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Friendship Is Nice. Friendship and Lingerie Is Nicer.

Summary: CS Modern AU. Friends to Lovers. Emma gets some new lingerie and, intending to get approval from her friends, accidentally sends some revealing pictures to the wrong group chat. Smut ensues.

tagging @emmasbutt who has put up w/ my incessant chatter while writing this fic ♥

Rated M. 6.6k words ~ also on ao3

Emma Swan has not owned a decent set of lingerie in far too long. It’s not as if she’s had anyone to wear it around, has had any need for it. The thought of needing an upgrade to her sexy wardrobe isn’t something her friends have needled her about in a while and therefore, hasn’t crossed her mind.

She’s just gotten her income tax money and seeing as she’s finally in a financially stable enough place in her life to not need to spend the money on bills, she takes a slightly reluctant but much-needed trip to the nearest mall. Too many unstylishly ripped jeans and torn t-shirts have been piling up in her wardrobe and, really, her lack of anything that ranges outside the bounds of leather and simple cotton is kind of sad.

She’s made a decent dent in her wallet—a couple of sheer shirts (who knew sheer was so in), a floral dress, a little black dress Ruby will whole-heartedly approve of, a nice green jacket that is decidedly not leather, and even a pencil skirt—when she passes the Victoria’s Secret.

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Today I was at some malls lounging around for 7 hours because I couldn’t get home, and during that time I decided to visit our local gamestores and ask them questions, mostly pertaining to the 3rd of March, when I came across this


So in other words, Danganronpa is a disease and it will it slowly but surely eat out the rest of my life

at least whoever sees me playing consoles somewhere would immediately know I’m a huge trash for danganronpa

here’s to hoping V3 will tremendously exceed my expectations so I have enough resolve to remove the silicon vita case and just use the case with the V3 cast

We Intertwined: Ch. 1

An Ignis Scientia Story

AO3 | Chapter 2
Word Count: 1,600

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Ever since he was a child, Ignis had a curious mind. He was always seeking knowledge, always curious to know minute facts about seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to know about the geography of Eos, the traditions of the Lucian royal line, the tales of Ramuh and Shiva. He loved hearing those stories, loved falling asleep to his mother’s voice, telling him about the might of the Archaean.

But Ignis’ favourite bedtime story by far was the one about soulmates.

“It’s said that everyone has a soulmate,” she’d told him one night, running her slim fingers through his tawny hair. “The Astrals created life on Eos. Creatures that walked on four legs with four arms and two heads. They had two hearts, two brains, and two souls. The gods were so afraid of their power that they split them in two, and humans have been wandering Eos in search of their missing halves ever since.”

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Title: ‘Vices’ - Chapter 1 ‘Cauthess’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Explicit (super NSFW - PWP, mild bondage)
Word Count: 2900

Summary: Noctis escapes from the world by heading to the most exclusive pleasure club in Insomnia - The Cauthess, requesting the one man that can bring him pleasure like no other escort in the establishment. AU setting. Inspired by a panel in “Miwaku Shikake” by Amai Wana.

Dedicated to my partner in crime. (◡‿◡✿)

Chapters (so far): 
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3  Ch 4  Ch 5  Ch 6  Ch 7  Ch 8  Ch 9  Ch 10  Ch 11

Sunglasses cover the crowned Prince of Lucis’ eyes, as he leaves the confines of the royal estate, walking towards the car that is waiting for him. The moon is at its midway point in the sky, not yet late enough to be called morning, but slowly creeping its way towards it. He opens the backdoor of the Regalia, and closes it with limited force. The partition is down, allowing him to see his driver, who is already heading down the driveway. He settles back in the backseat, finely tailored slacks hanging loose around his legs, his fingers going to unbutton the matching jacket he wears, exposing his vest and tie. Black on black on black. Perfect to blend in, which he needs to do, given that everyone knows exactly who he is.

“Where are we off to tonight, Mr. Caelum?” His driver asks, as they pull onto the highway.

Looking out at the city he’s meant to govern one day, he makes a fist with his left hand on his thigh. “Cauthess.”

“Very well. I’ll get you there in flash, Prince. We should be there in twenty, if traffic stays light.” The partition goes up, leaving Noctis to be alone with his thoughts.

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"Why is Renee doing the most and Dean stays mum. Don’t people find that shady?" - When he does speak, he tells people he's doing the show for money and he shoots holes in her story. They don't like that, they'd rather believe the pathological liar who can't keep her fan fiction straight.


[Pentagon] Shouldering the Burden
  • Member: Kino/Hyung Gu
  • Genre: Angst
  • Words: 1.6k
  • Author: Jessie
  • Notes: This was one of my very first requests. I didn’t forget about you! I just no longer have the message for the request. I’m sorry it took this long! But I hope you like it! And sorry about back to back Kino angsts! Sol and I didn’t do this on purpose. 

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Perfect (Draco x Reader)

It was sad really, how easily you fell for the forbidden boy with grey eyes. He was a walking warning sign, and you knew that, and yet you still agreed to that first date, at Hogsmede. The date that somehow despite his reputation you couldn’t help but hope would be perfect.

And it was. All rosy cheeks, butter beer and smiles. Yet the whispers from other that students hung in the air were a reminder that nothing was ever perfect no matter ho hard you’d try to make it so.

Yet everything seemed to be perfect, which was weird because probably that was the last word anyone would ever use to describe Draco Malfoy, perfect. He made you feel special, he made you feel cared about, he made you feel loved, but most of all, he made you feel happy. The euphoria of being with him blocked out the warning signs that were so easy to see.

When you had your first fight, you weren’t angry, sad, or upset. You were just disappointed. You were disappointed because you had expected to fall in love without getting hurt, but that was impossible. Especially when the boy you were in love with was Draco Malfoy.

The next day neither of you apologized, you just pretended like nothing happened and everything was normal. Draco probably did it because he was too arrogant to apologize, but you did it because you were too stuck in your idealistic dream of what your first love would be like. And though at the time it seemed like the best response, looking back on it just seemed like you were pushing away the inevitable.

When he finally broke your heart your world fell apart. You felt truly betrayed, but underneath all the sadness anger you blamed yourself. You should’ve seen it coming and looking back on your relationship, it was obvious.

The smug smirks from Pansy Parkinson, the whispers from all his friends, but most of all, the way he was so sweet to you even when everyone warned you that he was the exact opposite.

It had all been a bet, too see which Slytherin could win the heart of the innocent and pretty young witch.

Now whenever you saw Draco down the hall you didn’t feel the love that you used to feel. You just felt pure hatred, that was so strong that even he could feel it radiating off of you. He knew that he had screwed up irreversibly because he had lost one of the only people who had loved him.

You wondered how much money he made off of the nights you spent together, the mornings after when you would wake up and feel the sun shining through his window tickle your cheek. How much he made from, the kisses and the dates and the pure bliss you felt from his touch.

You wondered how much money he made from holing you in his arms.

You wondered how much money he made from breaking your heart.

And you wondered if he thought it was worth it.

Now you really knew what love was, it was weakness. It was an open invitation that called out, go on! Hurt me!

You started to forget how you felt so much that you began to wonder if it really was love. Or you were so naive and wanted to be in love so badly that any feeling you felt you just passed off as the real thing. You decided to tell yourself that you were never in love to make it hurt less.

But you were in love, because love isn’t just about the good parts. It’s also about the bad parts. The arguments, and the pain, and the heartbreak. They all come with love.

As for Draco, he was left to wallow in the horribleness of being alone and knowing what he’s done, because he had know idea when your relationship had stopped being fake to him, but he did know that the heartbreak he felt right now was very real.


GENRE: Smutty AF. Sarcastic AF. Sassy AF. 

Word Count: 4549

WRITERS NOTE: I originally wrote this on my old blog, Bias Backlash. SO, if you are seeing this come around for the second time… welcome back? This is just a side note, so none of you fine people think I plagiarized this from the last time it came around. I’m just rewriting, replotting, and reposting it. My soul cried when it was lost with my last blog that got deleted.

You make a bet with your best friend Yoongi. It doesn’t quite go according to plan. Not that anyone ends up complaining. 

“You’re going to lose.” No. Shut up Yoongi.

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When are you and the cutie from foolish and proud putting out your next sex tape? Daddy's got money burning a hole in his pocket.

Hey daddy, when did we put out our first sex tape!? 😝 we are still trying to work out the production costs. Throw that money our way dadddyyyyyyyy

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WAIT WAIT WAIT did you live snap your ticket buying process?



Oh my golly gosh! 

Hi y’all. My name is Amity, i’m 19 years young and there was no way on earth I was going to let Em do my intro in her “fun facts” way.

I’m not a primary alter of hers, and thats probably a good thing. See the thing is I know i’m impulsive - money burns a hole in my pocket, i prefer spontaneous adventures over well-planned escapades, and lets face it, i can’t sit still for longer than five minutes. In fact, i can’t even settle on a favourite colour (at the moment its yellow! :D). Em frequently refers to me as a bouncy ball, and im cool with that. :) 

So for Em’s benefit, I’ll do a quick recap so far for those who are just joining us. 

Em is the host, no her name is not Em but shes choosing to stick with that for now. Felicity and Chastity are her two primary alters. The other 11 of us are not primary but I have no doubt we all play an important part in Em’s life. Felicity is like a constantly burning ball of rage and fire, and Chastity is this sterile negotiator who seems to lack the general capacity to feel a great deal of emotion. You would’ve met Matthew by now too, the romantic surfer dude. Hes kinda cool. Kinda annoying but kinda cool.

I wanna hear from you! I’ll be around for most of the day today, so tell me a bit about you.

Do you live with D.I.D? Do you know someone who does?
If you live with it, are you the host or are you an alter? What is it like for you to live with it? 
If you know someone who lives with it, whats it like for you? are the questions youre maybe a little to nervous or shy to ask?
But most importantly - Whats your fav. colour?!

“Light brings sight” (Bonus points if you get this reference)


Andre Lyon’s Top 10 Financial Tips.

You’ll want to write these down!

Even if you’re not on the verge of becoming a billionaire like hip-hop impresario Lucious Lyon, chances are you can still benefit from improving your personal finances. We sat down with Empire Entertainment CFO Andre Lyon and asked for his top ten financial tips for the average person. You’ll want to write these down and keep them close by!

This is your first step. Take it seriously. Budget realistically so you can see where all your money’s going month-to-month. You can’t map out a financial strategy unless you know where you’re starting. This will also help wean you off the bad habit of spending money before you get it.

Like the saying goes, “All the glitters is not gold.” I can’t tell you how many new artists I’ve seen get signed to Empire, only to blow through their signing bonus buying fancy cars and clothes, trying to create the impression that they’re living on the same level as my father, who’s sold millions of records. They end up spending themselves into a mountain of debt. So even if you’re not a singer or rapper who’s signed your first contract, take my advice: slow your roll. Don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket. Keep your eye on your long-term goals.

This simply can’t be stressed enough. A lot of people are resistant to the idea of saving, but I always think of it as “paying yourself first.” Even if you’re already in the habit of paying all your bills and other debts as fast as you can, it’s time to change your mindset. In most cases, paying everyone else first will most likely leave you with very little money left to set aside, and you’ll continue living month-to-month with no way out.

Years ago, when my father first started making some good money from his record sales, he started getting bombarded with pre-approved credit cards. And I don’t think it’s telling tales out of school for me to say that he took full advantage of them…until I sat him down and showed him that he was just throwing money out the window in terms of interest payments. So I’ll tell you like I told him: figure out which two – yes, only two – credits cards you truly need to live on. Cut the rest in half. Ironically, the more income you make, the more those pre-approved cards will keep showing up, but you don’t have to accept them. Steer clear of the trap.

You often hear people say, “live within your means.” I disagree. For the average person, living within your means gives you very little wiggle room in case of emergencies. So you should be living as far below your means as reasonably possible. Saving a good portion of your income is critical to long-term financial health.

Balance your checkbook. Put all your monthly bills in one place and pick a specific day out of the month to sit down and pay them. Create a filing system for your bank statements tax returns, and other financial paperwork. These small steps might seem like a waste of time, but once you get into the habit of doing them, you’ll find that they actually save you money. No more overdraft fees or interest charges on late credit card payments.

Making people think they have to be millionaires in order to get into the investment game is one of the most effective tricks Wall Street has ever pulled. But that’s jut what it is: a trick. Anyone can invest, and it doesn’t require a huge amount of disposable income. You’ll have to take some time to do your research on this one, but trust me, this is where you want to start directing your energy. A simple savings account is nice, and easy for everyone to wrap their minds around, but they yield pretty much no return at all. If you want to start building a legacy – or even just a comfortable retirement nest egg – investing is the way to go.

If you’ve ever gone on a diet and had to keep a food journal, where you write down everything you eat or drink each day, then you’re already familiar with this practice. A “money journal” is just like it sounds: a written list of everything you spend on a daily basis, be it cash, check, or charge. If you do this for just four weeks, I guarantee that certain spending patterns will emerge, and you’ll be able to step back and take note of just how much money you’re devoting to things like lattes, movies, and snacks throughout the day. It all adds up pretty fast.

It’s okay to have big dreams. We all do. That’s exactly how Empire started out: my mother and father’s dream. A lot of people think my only job at the company is running around and stopping different departments from spending too much money. And yes, that’s part of it, but the reality is, sometimes you have to take big steps if you’re going to grow. So if you’re fantasizing about owning a big house or traveling around the world someday, let that motivate you. Just stay focused on your goal every single day.

William Shakespeare said it best: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses itself and friend.” Now, this doesn’t mean you should never help anyone in need (nor should you be too proud to ask for help if you really need it), but it’s a situation you should strive to avoid. It’s usually a no-win situation for everybody involved.