way. This i accept, so mote it be, bring me money three times three.

Blow out your candle & use the wax to seal your jar or envelope. This can be put in your purse, backpack, etc, to bring financial abundance at work! Charge during full moons & reuse if you see fit. Thank the universe for the abundance to come 💚


One of the most expensive college experiences is buying textbooks.  There are some various options that you have though.  My main point is in regards to the last option “loose-leaf books”.  Even if you usually buy used and think you save the most money possible, look at this option as it is something I have never heard of before and assume that most other people haven’t either!

What to take into consideration when purchasing/renting books:

  • How long will you keep the book (for the semester vs. forever)
  • Do you plan on marking in the book 
  • Price/Budget
  • Is the book for your major or for a general education class 
  • If you purchase used: quality of the book (markings, highlighting, tears, wear, water damage, stains, broken binding, etc.) 
  • If you purchase online: reliability of the seller (look at feedback)
  • How long will it take for you to receive your book (is it on back-order)

Purchase from the bookstore: Please don’t do this.  This is the place that you will probably spend the most on textbooks.  Unless you wish to spend hundreds of dollars more than you need to, there is no reason to purchase books at your school’s bookstore.

Purchase New:  If you want to buy a book in pristine condition, you can buy new books online via amazon.  Usually this is a cheaper option than buying through the bookstore.  This still isn’t the cheapest option but if you plan on keeping the book for future classes or for your career and you will repeatedly refer back to it, then this is a good option.  You don’t have to worry about wear/tear from previous owners and there isn’t any writing or marking in the book which is always nice. 

Purchase Used: Most of the books I have purchased throughout my undergraduate/masters programs have been used.  You can look for these books through amazon,, and other similar sites.  You can even ask around on campus and see if there is someone who is willing to sell you their old book.  Make sure to check out or ask about the condition of the book.  If there is some scuffing, is this really such a big deal?  On the other hand, if it is all marked up and written in is this going to benefit you or confuse you?  When purchasing used the main thing I pay attention to is the amount of marking that is in the book. 

Rent: This is another option for saving money on books.  The biggest flaw (in my opinion) is that you won’t be able to mark in the book.  I guess you could overcome this problem via sticky notes, but you would still have to worry about accidently spilling on the book in those late night study sessions with coffee.  I guess as clumsy as I am, this is not an option as I would consider but to each their own.  If you do this, I would put a heavy-duty book cover on the book and be very aware of liquids or other things that could damage the book. 

Loose-leaf books: This is something that I just learned about in the past month.  I figured this out via amazon.  There was a book I had to purchase for the upcoming semester that was going to cost me around $250 new or upwards of $200 used in good condition.  I don’t know about other people, but I really don’t want to spend that much on a statistics book that I probably won’t use again after the class is over.  As I was searching amazon (my preferred site for buying books) I noticed there was a copy that was posted for about $110.  My first reaction was “what is wrong with this book?” You want to be aware of cheap copies usually because there is something seriously wrong with the book when it is that cheap (usually, not always).  As I read the description I realized that it was a “loose-leaf” copy of the book.  Basically it is the textbook, but unbound and three-hole punched.  I purchased this, it came wrapped in saran wrap, and I put it in a “heavy duty binder” (because I always have at least 3 empty ones on hand.  If you love binders like I do… I have a weird binder fetish… then this is a great option for saving money!  The nice thing too is if you just need one chapter of the book, you can place it in another binder and not have to carry the entire thing to the library or across campus.  Honestly there is so much information about the previous options I listed, but I had never previously heard about this option and I don’t know how common it is.  If you love binders and want to save money though, you should seriously consider this option! Here are some pictures for all my “visual” followers.  

How I received the “book”: 

Placed in a binder:

If you have any questions, as always feel free to comment or message me! 

Happy Studying, 


Super Money Sachet 

I had a really cool experience with this sachet! Until now, this sachet has been charging in a black drawstring bag with money, corresponding tarot cards, and an enchanted devil’s shoestring (so charging for about 3~4 days). Today, when I decided to use my tarot cards and check on the sachet, immediately after opening the black bag & smelling the sachet, I noticed a gold coin on my floor (the one pictured)… I have never owned  a $1 James Monroe coin before and I had just vacuumed so I have no idea how it got there! Immediately, I knew I had to share!!! I was going to wait until I had used it in my new serving job, but this was way to cool! It smells amazing and has lots of strong energy~!

  • Chamomile : Money
  • Patchouly : Money
  • Basil : Wealth
  • Elder : Prosperity 
  • Lemon Balm : Success
  • Bay Leaf : To write your sigil

Enchant all of your herbs as necessary. On a bay leaf, create a sigil or write out intention. I personally created a sigil based off the intention. “I will make good money.” Burn the bay leaf and then add to enchanted herbs. Place into sachet and DONE! 

To make this sachet more effective… 

  • Bind with green ribbon/lace
  • Burn a green candle while creating this Sachet 
  • Charge appropriately

How I charged my sachet…

I think how I charged this sachet largely influences its energy! I placed my sachet in a black drawstring bag (you could also wrap in cloth or put in larger jar) with the following items: 

  • Money (I just put $2) 
  • King of Pentacles
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • VII of Pentacles 
  • Page of Pentacles
  • X of Pentacles 
  • IX of Pentacles 
  • Enchanted Devil’s Shoestring 

The longer you charge your sachet, the more effective it will be! I hope everyone has positive results!

Post-Blackout Thoughts: Why Revenge Isn’t Sweet

Hello everyone! I know it’s already July 16, a day after the end of the Miraculous Blackout. First, I just wanted to say, thank you everyone for your patience and your support in this movement (unless you sent a bunch of hateful messages to some accounts and mine, then I don’t know what to say to that).

I was glad to hear that some of you learned a lot from our blackout, including differences with reblogs and reposts, the art theft struggle, and other aspects of the issue. From the very beginning, my sole purpose for this blackout was never to punish the others for wrongdoing or to change society. It was a form of education and raising awareness. And I’m glad it has achieved its purpose, at least to a degree.

But today in church, I was reminded of an emotion that many of us have experienced even before this blackout had even began, whether creator or otherwise: Anger.

Now don’t get me wrong. Content creators are allowed to be angry over their stuff getting stolen. I mean, it’s upsetting. It causes grief, it causes problems for people. And on the flip side, people are allowed to feel wronged if their stuff was taken down. However, I was reminded-just today in fact-that despite such emotions, we need to learn to check ourselves.

Something I observed during the blackout was that a lot of us had the tendency to go up and arms over belligerent reposters or vice versa. I can think of at least one or two cases where I personally said “let me fight them” when I found out that a fellow artist was being harassed over a copyright takedown. And to a majority of you, yes we had every right to think such thoughts. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, I felt off about it afterward. Then, in church today, I was reminded why.

In Romans 12:19, it says: Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

In 1 Corinthians 4:5, it says: “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.”

If you simply Googled “What the Bible says about revenge”, you will find plenty of verses and passages all pointing to generally the same idea: “Do not take revenge”. “Let go of your anger, and let God deal with it”. “Turn the other cheek.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a difference between acting/thinking in vengeance and acting within legal rights. Creators have every right to have their content taken down because there are rules and regulations set to protect their content. It is when we start falling under the malicious “eye for an eye” mentality that things start to get very messy. I have seen too many unnecessary fights happen because no one backs down or compromises, and one or both get angry. It becomes much more difficult.

But this is something I had to face when I recently took down videos on Youtube containing copyright material that belonged to me. A funny thing about Youtube is that after three strikes, an account is set for termination in seven days since the third strike. For awhile, I ignored these terms, but then I began to think about how it affected the account owner. I saw how angry and desperate these Youtube account owners could get, from incessant emails to hacking threats. It was heartbreaking to say the least. 

I admit, when it comes to these things, the content creators do have the upper-hand regarding negotiations over the use of their work. But it is not undeserved. They made the content, they trained for it, they practiced, they spent money to learn the skills (sometimes they even cried and bled and sweat for it). Simply taking their content without so much as getting permission wrongly invalidates everything they’d done to come to that point in skill, in order for some other person to simply make a quick buck and/or gain a number of followers. So you can see why many creators have not even tried to sympathize with the perpetrators. Like I had said in a previous post, consuming all of this content is considered a privilege. Not a right.

Nonetheless, I personally think that we don’t need to cause any more unnecessary harm to each other. Like the title says, revenge isn’t sweet. Sure, you may beg to differ, especially if you uphold different beliefs than I do, but I still think it saves both sides a lot of trouble when one learns to back down, swallow their pride and be the bigger person

But here is my afterthought to that last one: If we step back, away from that pride stuff and take a look at both sides in this, who is technically in the legal right to control such distribution of works? You, the content creator who put out all that labour into your work? Or, you, the one who saw their work, thought it was cute/worth dubbing/worth earning from and decided to separately upload and/or sell it without even asking for the creator’s permission?

Think about that first before using my words for your argument. Because there is a right answer there.

P.S. This is exactly the reason why I try to always ask that you guys NEVER harass the reposter whenever I post their Instagram/Youtube online in order to notify other creators whose rights were infringed (which I haven’t done in awhile actually). 

Fae-Sidhe’s Gaining Employment Spell

So I had an interview today and I really want to get this job, so I devised a simple little spell for gaining the employment I want, and thought I would share it here in case anyone else might find it useful.


One bay leaf

A candle (white, green, orange or gold is best)

Non-toxic ink


Take your candle and find something that can be used to carve into it, such as a worn-out pen nib, and carve your intention into the wax of the candle, where the flame will burn it down. I simply carved ‘I will get this job’, but you can tailor it best to suit your situation. You can also carve any other meaningful symbols along with your intention, such as corresponding runes or sigils.

Next, take your bay leaf and do the same, write your intent, along with any other symbols that equate to your desire. Sit with your candle and watch the flame burning down, and visualise your intent, while holding your bay leaf.

Once the flame has sufficiently burned down enough to melt away the carvings, take your bay leaf somewhere airated (next to an open window for example) and carefully burn it, while visualising your intent. Be careful to use non-toxic ink when writing on the leaf, and avoid breathing the smoke in or getting it in your eyes. As the smoke spirals away, your intent will be released into the universe.

Alternatively, if you cannot or do not wish to burn it for any reason, you can also bury the leaf in the ground, release it into the wind, or cast it into a river, sea or body of water. Do whichever feels right for you!

I hope this spell will prove useful for someone, and hopefully is simple enough that it can be done with items you may already have around your home. (Complex spells with crazy ingredients annoy me tbh)

Happy job hunting!

Magicistellae’s Money Attraction Spell Jar ✨💸✨

This is my first time posting any spell that I’ve made, though hopefully not the last! It’s been working quite well for me so far. This was written on mobile, so I hope the format is okay!

Salt- purification
Basil- attract money, success
Bay Leaf- victory, success
Tree Agate crystals* - chosen because it is known to clear energy blockages and open you up to the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life, and because it’s colors are the same as the spell jar. You will need one crystal to place in the jar, and one for each person you want to affect.
Almonds- attract money, luck. You will need the same amount of almonds as you have crystals.
Green** candle: associated with wealth.

*Clear quartz or any crystal you associate with money, luck or success would work well.
**I used green, use whatever color you associate with money and success.

Charge your crystals together for awhile. Do any pre-spell rituals you do, cleanse the space, etc. Focus on the purpose of this spell. Then, put a layer of salt in the bottom of your jar to start. Afterwards, you can layer in basil and bay leaf as you see fit. About mid jar, add in 1 of your crystals and all of your almonds, then continue to layer bay leaves, basil, and salt. Top it off with a layer of salt, then close the lid and seal it with wax from your candle to activate the spell jar. Keep the jar in your room for general luck, and carry the extra crystal with you when you need a boost, like while applying for jobs or at an interview! Best of luck!! 💚

P.S. - Feel free to alter this spell however you see fit. Make it yours!

ultimate list of herbs/plants

In relation to my second blog: The School of Magick. ⛥

Acacia: Blessing, raising of vibration, and protection via spiritual elevation.
Agrimony (cocklebur): Helps to overcome fear, dispel negative emotions, and overcome inner blockages.
Allspice: Adds strength to will and gives determination and perseverance. Gives added vitality and energy. Also good for social gatherings: increases harmony, sympathy, and cooperation between people and stimulates friendly interaction and conversation.
Almond: Attracts money. Promotes alertness and wakefulness.
Aloe: Promotes patience, persistence, and resolve. Also inner healing and overcoming blockages.
Amber: Mental clarity and focus. Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attack.
Ambergris: Strengthens the effect of anything it is added to or used with. By itself, gives strength and vitality (substitute: cypress and patchouli mix)
Anise: Psychic opening and clairvoyance. Opens third eye. Aids in perception of and connection to the Divine.
Aphrodisia: Passion, sexuality, and romance.
Apple or Apple Blossom: Promotes peace of mind, contentment, happiness, and success in all undertakings.
Apricot: Encourages sexuality and sensual passion. An aphrodisiac.
Asafoetida: Protection and banishing negativity.
Azalea: Encourages light spirits, happiness, and gaiety.
Banana: Helps overcome serious blockages or obstacles.
Basil: Promotes sympathy, financial prosperity, peace, and understanding. Helps to avoid arguments and clashes. 
Bayberry: Good fortune, blessing, and money and prosperity.
Bay Leaf (laurel): Protection and purification. Repels negativity. Promotes good fortune, success, and victory.
Benzoin: Used for cleansing and purification. Helps to remove blockages. Promotes strength, confidence, and willpower. Strengthens the effect of anything it is added to or used with.
Bergamot: Protection and prosperity. Combined with mint to work faster.
Birch: Spiritual and psychic opening, connecting with spirit helpers. Promotes balance, harmony, in connection to others.
Camphor: Increases one’s persuasiveness and personal influence. Adds strength to any mixture it is a part of. Also used for purification.

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Prosperity Poppet

My Bestest Friend Ever is looking for a new job, and I’m wanting to do better at my current job. Here’s a spell for a poppet to help you attract good luck and monayyy 

What You Need: 
- something representing yourself (hair, nail clippings, etc) 
- air dry clay, or oven-bake clay
- a yellow ribbon 
- one yellow and/or green candle
- Crystals corresponding with good luck, money, and confidence (my bff is a crystal-witch and picked them out for me but I didn’t write them down because i’m an idiot) 
- Corresponding herbs (ok, now this is more my area):
Alfalfa (luck/money) 
Basil (luck/money/protection) 
Bay Leaf (luck/protection) 
Cinnamon (luck/money/protection) 
Cloves (luck/protection) 
Sage (wisdom, wishes) 
Rosemary (protection, mental focus) 
Lemon Balm (confidence) 
Thyme (courage) 

Tarot Cards (if you’re about it) 
- III of Pentacles 
- IX of Cups 
- IX of Pentacles 


  1. Light the candles  
  2. Pass the crystals through the flame, charging them. 
  3. Lay the tarot cards next to each other horizontally, and place the stones around the cards. If you are using few stones or one specific stone, just set it on top. This step creates a little space where the energy is concentrated, we’ll be using it to charge the poppet later on. 
  4. Lay the yellow string over the cards to charge it as well. 
  5. Start shaping your clay into a little person, try to make it resemble yourself as much as possible. 
  6. Once your clay work is done, scoop out a crevice in the torso or down the entire body. 
  7. Fill the crevice with the herbs, and add what you are using to represent yourself. Instead of putting the cloves inside however, put two clove buds in the head as eyes instead. 
  8. Cover the crevice entirely with wax from the candles. 
  9. When the wax has set, cover the crevice with more clay and smooth it out. 
  10. Tie the yellow string around the poppet. 
  11. Let the poppet charge while drying on top of the tarot cards/surrounded by stones. 

Take this with you when you’re going somewhere you will need it, like an interview or to work. Or you can leave it at home surrounded by money/coins, to represent yourself making that casshh monaaayyyy.

(You could also do this by sewing a little poppet instead, either way works!) 

Spoonie Money Spell Jar

Behold, the first spell I’ve ever written :D Made because my physical/mental issues are making it really difficult for me to find employment outside my home and I’m more than slightly desperate. In our society, the issue so often is that one thing must be exchanged for another and that nothing should be merely given without recompense (which in this situation is pretty shitty) but this spell addresses a little of that, too. I hope this works for anyone who might need it :)

What you’ll need:

Allspice (luck, money)
Almond (money, prosperity)
Basil (wealth)
Cinnamon (success)
Maple seeds or leaf (money)
Salt (represents Earth, the element associated with wealth)
Patchouli incense (money)
A small bottle or jar
A green candle
Five pennies

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

What to do:

1. Gather your supplies and cast your circle (if that’s your thing).

2. Place cinnamon, maple leaf/seeds, salt, almond, allspice, and basil inside your jar or bottle and close it with a lid or cork (I put the salt in first to act as the foundation, since it represents Earth but y’all do whatever feels right).

3. Light your candle, light the incense with the candle flame, and hold your bottle above the incense smoke while reciting the following:

I cannot do all that I must
So in this spell I place my trust
That to me shall be brought the wealth
I haven’t strength to earn myself

My limits keep me shut away
In mind at night, indoors by day
But I shan’t take and close my hand;
To all I’ll give what joy I can

So with due haste, bring wealth to me
Without, within, so let it be.

5. Place the pennies on your work surface in a star formation (point up) while focusing on your intent (attracting wealth), and then place your bottle or jar in the center.

6. As you allow it to sit between the pennies, drip some of the green wax from the candle onto the lid to seal it.

7. You’re done! Close your circle, snuff your candle and incense, and clean your space. You may now place the bottle somewhere in your home, but keep the pennies with you in your wallet, coin purse, pocket etc.