money in couch

Commissions are OPEN!!! 10$ Headshots 15$ Chibis

I recently got a job for the fall and I am going to start my career. (yay)  I’m going to move pretty far away and I want to draw commissions a lot this summer in order to pay for things in my new apartment, so I can make it into a home.

I’m going to accept only 8 slots for commissions

Flat Chibis are 15$ each

Cell shaded Headshots are 10$ each

Once the slots are filled up, commissions are closed.

For more info, click here!  My email and my commission rules are there.  If you are serious about getting a commission, email me and we can talk details.  After both parties agree, I’ll send you my paypal email and we can get started.  Thank you!!!


So here’s the deal: I have no money. Well, very, very little, anyway. My parents cut me off and the job hunt is hasn’t proven fruitful at this point, I’m being charged by my school for a class I didn’t take (still trying to get a refund but I had to pay it bc they were threatening my credit), and I need rent money for next month. Also food money would be great but I mean I’ve survived off ramen this long. So I’m gonna do some commissions!

I’ve never done commissions before but I mean I looked around and, taking into account how long it’ll probably take to draw them, I think this is okay? 

Chibi-looking doodle things!

$6 for up to 2 characters, +$1 per extra
(these are all just examples of course!)


$8 for up to 2 characters, +$2 for additional. 
+$2 if you want shading kinda like this


(These will have smoother lines than the sketches)

Black and white, $10
Colored, $12
For up to two characters, +$2 per extra
+$2 if you want shading
+$3 for background

I’ve done other kinds of things too, but I figured it’d be easier to start with just these. To see more examples you can look at my art blog and/or my digital art tag (probably the better place to look). 

I’ll do anything you like–characters, animals, AUs, covers for fanart; whether what you want is happy, sad, cute, whatever! (And any ship, even if I don’t ship it). Even if you don’t want to commission me, if you could spread this around I’d appreciate it :)

Any questions or concerns, you can send me an ask or an email to!


Actually got up and got after it this morning!

After taking exactly one month of the C25k program, I was encouraged by @too-much-ninja to start up again. 😊

So I reset to w1day1 (I was only on w2day2 before). It went well, mostly knocking the rust off lol.

Feels good to get moving again. If you have been like me at all, and taken too long of a break, get out there and move a bit. Trust me, there’s no time like now. Tumblr can wait lol. Go for a walk, lace up and go for a run. Call off work and go for a hike. Connect yourself to nature. Connect yourself to your surroundings. Take this moment in. Do a yoga. Stop what you’re doing and do a pushup. You never know, while you’re down there, you might do another. Maybe you’ll even find some money under the couch. Who knows? This could be the start to a great day.

Go out there and get after it.

Stay powerful friends.