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Barriscowest playing truth or dare
Iris: Truth or dare, Cisco
Cisco: Dare
Iris: Order me a pizza
Cisco: … Truth or dare, Barry?
Barry: Dare???
Cisco: Pay for the pizza
Barry:… Truth or dare, Iris?
Iris: Truth. Nice try though, honey.
Barry: *grumbles to himself as he brings out his wallet* 

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Domestic Drabbles - 4: Two Couches and A Turtle

Wow, I’ve been on a roll! Presenting part 4 of Domestic Drabbles :D

This one was inspired by real life events with my husband. Because we fight about couches. 

And shoutout to my amazing beta and support and BESTIE, @baz-n-simon :D


It wasn’t my idea to buy two sofas. There was absolutely no point when the one we have is perfectly comfortable and spacious. But Penny insisted.

Simon,” she had said, rolling her eyes at me when I questioned her at the furniture shop. “As much as I love sitting right next to you and Baz while you two snog your faces off, I really think that buying another couch would be a good idea.”

But, Penny—

No ‘buts’, Simon. We’re buying another couch.”

I didn’t argue with her further at the time, but now I wish I had.

Baz glares at me from across the room as I adjust my legs on the sofa. He’s curled up on the new couch, on the other side of the living room, in a pile of blankets that I threw on him earlier, and only his head and his book are peeking out from it. He looks like a turtle; a very irritable one.

“Honestly, Snow,” he says, snapping his book closed. “There’s room for both of us to sit over here.”

“Baz, it’s a loveseat.

“Obviously, Snow.”

“With my wings and your ten blankets, there’s no way we can comfortably sit over there. Plus” —I gesture at the space next to me— “there’s more room over here.”

Baz rolls his eyes. “That couch sits directly in front of the sun. And you know I—”

“—get sunburns. Yeah, yeah.” I wave my hand at him nonchalantly, and he scoffs and glares at me again.

“I need these blankets because I’m cold.”

“You wouldn’t be cold if you sat over here.”

Baz narrows his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” I say. “Sunburns.”

He rolls his eyes again, and shifts further into his blanket pile. “I’m not moving.” His stare is challenging.

I shrug. “Fine.”

Baz cocks his eyebrow, then shakes his head and opens his book.

This is why I dislike the whole ‘two sofas’ thing. It’s a never-ending argument over who will move when we want to sit together. Baz seems to live in his blankets, and my wings are too bulky, which makes our original couch perfect. It’s comfortable and can easily fit five people. Penny’s loveseat is just too small. But Penny placed it in the darkest corner of the living room, and Baz immediately started sitting there. I scoffed at this. Typical vampire.

When the room becomes too quiet, I stare over at Baz. He seems somewhat flustered and still irritated, and he keeps grumpily pushing his hair out of his face. I grin and stand up. He glances at me and catches my eye, watching me as I walk over and stop in front of him.

“You look like a turtle.” I say, pushing a few strands of his hair behind his ear and grinning even more.

“I hope you didn’t come over here just to insult me,” he says, but he just seems flustered instead of angry. I then move over some of the blankets and sit awkwardly by his feet. I move my wings around, folding them a few different ways, but nothing seems to work.

“Here, Snow,” Baz says, sitting his book on the side table. He pulls off his blankets, props up his knee, and lets his other leg hang off the side. “Come here.”

I grin at him again. I do that a lot; grin at Baz. I move over and sit by his knee, laying down sideways against his chest and propping my feet on the edge of the loveseat. He pulls one blanket over me and one around his shoulders, then pushes my wings to lay up against the back of the couch.

“Comfortable now?” He asks, looking down.

“Yeah,” I say, wrapping my fingers around his arm. He puts his hand in my hair and pulls through it gently.

“Good,” he says. “But I’m not. So when the sun goes down, we’ll sit on the other couch.”

I look up and smile at him. “Yeah?”

His eyes are shining, as bright as grey can, and he kisses me.

Suddenly a door shuts, and Penny walks into the room. She’s staring at us intently, her eyes fierce and her mouth in a frown. She walks towards the front door and grabs her purse from the coat rack.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

“To get another fucking sofa.”

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The Aftermath of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Crimes

It’s been almost 26 years since Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest, yet it seems nothing can wash away the memories of his crimes.

Dubbed, “The Milwaukee Cannibal,” he preyed upon young men in gay bars and clubs, luring them back to his apartment with the promise of sex, money and booze. He killed 17 young men; he was convicted of 15 of those murders.
But, what happened after all was said and done and Dahmer was behind bars? What happened after his murder in prison in 1994?

The now-infamous Oxford Apartment building was destroyed in 1992. When Dahmer’s crimes were fresh in the news, the building became a macabre tourist attraction. His neighbor, Pamela Bass, said that people offered her money to sit on a couch that Dahmer had given her. Of course, residents became fed-up with all of the attention and some moved. Once plans were made to destroy the building, others were forced to move.

The Oxford Apartments then and now.

There were plans for a memorial garden to be built for Dahmer’s victims on the site of where the Oxford Apartments stood but the plan fell through. To this day, all that remains of the building that once housed Dahmer’s house of horrors is an empty lot.

There are mixed accounts of Jeffrey Dahmer’s brief life in prison. While in prison, Dahmer officially converted to Christianity and was baptized. Some say he adjusted well, and that he had a macabre sense of humor. There is a photo circulated online of an order form filled out by Dahmer for the prison commissary, requesting two cyanide tablets. Prison officials filed a report on this and also for him mocking a prison guard with a speech impediment. He also reportedly hung a sign up for a “Cannibals Anonymous” support group meeting.

In July of 1994, Dahmer was attacked by another inmate in the prison chapel.
Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel, published a book, entitled “A Father’s Story” in 1994. His now-infamous son, Jeffrey, agreed to do a lengthy, in-depth interview with his father. During the interview, Jeffrey admitted he did not agree with everything his father had written in the book, in particular Lionel’s impression of Jeffrey as being a shy child.

Christopher Scarver

Shortly after the interview with his father, Jeffrey Dahmer and another inmate, Jesse Anderson were murdered by fellow lifer and convicted killer, Christopher Scarver on November 28, 1994. Both Dahmer and Anderson were bludgeoned to death by Scarver while the three were performing their assigned cleaning duties that morning.

Scarver claims that he killed Dahmer because of how the serial killer allegedly taunted other inmates by taking food and shaping it to look like human organs and dousing it with ketchup. He claimed that Dahmer was an insubordinate and difficult inmate.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Flint, expressed her grief with an angry statement: “Now is everybody happy? Now that he’s bludgeoned to death is that good enough for everyone?” Dahmer’s victims reportedly had mixed emotions about the death of their loved ones’ killer.

Dahmer family photo, from l., Jeffrey, parents Lionel and Joyce and younger brother David.

Lionel Dahmer and second wife Shari during the trial.

Joyce Flint during a 1994 interview.

The family members of Dahmer’s victims sued for damages and were awarded Dahmer’s estate. The items left over from Dahmer’s life were to be auctioned off. Thomas Jacobson, one of the lawyers representing the families, hoped to raise $1 million. Upon hearing about this, the citizens of Milwaukee sprang into action and formed Milwaukee Civic Pride. The civic organization hoped to raise money to purchase all of Jeffrey Dahmer’s possessions and have them incinerated. The group got their wish after making a $407,225 pledge for the items. Five out of eight of the victims’ families agreed to have the items destroyed. The charred remains of Dahmer’s worldly possessions were buried in a landfill in Illinois, the exact location of which remains undisclosed.

As for the Dahmer family, Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Flint, died of breast cancer in 2000. His younger brother, David, has since changed his last name.
Retired from his career in chemistry, Lionel Dahmer has become a strong public supporter of creationism. He is still married to his second wife, Shari, and the two reside in Ohio. Shari Dahmer is active in their community as a member of the Medina County Ohio Horseman’s Council. Both supported Jeffrey Dahmer throughout his trial and brief imprisonment.

Over the past 26 years since Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest, the blood-spattered memory remains of the soft-spoken, bespectacled blonde man who lived in a make-shift macabre museum of his crimes. Various merchandise bearing Dahmer’s image is available for purchase online from t-shirts to pins to action figures.

There have been many books written and movies about him and are still being produced. In recent years, books and films about him include the 2012 documentary, “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files,” “Across the Hall,” written by Dahmer’s former neighbor Vernell Bass in 2013, “Dahmer Detective,” a book published in 2016 by retired Detective Pat Kennedy and an upcoming film in 2017, “My Friend Dahmer,” based on the graphic novel of the same name written by Dahmer’s former classmate Derf Backderf, which was published in 2012.
Info from documentaries and various articles around the web…

capseycartwright  asked:

I follow you because your fic is spectacular and funny and gorgeous and you seem like a lovely human tbh 💕

So, I might have fangirl flailed all over this message.  You are kind of a fanfic legend to me.

Here a have a present!

Promise Me No Promises


Aaron didn’t know how long they sat on the floor, but it felt like hours.

Putting his arm around Robert, he gave him a little squeeze and said, “I think we wasted money on that couch,” indicating the furniture they rested on, “it’s our second night in the flat and we’ve spent more time on the floor than on the sofa.”

Robert let a little huff of agreement.

They were all talked out and they weren’t okay, not yet. But they’d get there. Baby or no baby. They’d been through worse when it came down to it.

Robert loved him, of that he had no doubt, and Aaron loved Robert right back.

The reasons Aaron had decided to forgive Robert had not changed, just their circumstances.

Aaron just hoped he was strong enough to make it through, because he wanted to, more than anything.

“Let’s go to bed,” he said, getting to his feet, keeping his fingers tangled with Robert’s, using them to pull his husband to his feet.

Robert wouldn’t meet his eye.

“Look at me Robert,” Aaron said, words soft but firm. “I love you. Always.”

Robert’s grip on Aaron’s hand tightened. “I’m so sorry Aaron. I promise…”

“No, Robert. Promise me no promises, okay? Just you and me,” Aaron said returning the squeeze.

Robert watched Aaron for a moment, like he was looking for something. He then nodded in agreement, stepping into Aaron’s arms and burying his face against Aaron’s neck.

“I love you,” he whispered, his lips brushing the sensitive skin of Aaron’s throat. “Even more today than yesterday. I can’t lose you, lose us.”

Aaron tilted Robert’s head so he could kiss his husband. The simple soft kiss quickly turning into something else. It was always like this with them. Passion catching like a struck match and spreading like wildfire.

Breaking the kiss, Aaron rested his forehead against Robert’s.

“This is crazy. I’m crazy, but I love you even more now, too. You cut me to the bone, Robert, but my love is stronger for it. Maybe, that’s what makes us different?” Aaron felt his words pull at the fresh wounds in his chest, but where there was blinding pain, now was only sadness.

“I’m sorry that you had to love this version of me,” Robert said.

“I love all the versions Robert,” Aaron confessed.

Robert’s breath hitched, and with the smallest of smiles, he said “That’s what makes you the exception, Aaron. No one will ever love me the way you do.”

“Just leave Y/N!” Harry shouted rubbing his head

“No Harry.” You replied calm. “I won’t.”

“What you want my money?! That’s why you’ve stayed by my side for so long right? Well here.” He pulled out a wad of cash and threw it at you. You didn’t even attempt to catch it, but just inhaled a sharp breath and released it slowly.

“And here I thought my friendship to you was priceless.” You said sarcastically. Harry just scoffed and walked around the room clearly irritated you hadn’t left yet.

“Look you’re not going to scare me off that easily, ok? I’m going to keep staying by your side illness or not Harry. Whether you choose to believe it we’re all each other’s got. So you can keep throwing your useless money at me or accept my help as it is. I’ll stay here, right here, until you answer me.” You crossed your arms and looked everywhere, but at your best friend. You could hear him laugh quietly which made you smile. Ever since Harry got sick he was different; always wanting to be alone. You knew what it was like to be in a dark place and like hell you’d let it swallow him up that easily. He finally faced you, but he was frowning.

“I’m an idiot, sorry. I just- I can’t– control it like before.” He walked fast towards you and picked up the money throwing it on the couch. You stood there with a raised eyebrow so when he looked back at you he froze wide-eyed. You both just let out a laugh and sat down.

“You’re always an idiot, there’s no need to be sorry kid.” You finally spoke up after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“You know I’ll never understand why you call me kid, I was born a day before you?” He laughed keeping his eyes on his fiddling thumbs.

“Well actually”, you placed your hands on his getting his attention, “I was born just an hour after you, but you know how the whole midnight, tomorrow thing works. Plus, I know it gets on your nerves so like any best friend, I keep doing it.” He just shook his head laughing, but then got quiet again. “What’s wrong? And don’t lie to me Mr. Harry Osborn.”

“Honestly, truly; why do you stick around when you know the inevitable is going to happen Y/N. Why would you want to be around a time bomb like me?”

“Honestly, truly; because I love you. You’re my best friend Harry. I can’t and won’t imagine you not being in my life. So we’ll both kick this illness in the ass or both go down swinging. Either way as your best friend, the girl you grew with and now as the woman who would die for you; it’s my duty to make sure you receive all the happiness in the world Harry.” You couldn’t help but get teary eyed and when you looked up neither could he.

“You’re all my happiness Y/N. You’re all I’ll ever need to be the luckiest guy on earth.” He grabbed your hand tight and all the both of you could do was prepare for one bumpy ride on the thing called Life.


For @societyslostone :  I got one! Lance being extremely tired because they just got Emil(the dog) and as a puppy, needs to be on 24/7 watch so there’s no accidents. And Shiro let’s lance sleep in his arms on the couch while the puppy naps in Lance’s lap. AND  *slides a prompt that simply says “Shance tender scar kisses” and runs for the hills*

This is definitely one of my favorites :)

Word count: 1166

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Out-d*cking a stingy roommate. Suffer!

(warning: long story)

The Backstory

I attend a university in Boulder, CO. If you don’t know, living expenses are quite… ludicrous here. Therefore I got an apartment with my 3 best friends since elementary school. We grew up pretty well off in a very upper middle class suburban area of Denver… this is relevant.

As part of furnishing our apartment, every family pitched in $100 to buy this awesome 12 person sectional suede couch. It was used, and in great shape. Everything else came from individual families, but everyone pitched in equally for what we needed. This couch will be the subject of the story.

The three roommates, with changed names, we’ll call them John, Taylor, and Nigel. Taylor, Nigel, and I all study profusely for our technical degrees, as where John has switched from his technical degree to biology to pursue medical school (good for him). However, it was this change that precipitated a whole shitstorm that I will now explain.

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balleraannie  asked:

300 fox way as a lesbian tea house/shop/whatever its called. Discuss

i’m thriving at the idea of like!! little tables set up in the backyard under the beech tree. tasty little teas and odd little treats with no fixed menu, everything catered to the individuals who stop by, promising not only to be yummy but also to relieve certain ailments or cleanse certain chakras. fox way becoming a safe spot for local wlw to go on dates and hang out. orla, who every young lesbian unanimously has a crush on, passing out her number to anyone who could use a friend, psychic skills aside. maura/calla/persephone becoming everyone’s Moms, doling out advice—both the psychic kind and the normal kind—to all the lgbt folks who come by. letting those in unsafe situations help out for extra money or crash on a couch if they don’t have anywhere to go. 300 fox way: tea house, safe haven, and the gayest place in henrietta.

anonymous asked:

hey psst so it's canon that Lenny and Lisa had a pretty bad childhood buuut im pretty sure that Lenny would do his absolute best to get/make her something nice for her birthday, even attempting to make her a cake

I love this wtf……… Len tries so Hard to make Lisa’s birthday nice!!! He bakes her a cake and he almost sets the kitchen on fire but it’s worth it. And he saves up money, whatever money he can find between couch cushions and whatever money he could get away with sneaking out of Lewis’s wallet to buy Lisa a new Barbie doll and she’s so happy she gives Len a big hug and it’s just. Just so nice

I swear you can find anything in the couch crease
  • Can't find your remote: check the couch crease
  • Can't find your hair tie: check the couch crease
  • Can't find any money: check the couch crease
  • Can't find your will to live: check the couch crease
Decisions.. decisions..

Since I was sent the $250 gift card I have been trying to decide what to spend it on. Do I buy something for the house or just for me?
If it’s for the house.. it’s really just for me anyway. It’s not like ‘20’ would care. Plus one day he will move out… well maybe … but that’s a different post.

- I could really use a new dishwasher and have been thinking of buying a new one. This could help me get a super cool one.

- My vacuum is getting old and slowly things have been breaking on it … but I love it and it still works

- I could use the money towards a new couch or maybe a new kitchen table or how about a new mattress?

- I saw a super cute Coach purse that I like but probably don’t need it.. it is cute

- I have been tossing around the idea of an Apple Watch or a Fit Bit. I want to lose some weight and maybe tracking steps and activity would help.
The real question is… which one?

- Do I hold on to it for a rainy day?

Oh boy, decisions… decisions

Commissions are OPEN!!! 10$ Headshots 15$ Chibis

I recently got a job for the fall and I am going to start my career. (yay)  I’m going to move pretty far away and I want to draw commissions a lot this summer in order to pay for things in my new apartment, so I can make it into a home.

I’m going to accept only 8 slots for commissions

Flat Chibis are 15$ each

Cell shaded Headshots are 10$ each

Once the slots are filled up, commissions are closed.

For more info, click here!  My email and my commission rules are there.  If you are serious about getting a commission, email me and we can talk details.  After both parties agree, I’ll send you my paypal email and we can get started.  Thank you!!!