money is speech


“I’m going in.”

Trust Me 1x02, in which Conner Clark Kents his way into a focus group.

So, as we all know, sometimes gifs are deceiving. Just think of all the new XF fans our fandom has gained just by all those beautiful gifsets promising happy, kissy-faced FBI agents. That said, I reviewed the video clip of The Crown’s Peter Morgan and our girl, G-Money, standing before his acceptance speech. It’s literally only a few seconds of Gillian voicing her congrats, I’m sure, and Peter leaning in to hear her however immediately pulling away. That’s it. No nuzzle. It happens so fast. Go back, watch it for yourselves. She even trails a bit almost as if to chuckle to herself because he missed her words. Kinda reminds me of that one time Matt Smith hadn’t anticipated another kiss to his cheek & left G hanging on the Graham Norton show lol.


Also, hashtag best $100 I ever spent; these balloons gonna be dope.
—  white woman, in Boulder

The wisdom of Keith Olbermann, seven years ago, when “Our Dred Scott,” the Citizens United decision, fell upon our necks.

That was the moment when anyone could spend any amount of money at any time to purchase any politician by donations, because “money is speech.”

And Olbermann was basically the only person on television not named Rachel Maddow who 1). Understood what that meant, and 2). Said so.

It is more lucrative to pander to big donors than to regular citizens. Campaigns are so expensive that the average member needs a million-dollar war chest every two years and spends 50 percent to 75 percent of their term in office raising money. Think about that. You’re paying us to do a job, and we’re spending that time you’re paying us asking rich people and corporations to give us money so we can run ads convincing you to keep paying us to do this job. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that money is speech and corporations are people, the mega-rich have been handed free loudspeakers. Their voices, even out-of-state voices, are drowning out the desperate whispers of ordinary Americans.
When 100 Senators and 438 Representatives representing 320,000,000 Americans has a Right Wing Supreme Court invent “money is speech” in 2010, it is almost a straight line to a few US billionaires of inherited wealth crushing our shared humanity, buying the Republican Party to dismantle the social justice programs they do not like, while securing unneeded, deficit-inducing tax breaks for the wealthy top .1%.

Both parties are not the same.