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Speaking of Arashi, consider the possibility that Yuri Katsuki might be cast as a guest on VS Arashi - or maybe Shiyagare. VS figure skaters team, perhaps. They had some skaters on Shiyagare this year, but all I remember is that 1) skating is expensive- with a price breakdown, 2) they spun the boys around on an office chair to simulate a spin, and 3) it wasn't Yuzuru. Actually, picture Yuri Plisetsky playing shotgun disk. Imagine Yuri KATSUKI on falling pipe.

no, no that would be AMAZING. I feel like the Japanese entertainment industry has real mixed feelings about Victor Nikiforov, though – on the one hand he is very Handsome and Foreign, and also, ever since he’s Katsuki Yuri’s coach he makes him actually do appearances. On the other hand, he just keeps standing there and smiling and holding his hand out until you end up paying Skater Katsuki top money and billing just to have his picture on your variety show.

Careless Speech #2

Chapter Two: Blurted Statements
Word count: 1500
A/n: for @miilkydayz and @lunarmuseserenity777 hope you enjoy!
The rain tapped softly and rapt on, even on the next day as well, but in all due and respectful honesty, ‘twas a soothing and comforting noise, there in the most benevolent way, as though it sensed their internal struggle. It was a ridiculous idea, but one that could put a jaded smile on Scrooge’s melancholic and fatigued face. Recently everything surrounding his relationship with his nephew was so rickety and stained, overall such a bitter situation. Scrooge looked around the living room, dimly lit by the candles and fireplace. No one was really doing anything. At all. It was a little odd to see a normally lively, bouncy, and energetic family so unusually sedated, forlorn, and lethargic. Even Dewey was relatively still, simply twisting around the little softly pastel colored squares of the Rubik’s Cube that Donald had bought for him shortly after he had been diagnosed with ADD. It was such a simple and small gesture, it was easily overlooked at the time, but now that the blue two shirt wearing duckling realized the extraordinary amount of thought and effort his uncle had put into it. He tried his best to find exactly what would fit Dewey - a puzzle challenge with edges and facets to run his fingers over, soft, gentle pastel colors, calming him and making enjoy playing more. He spent time picking out this specific stimulus, it made Dewey smile a little wider when he clicked in another full side. Donald may be brash, but he really, genuinely, absolutely cared about his family. Even Scrooge. In fact, the longer Scrooge thought about it, Donald could act like a jerk, a heck of a lot of the time, too, but he really cared about others. That may have been part of his motivation to join the naval forces. When they, they meaning Scrooge and Della, asked him why he was joining the army, he merely shrugged and let out a laugh, saying he just felt like it, that he wanted to go out to sea for a bit of work, just because, no, not because he wanted to help people, that’d be ridiculous! Yeah, right. He definitely joined the navy to help people. He was an overall softies, but his it behind a stony, rough, and tempered facade. Maybe he didn’t want to be seen as weak? It’s a possibly plausible explanation to many of Donald’s intriguing and odd personality tics.

“Uh… are you alright Mr. McDuck?” Launchpad questioned, benign and blunt at the same time. “You’ve been staring at Dew-man’s puzzle box for about… sixteen minutes? Yeah… around that amount of time.”

“Oh, I’m sure everything will be fine in the end, my boy,” Scrooge tiredly chuckled with a soft smile. Them he cleared his throat to get all the ducks attention, easily gained. “But in all honestly, what are we sitting around here for? Let’s git a game going, ar something teh clear away this pressuring quietness!”

Don’t be so hard on them for wanting to play a game. It’s always hard to get your mind off of things, especially in the quiet and the dark, for thoughts swirl in the minds of those who wish thought gone {BEGONE, THOUGHT! [I apologize sincerely]}. And in the dark, those thoughts become dark themselves, and twisted. Pain makes you do many things you didn’t know you could do, and painful thoughts tear from the inside, and makes you emotionless to the pain from the outside, numb and cold. So play a game, and know you did nothing wrong, even as your stomach churns and dark thoughts swirl in your mind, and your hopes may be rejuvenated.

After some time of debate on which board game they should play, Monopoly was selected. And as luck would have it, even with everyone joining forces and resources against Scrooge, he still managed to be winning, and by a long shot as well, around a thousand in front of Huey, the runner up.

“Like I said to Dewey in Atlantis,” he grinned over his cash in his hand. “Ye got tea work smarta, lads, not harda. Then ye pull ahead of the lot, easily. And swiftly, too.”

He rolled, getting a double and landing his top hat piece on Go, collecting his $200 and proceeding to purchase hotels on Boardwalk, rolling again to land on chance, earning one fifty. Louie nervously glanced at his piece, the boot, and it’s precarious position dangerously near the now two thousand dollar spot. He gulped as Scrooge passed him the dice with a grin. He concentrated. The “evil” twin frantically searched through his memory for any advice to avoid the roll. What did Donald always say about luck? Oh, right, ‘luck is something that some people have, but some people don’t, but remember, even if luck doesn’t help, it’ll be good in the end.’ With a sigh, Louie let the dice roll from his hand. A collective gasp and a huff of a laugh from Scrooge told him he had landed on the dreaded Boardwalk. Grumbling, moving his pawn to the designated spot, and reaching into his pocket, he handed Scrooge the two thousand. His property on Illinois Avenue caught his eye. There were four houses… rolling his eyes, he bought the final hotel for $150. He probably wasn’t going to get any revenue from it, but it was worth a shot. He handed the dice to Launchpad, who currently was on free parking as a thimble. He stuck his tongue between his teeth as he shook the dice and rolled. Louie had to do a double take at the dice. Three. Launchpad paled, and counted out the money he had. He was six hundred short, having spent all of his other money on properties. Next Webby fell victim, two spaces behind the pilot. She too was broke. Huey managed to escape with some money, and quickly sold his properties to Louie. Dewey also landed on it, but he had only five dollars. It was pretty funny, actually. Next, Scrooge landed on community chest, and had to pay everyone (who was still in) $50. Louie landed in jail. Huey landed on on one of Louie’s places, and lost all his money. Soon, it was just Louie and Scrooge, the two money grubbers. A crack of lightning suddenly illuminated the room, shaking the core of the house. A door slammed, followed by a familiar, speech impedimented voice complaining about being wet rang through the hall. Donald, in all his sopping wet and sour tempered glory, strode into the living room wringing out his cap. He shook off the water droplets on his feathers, the remainder glistening like pearls and diamonds.

“Donald!” Scrooge exclaimed with happiness, jumping out of his chair and running over to his nephew, wrapping his arms around his middle, ignoring the growing wetness on his shirt. But he quickly let go, placing his hands on Donald’s arms, looking at him with a sternly parental gaze. “Where have ye been? The whole lot of us have been worried sick, ye can’t just vanish for a day and a half. You have teh… oh, who am I kidding?” he paused and swallowed, then hugged him tightly again. “I’m so sorry lad, that I said that. I had no right teh, I just wasn’t thinking, and - wait, is that your passport? You’re not leaving, are yeh?”

In fact, Scrooge was right about the passport, just barely sticking out of Donald’s pocket. The triplets and Webby {I may start calling them the quadruplets, this is getting ridiculous} ran over to Donald, gripping his arms with the iron power of FAMILY! And muscle. That too.

“You can’t leave!” Huey cried to him, tugging his sleeve. “Who’d help me with my junior duck scouting and be by my pin ceremonies?”

“And who’s gonna teach me to get out of trouble?” Dewey questioned.

“Who’d show me how to use all the boat equipment?” Louie asked.

“Who’d give me the first hand knowledge of all your adventures?” Webby inquired.

“Wha’?” Donald seemed confused, but realized his passport was poking out of his pocket. He began laughing. “Oh, that! Don’t worry, I already went somewhere, I’m back now. I should probably put this away.”

He had another laugh, and walked into the hallway to his room… boat house thing. They glanced at each other, bewildered as to how this happened. A crash from behind them attracted all five of the duck’s attentions. They all turned to see Launchpad trying to leave stealthily, but failing miserably by knocking over an entire suit of armor.

“Uh, what are you looking at me like that for?” he asked nervously, a blush spreading on his cheeks. “I definitely didn’t fly Donald to Mexico in one of Mr. McDuck’s high tech experimental supersonic speed jets in ten minutes and come back after promising not to tell anyone that I flew Donald to Mexico in one of Mr. McDuck’s high tech experimental supersonic speed jets in ten minutes!”

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Which Minor Characters woud present one of the seven sins the best? (like pride=prussia or lust=seaborga etc.)

  1. Lust - Of course the Italian brothers tap into the lustful side - especially Seborga.  But several other nations are well in-touch with their sensual side, like Spain and Belgium.
  2. Pride - many would say Prussia, yes, but we all know that his self confidence is a facade.  Turkey is much more prideful, and he’s much more honest in his belief that he is someone wonderful.
  3. Envy - Quite an issue for Poland.  Always wants to be more, always wants to look as good as _____, dance as well as _____, be as confident and sexy as _____.
  4. Gluttony - I’m going to have to give this one to Finland.  Not only in a food sense does he tend to bite off more than he can chew, but the guy has a bad habit of hoarding things “just in case” he needs them later.
  5. Greed - There’s a difference between greedy and frugal, so don’t anybody come into my box saying that Switzerland or the Netherlands takes the cake for this one.  No no.  Monaco, on the other hand…now she can shape herself into a mighty fine money-grubber when the mood is right.
  6. Wrath - Typical as it might sound, Belarus is a pretty strong contender  for this category.  As is Switzerland.
  7. Sloth - Greece, this is practically canon.  While his nation is renowned for its incredible architecture, inventions, and art, he himself can be a little lazy-bones.  As can Iceland, but that may just be more of that good old Teenage Angst.
Political Post?

Alright gang, buckle in, this ones about Judaism. Now, me, I’m a Jew. Born and raised. It’s….actually, pretty shitty. Like, typical “anti-Semitic” jokes usually get a laugh out of me, and I often embrace the stereotypical “money grubber” for shits and giggles. I know its a joke. My friends know its a joke. And religion is a major part of my life. But, recently, I’ve been less and less wanting to proclaim my Judaism. Like, holy shit, I’m fine with /polfags/ hating Jews because, well, /pol/. But, when there’s this anti-Semitic trend going on in the SJ community? That really fucking pisses me off. But that’s just a tangent.

“Punching Nazis” isn’t supporting Judaism. It’s persecution for beliefs. And, boy, does that sound familiar. Start punching the Nazis who actually do hate crimes. Punch the people who send in bomb threats to the JCC. Punch the guys who spray paint swastikas onto synagogues. Don’t punch someone because their views aren’t yours.

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The Signs as Mark Antony quotes:
  • Aries: I am not rising from this bed, until I've fucked someone.
  • Taurus: Winter does not last forever. Spring comes, snows melt.
  • Gemini: Dis is not your master. I am your master.
  • Cancer: I do not wish to abuse, or humiliate you. I only wish you gone.
  • Leo: Money, money, money. I'm surrounded by money-grubbers!
  • Virgo: Then lucky it was me that did it, eh? Else now you'd be on your knees sucking pantomime cock.
  • Libra: Knives in the Senate House. Didn't think you had it in you.
  • Scorpio: I can assure you, it is no threat. Snows always melts.
  • Sagittarius: This is how history is made.
  • Capricorn: I swear on the Black Stone that I will kill them all!
  • Aquarius: Stand to fucking attention when I'm talking to you!
  • Pisces: Next time I see you I won't be so kind.

Art by @isvoc

King Vollenth I the Terrible

There once was a kingdom Callander of humans ruled by the Florentus lineage. They were a noble lineage, believing that progress could only be made by working together with their neighbors instead of against them. That through combining the best of the high elves, orcs, humans, rock gnomes, and hill dwarves, they would reach an everlasting golden age.

The golden age was never reached.

Years ago a great red dragon descended upon the palace and ate the king and queen, proclaiming himself ruler of Callander.

The red dragon made some.. changes, to Callander culture. Of course, a great statue MUST be made in his honor in the capitol. He made them paranoid about their neighbors, instilling a racial prejudice in the people. “The orcs are just heartless barbarian killers”, “the elves are prissy and think they’re better than you”, “the dwarves are greedy money grubbers”. He turned worship of Pelor into something closer to the Westboro Baptist Church and erected shrines to Tiamat in his capitol to make his people cower in his awe. Through fear of himself and paranoia of his neighbors he united people beneath him.

There was opposition. Earnest, good hearted rebellion against him. Led by a silver dragon even. It was not tolerated. Vollenth crushed it, killing the dragon himself before all her followers.

Vollenth looked upon his land and was deeply disappointed at where his borders ended. He wanted more. Igniting racial hatred he led a campaign into the rock gnome’s territory, taking it entirely. The surrounding territories were concerned, but appeased the red dragon by allowing him that land.

Immediately the rock gnomes were put to work in sweatshops, building siege weaponry and other weapons of war. The new weapons were rolled out against the orcs in their pastures and they were entirely decimated, forced back into the badlands of Mog.

This alerted the other races. The drow rose from the Underdark, their black dragon leading them to make a treaty with the high elves for territory on the surface at the end of the war. The dwarves sought the orcs’ help, making a treaty with their blue dragon that the orcs would receive the land that was stolen from them.

With all four nations united against him even fighting in battle himself Vollenth could not win. He managed to slay the blue and black dragons involved, displaying all three dragon skulls proudly in his throne room. He lost the war, and in a rage ate his advisors.

Beaten back to his home, the red dragon sees his only sons are half dragon bastards leading his military. If he’s to truly rule, he needs a full blooded dragon offspring. He now has set his sights on finding a mate to provide for him, searching for a red dragon to be his queen.

OC Masterpost (Vlad and Roswell.)

A little (Long) something Daskingu and myself have been working on for a bit about our OC’s, Vladmir and Roswell!

I’m gonna’ put it under the cut for lengths sake

Warning, a couple of bullet-points are NSFW !
We’ll be adding as we go. We’ve thought of so much for them it’s hard to think of it to write down all at once :’) 

So, here we go !

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Assassination Classroom Chapter 159 Reaction *spoiler alert*

The chapter spoilers came out early and I could not not put out something for it because HOLY SHIT COUPLES THAT I DIDN’T EVEN EXPECT TO APPEAR ARE EVERYWHERE.

Basically, this entire chapter is about Karma, Nakamura, and Kayano observing certain couples and trying to tell apart whether the chocolates are “love chocolates” or “obligation chocolates”, while at the same time the two devil geniuses are trying to convince Kayano to give her chocolates to Nagisa.

And of course freakin’ Matsui keeps things ambiguous.

For those of you who don’t know, Japan’s Valentine’s culture has a couple traditionally followed ‘rules’:

  1. Usually only girls give chocolates to guys on Valentine’s Day. In Japan, if boys reciprocate the girl’s feelings, they will give a return gift on White Day, which is March 14th. 
  2. Chocolate giving does not necessarily need to be romantic. There are “love chocolates”(本命チョコ)which signify romantic feelings, while “obligation chocolates”(義理チョコ)are usually between male-female platonic friends or classmates. And yes, it can be a one-sided platonic relationship which unfortunately causes much heartbreak in shoujo manga.
  3. Most of the time the female giver will claim that the chocolates are “obligation chocolates” to hide their embarrassment or feelings. When they decidedly declare that the chocolates are “love chocolates” it can be counted as a confession, HOWEVER it is not always used as a pretense to date. It’s an indication of feelings, but the girl will not always expect an obligated reply.

So keeping those in mind, let’s get to the spoilers.

(Yes, I am still on hiatus, but I can’t NOT do this chapter, c’mon.)

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A little rant about the Mystic Messenger 1.4.2 update

So today Cheritz updated the game for Android users and guess what? A lot of players’ accounts got banned lol. Also some were complaining about the upcoming 5HG charge to using the save slots.

Immature kids started cursing and yelling at Cheritz, calling them money-grubbers and awful stuff. (Chaos erupted over at the MM Facebook groups and pages.)

I’m an Android app developer myself, and (sorry not sorry) I can’t believe how dumb some people can be. You expect us to create a big app/game that takes us thousands of hours to make completely free?! I can’t even imagine how HARD it is to create an app as big as MysMe. Making the app completely free is out of the question. Us developers are normal human beings like you, we need to pay our bills and eat as well.

So chill out. Players can still play for free, and yes, it’ll be really tiresome and tiring but come on, what kind of freemium/free-to-play game isn’t?

I’ve been playing a lot of online mobile games for years, all I can say is if you want to play the whole game without spending money you have to dedicate a lot of time to it.Sad truth, but that’s how it works.


  • Love Live School Idol Festival: I’ve been playing this (and still am) for two years and I haven’t spent a single cent yet. But I have a decent and above average team/cards and can tier on events. But how? Just play the game by grinding.
  • Solmare’s Shall we date games is no different. If you want to rank in the events (or at least get the event items) without spending you have to save up every item you can get and use them wisely.
  • I could cite more examples in here lol, in my opinion, Cheritz freemium/free-to-play app model is pretty good compared to King (aka the developer of Candy Crush Saga).
  • Anyone remembers Ayakashi Ghost Guild by Zynga? It was advertised as a Free-2-Play game and yet free players had a VERY hard time with the game because it relies heavily on in-app purchases (IAP). I believe that is one of the reasons why the game didn’t become so successful.

Imo, Mystic Messenger is pretty fair for a freemium game. Yes I’m aware that a lot of players don’t have hourglasses that’s why they cheated, but didn’t Cheritz announce in an earlier post that they are planning to add more ways to get free HG? Why can’t people sit still and wait?

Btw, if the game has now become impossible/unmanageable to play for you because of *various reasons blah blah blah*, maybe it’s time for you to quit? Or at least take a break and play only during the holidays or vacation. Remember, this is JUST A GAME, it’s not as if the world is gonna end if you don’t continue playing right? Your school/work/real life is much more important, don’t forget! Think realistically please.

If you have bought anything in-game (calling cards, hourglasses) and got banned because you did the time change bug after the 1.4.2 update, try emailing Cheritz and who knows, maybe they could do something for you.

After getting our latest set of bloopers featuring copyrighted characters Desna© and Eska© removed from Vimeo thanks to Viacom, we came to a realization that there’s no use fighting the system anymore. It’s better to accept the sweet release of death and help Viacom out, since they’re making so little money thanks to us sneaky little money-grubbers. So PROJECT VOICEBEND IS CANCELLED FOREVER.

But that doesn’t mean these companies aren’t willing to show us the way to proper entertainment!

They made sure to tell us this time for sure what was considered fair use to them, so we learned a lot! Turns out making videos is copyright infringement – we had no idea! Reviews? Copyrighted. Let’s plays? Copyrighted. Vlogs? Copyrighted. Basically, taking any kind of video is copyright because they own cameras and phones too. “But what about taking photos?” we asked them. Also copyright. By default, existing on this planet is copyright infringement. They own planet Earth, so depicting any of that in any way, shape, or form could land us in the slammer! Whoodathought?

Now, we’re so excited to announce our new legal project in collaboration with these companies! And this is the sole legal form of entertainment we can provide just for you! The only word in the English language that isn’t copyrighted is the word FUN! Isn’t that fun??? But there’s a limit to how many words we can say before that s

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fuTH͝IS C͟ON͏TEN͏T͝ I̵S̵ NO ̶L͟O̵N͜GE̴R ͝AV͜AIL͘AB͠LE ̸DUÈ T́O͏ ̴A C̨OPY̷R̨ĮG̶HT C͘L͡AI͏M͝ B́Y V͉̮͙̠̘̬̝̟̗Í̞̯̲͙̤̦̘̗A̮͙̦̘̯̪̕͢C̭̣̦̙͢O̡̗̙͎͡͞M͔̤͕͘͟͜ ̷҉̺̳I̢̤̞̭̮̬̕͡S̸̡̨̩̣̤͍̩͇̞̥ ̛̺̺͓̗̪͎̺͟͡Y͏̲̬͎̺̣̱O͉̻̖̹U͏̟̜̱̼̭̪͕͕R̞̙͙͚̖̫̻̗͟ ̣͚͍̲̀͟G̖̞̟̟͚͍Ǫ̫̟͟D̞͈̘͡ ̡̙̦̣N̡̛̙̥̟̫͇͙Ǫ̶̛̫̟̬W͈̙̩̺͕͔̜͡

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That one post that said the CEO hitting them and stuff. What happened? Who?

Mr.Mr member Ryu (Oh Gitaek)  has accused his agency, WinningInsightM, of physical/verbal abuse and unfair contracts.

The company posted on their fancafe that Ryu was no longer going to be a member of the group for “inevitable reasons”. Of course, fans were quick to reply, asking for a more credible reason.

Ryu posted a very long explanation on the group’s fancafe, but it was almost immediately taken down. You can read the full thing here or you can read my summarized version on this post.

Ryu stated that the real reason for his leaving was because of the company’s verbal and physical assault, issues with the contract, and the fact that the group as a whole was often neglected. 

Ryu goes on to state a specific date on which he was called to the company president’s office and was both verbally and physically attacked. 

“He then hit me twice on the ears with a file the size of my forearm, and I was momentarily dazed. Then, despite my not being able to hear and being dizzy, I couldn’t speak and there was blood coming from my ears, but he continued speaking.”

He sat there continuing to listen to his president speak. Ryu was shown an agreement form stating that he and the other members (excluding Tey) were not be seen outside the dorms at all and was told if they were caught then they would be sued for $300,000. (Ryu states later in his post that this $300,000 was only spoken of verbally and not written anywhere in their contract.)

It is also stated that the group was not receiving the agreed amounts of money as pay and when he spoke up and asked where it was he was called a “money grubber” and told to keep quiet or he would be cut from the group.

Ryu also speaks of how every time the members asked to see their contract, they were threatened with being kicked out of the company.

“…when we asked we were cursed at and called ’"money-grubbers”, so we just kept hoping, but since we were continually threatened with getting fired, our opinions and needs were completely ignored and eventually we couldn’t write our contract appendage and ended up signing the standard one we were offered.“

Ryu talks about multiple instances of when he would ask about concept styles or wanted to voice his opinion on a song he would always face verbal abuse.

"When our opinions and ideas were brought to the company, we were accused of causing discord and disharmony in the group and were threatened with being fired.”

The members were not allowed to see their contracts and their company often said/did things differently than what their contracts stated. Ryu reached out to his mother, telling her that he could no longer handle being at this company and they began preparing for a lawsuit. 

This is a very summarized version of his actual post and I do recommend you reading it to understand everything that is going on. I also want to say that just because this is a member of a less-popular group, that does not make him any less human. He deserves the same treatment you all wish for your favorites and I hope that this gets more attention than it has. This is another example of how terrible kpop can be behind the scenes and I’m disappointed that no one is talking about this.

Username: Thorment
Location: Unknown, UK
Class: Spellcaster
Power: Black Magic
Special Techniques:
Spell Swarm - A rapid-fire projectile attack that homes in an opponent, quickly surrounding them like a barricade.
Black Wing - An technique that allows the user to temporarily sprout wings and navigate through the air.

The TTA Character “Tormentros” was a hacker working for the D-Bug Organization during the second season, who later became mentally-corrupted by a piece of the harmful virus. For a good length of the season he became a psychotic recurring villain that often pursued Alpha and his friends as he descended deeper and deeper into his own madness. He also later appeared during the 3rd season under a different username.

At an early stage of the story’s development, “Thorment” as he was renamed, was going to be a hacker again, as he was originally. He would’ve been a selfish money-grubber executing a mission alongside another hacker. However, when Episode 10 was being written, we decided to utilize him for a different purpose, but still holding true to the spirit of the character. Instead of being a hacker, Thorment was made into a creepy obsessor who had learned the rumors of the Forbidden Power through Rockoon and company’s spreading word of the incident in Episode 05. As heard in the crowd scene of Episode 10’s opening, the rumor had spread much further since then and making some people uneasy…but Thorment wanted to know more and harasses Alpha and the others to learn more. It was interesting to have a new baddie show up that ISN’T a hacker and just having a guy who’s a real genuine creeper. Strangely enough, THIS was the character I originally wanted Martin Billany to voice before I eventually cast him as Nylocke instead. For Episode 10, Thorment was voiced by Harry Partridge, who’s a major inspiration and has supported my work for many years, so it was great to work with him too.

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Random little request, but if you're up for it I thought this would be hilarious. "Describe your OTP and make it sound as shitty as possible"

YES!!! Oh my golly, yes! You may not know me, but darling, this is right up my alley. Took the liberty of summarizing Downton, too. :D


This English gold-digger guy persuades this super naive foreign girl to marry him, making her leave her whole family and her country and basically everything she’s ever known behind her. 

Sounds terrible, right?

Well, not exactly, because the thing is, she’s absolutely and totally fine with that. 


Turns out, she and her mom were actually manipulating and scheming on marrying her off to somebody just like this: Poor, but like, super important. #poorwhiteclass

You see, back home her family is kinda… how do I say it? um … #richwhitetrash not the right kind of people. So, yes indeed, she totally signs away all her cash (probably with a flourish and a wink at the lawyers) so that all those snobby people back at home can’t call her ugly names anymore! #gotthatnamechange #hatersaintgonnahatenomo’#hopefully

ALRIGHT – Flash forward twenty to thirty some odd years later. 

Get this, they’re actually still married (!) but hahaha have failed at LITERALLY the ONE thing that would actually validate the whole entire flippity floppity reason they got married in the first place: a baby boy.

Remember that signing away her money bit? Well, the money can only be transferred to a SON. (#nopenismoproblems)

Sure, they ended up having three daughters (#girlpower?), but Mr Fortune 500 doesn’t want to try and shake up some laws to make sure the girls get their mom’s money. (‘Cuz that would be way too fair to them.) 

Ok. Whatever, let’s not cast stones because they girls are also sorta wild. They’re constantly either fighting, or having scandalous affairs, or going behind their parents’ backs to run off to Switzerland to haVE A MARRIED MAN’S BABY.

Yeah. You heard me.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, during the course of Mr and Mrs Cash for Class’s “peculiar” marriage, ol’ Money Grubber cheats on Dollar Diva (while she’s literally almost dying), loses all her money due to some stupid railroad stocks (,eh), and then at one point, actually literally - I swear to gawd - refers to her as his dog! #relationshipgoals

But the Mona Visa is no innocent. 

She knows how to play her sex cards to get what she wants - i.e. what her mother-in-law doesn’t want OR (one time) even what her maid wants. 

Wait who? 

Oh, y'know, the maid who pretty much murdered Permanent Vacationer’s unborn son … and then Penny Princess is pretty friggen’ crushed - cruuushed - when said maid sneaks away in the night. #waitwhat

Green-Card Queen is also constantly reminding her husband that she is, in fact, not English

Nope. Nah. No way. Nuh uh. 

Sheesh! How can she ever assimilate to the country she’s lived in for the majority of her life? Pssht. Makes no sense. #onceayank #alwaysayank 


Plus she claims to have a gun. So…yeahhh. #crazyassamericans #amiright

Then, on top of everything else, shit like this happens:

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Fighting for more money for female hollywood stars isn’t exactly a feminist movement. That’s a, “where’s my money movement?”

I didn’t get paid as much as Bradley Cooper or Christian Bale or Jeremy Renner either, Jennifer….but then again they fought for higher pay and we didn’t, JENNIFER. 

You don’t see me bitching about how my salary is much lower than your millions per film, JENNIFERRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Part 1: The Enlightenment and Napoleon

“They bind our hands and then complain that we do not make use of them.” –Moses Mendelssohn

Introduction: Why German Jewry did not Leave in 1933

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, anti-Semitic violence in the German-speaking lands (there were over 300 at the time) was the exception, not the rule. However, when popular violence did erupt, it stemmed from long-held superstitions (such as blood libel), occupational immobility (money-lending was one of the few occupational niches Jews were allowed to inhabit as the Church forbade Christians from money-lending, leading non-Jewish society to cast Jews as greedy money-grubbers), and foundational Christian myths (“the Jews killed Jesus,” basically). It was not until much later that biological constructions of “Jewishness” as an inherent, racial state would come into play.

In this period, German Jewry existed in self-sustained communities. The German governments did not deal with individual Jews, but with the leaders of the Jewish community: rabbis, rabbinic judges, cantors, and teachers. These communal authorities were responsible for governing the individuals, which included levying taxes, maintaining social order, imposing legal recourse on offenders, and handling all litigation between Jews in accordance with Talmudic law. German Jews did not live in total isolation from Christian populations, often living among and coming into frequent contact with them through business dealings. However, the separation was enough that, when combined with the myths and stereotypes described above, it enabled non-Jewish German society to form deep-seated understandings of the Jew as the mysterious and predatory Other.

By 1780, the Jewish community structure began to lose ground to the allure of the Enlightenment. A series of Jewish reformers, the most prominent of whom was Moses Mendelssohn, began to argue that Judaism must adapt to and become part of German civil society as envisioned by Enlightenment thinkers. At the same time, liberal non-Jewish German thinkers began to argue for the emancipation of (the extension of equal rights to) German Jewry, hoping that it would lead to the dissolution of the Jewish communities, and eventual mass conversions to Christianity.

The first step to the achievement of these goals, on the part of both the Jewish and the non-Jewish thinkers, was to abolish the power of the Jewish communities. And this abolition came in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Napoleonic Wars swept through Europe between 1803 and 1815. In July, 1806, Napoleon began to bring portions of the Rhineland and West Germany under French control. On October 1, 1806, King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, angered by French interference in the Prussian sphere of influence, declared war on Napoleon. In less than two weeks, Napoleon emerged victorious.

During the years of Napoleonic rule in the German states, he and his subsidiary governments abolished the rabbinic courts, revoked the authority of the Jewish community, and emancipated the Jews of the German states, granting them the full rights extended to all inhabitants of French vassal states. He remained in control of the German states until the disastrous 1812 Russia campaign. In 1813, Prussia joined with Austria, Russia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, and a number of other German states (the “Sixth Coalition”) to fight against Napoleon and French continental hegemony. In the War of the Sixth Coalition (1812-1814), the Coalition defeated France, and Napoleon went into exile.

Prussia regained most of its pre-1806 territory, and the other German states regained their independence after some reorganization. One of the first steps the German states took after winning independence was the repeal of some of the changes made under Napoleonic rule. German Jewish emancipation suffered severe setbacks, with several states annulling their Edicts of Emancipation and expelling their Jewish populations.

With the new spirit of German nationalism which took hold in the immediate post-Napoleonic years came a new type of anti-Jewish hatred, one which seamlessly blended religious hatred with anti-modern, anti-French, and anti-capitalist sentiments. For example, in August, 1819, widespread unrest resulting from unemployment and food shortages came together with the post-Napoleonic breed of anti-Semitism in a swell of violent anti-Jewish riots.

These riots, known as the “Hep! Hep! Riots,” broke out on the Bavarian city of Wurzburg. What began as a university riot quickly spread throughout the city. Mobs ran through the streets looting and demolishing Jewish homes and businesses while shouting “Hep! Hep! Jude verreck,” which translates to “Death to all Jews.” While the origins of “Hep! Hep!” are obscure, historians theorize that it was an acronym of the Crusader chant “Hierosolyma est perdita,” Latin for “Jerusalem is lost.” The riots swept through Bavarian towns and villages to central and southwest Germany.

However, the riots died down as quickly as they began, and relations between Jews and non-Jews calmed. Indeed, Jewish memoirists born in the 1820s compared the more tolerant and accepting atmosphere of their youths to the anti-Semitic atmosphere of the later decades of the nineteenth century. 

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