money is insanity

Shocking and gross things you could have people right on a sign for $5 that aren’t antisemitic:

1. I fuck goats

2. Deez nuts

3. I literally eat feces

4. Fuck fuck fuck penis

5. I have 7 dicks

6. Fuck her right in the pussy

I mean like there are a lot of shocking things you can make people say to prove a point that people will do anything for money (which is an insane thing to test anyway, esp if you’re rolling in $$$, it’s called taking advantage of people who are desperate) that isn’t a nazi mantra

You don’t need to resort to a literal nazi mantra to shock people.


Sooooooo, Tenka’s Ai no Ran Christmas battle event split the 12 samurais into six unusual pairings, right. And their bonus chibi (which requires you to feed each lord 850 cakes to unlock) is choir /carolling angel above *squeals*. 

Looking at the chibis I wonder why some of them sing and some just ring a bell (hahahah) then I realised that if you pair them with the classic pairing above, each pair consists of a bell ringer and a carolling angel, fufufufu ^^

Last three images were screencap of the rich and fabulous Tenka player who have managed to get these chibis despite the fact that the battle just started 36 hours ago. Oh, oh yes, starting with this battle you can have two chibis in your castle! There are Santa and Rudolph chibis too as ranking prize. The way this game demands your money is insane and effective



*If you are Mark or anybody off of his team except for Ethan (he’s supposed to see this), please don’t watch the video or read the rest of this message*

Hello, Ethan! Mark’s Pliershas been working on this project for a little over a month now, and we are so excited to tell you about this. We were going to tell you at PAX East but we weren’t able to, we can’t wait for you to see this and be a part of this. Thank you to everyone in Mark’s Pliershelping me execute this, for helping me raise the money for this somewhat insane idea. Thank you for inspiring us everyday to become better people, and this is how we’re doing it.

Be sure to watch out for me and Aubrey at VidCon, we will have the rest of the plan for this project explained to you there, and we are so excited and nervous for you to hear it.

If you have any questions, contact me/us via Twitter:
@/vanossftmark - Jen
@/polaroidaubrey - Aubrey
@/princessanigame - Ana/Ani/Mom
@/c_adventurer_s - C


*Please don’t tell Mark, Amy, Tyler, or Kathryn about this, this is a surprise for them, but we wanted Ethan to know so he knows he inspires us daily and inpried us to go through with doing this
*Please reblog this so Ethan can see it

Thank you so much, Ethan, for everything you have done for every one of us, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this.

Jen, and everybody from Mark’s Pliers

*This will be happening every month’s charity live stream Mark has*

*If ETHAN has any questions/comments, here is the discord link: *ONLY ETHAN IS ALLOWED TO JOIN THE CHAT IF HE WANTS, ANYONE ELSE WILL BE KICKED OFF; nothing will be discussed other than information about the donation plans, the chat will not be active other than that @crankgameplays

‘Vale’s premier party girl. Goes by the name of 'Coco’, She has a taste for the eccentric and the expensive. Owns every major club in Vale City, All of them themes to suit her tastes. Hell her second in command, Cute Aussie girl named Velvet, actually works in the playboy bunny 'fun land’. Fitting considering she’s a rabbit Faunus, but whatever. Point is, You want them on your side. Coco has the money and the insanity to get you what you need so long as you help her out in return. And her 'Other half’? Heard she was a crack shot with that AK-47 of hers..’

.:Grand Theft Auto: Vale City:.

(Special thanks to theivorytowercrumbles for the hilarious idea of Coco sitting on a pile of money with golden mini-Uzi’s)

HEEELP I’m gonna have no money for 6 weeks, so who wants some rly cheap art?


 Basically my student loan is going to take 6 WEEKS to process (fuuuck) and until then I’m going to have literally no money for uni supplies/clothes/food/general life stuff, so I’m going to start taking commissions/ requests but I’m going to do them for SUPER DUPER CHEAP

So if you ever wanted me to draw you/ a friend/ something ridiculous NOW IS THE TIME :) :) 

I’m going to be charging £10/ $15.17 a pop for digital coloured pieces like these, usually they’re around £20/ $30 but I’m kinda desperate so yeah

HIT ME UP OR send me an ask, PayPal is necessary if I don’t know you in person ^_^

I just had a really philosophical moment

Is it possible that right now, at this moment, there could be two boys hiding out in an abandoned building, on the run from the law? I mean, it’s a big big world, and you never know that somewhere it might be happening. There could be boys out there hardening themselves up in dangerous cities, and losing all hope in the world, denying there could be any good in it. Or poor families with smart children but not enough money to cover the insane college prices, and kids with parents that are either not there, don’t care, or are just really bad at actually caring about their children.

It’s like Pony said, are hundreds of people out there, dreaming of something better.