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Wanted to find a way to raise money for Lin’s latest prizeo campaign, the Ham4All we keep seeing videos from

100% of sales are getting donated to Lin’s prizeo for Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition. Buy a sticker and show you’re support!

This sticker will be available on my Redbubble until July 29th

All the urban legends came true at once.

Of course, I was six pages deep in a tax audit at the time. Chewing a pen when a rash of mothers with broken backs were rushed to the hospital, courteousy of uncareful feet smashing on cracks. Doctors, unsure at the time, blamed osteoporosis.

It was watched pots that remained cool. Or salt thrown over a shoulder that - for a second - showed a devil’s eye. Or it was the alligators. Don’t get me started on the alligators.

But something was the first whisper of what we’d woken up. Nobody wanted to say it out loud, because it sounded so ridiculous. It was a secret that swelled in our cheeks. Phrases we had always said that went silent.

All the hauntings came true. We had photograpic evidence of spirits. That’s probably what started the mass hysteria.

Some things took longer. Rubbing a statue for luck or breaking a mirror. Delayed response. One bad day turns into a bad month. Then you’re at the local witch place begging for a respite - seven years of bad luck?! - and she’s shaking her head. Nothing to be done.

Oh, the witches. The funny thing is that when people have always called you a witch, they’re surprisingly needy when you turn out to be one. When the world shifted, little towns who avoided one woman for her witchiness were now flocking to her because their legend had made her become one.

Pens mightier than swords. Avoiding groups of certain numbers. When a knife drops, we all hold our breath for the fight. A fork means company will show up, confused how they arrived.

It got better for a moment, for a breath, while we figured out the rules of it. What was a legend and what was myth. What kind of faith was big enough and what was too big. Some legends only effected certain areas. Some only certain people. We sunk money into infrastructure for once to clear up cracks. Stepped over salt in every building. Sold amulets like trinkets. For a second, we almost got our feet under us.

And then it got worse. Sometimes the company you invited was strange, unhuman. You had to wear iron. We had loved our cryptids until they came down from the mountains, worse than we could have predicted. Bowls of milk were on every window sill but most of them rotted.

In the books, we had all read about the end of the old ones. The unspeakable ones, who went off into the hills one day. Who we cannot say the name of. Who did not exist in the land of buses or planes. Who can steal you if they know your name, who can never lie but do a good job of it anyway.

We were not ready. The Folk showed up through the thin veil, and they were already laughing.

And they were just the beginning.

I can see people’s auras… and it’s a curse.

by A10A10A10

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

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I hate to do this again but I’m currently still in a motel w my mom sister and two dogs and we have this place booked for the next day and we have no money at all. This place keeps hitting us with random charges and I rly can’t be on the street w my dogs again the last time my dog was seriously injured by a random man. If anyone PLEASE CAN SPARE ANYTHING to keep us off the street please that would help so much!!!!

I also got a lot of hate from my last post and mentally I rly can’t can’t take so please if u hate this so much just IGNORE it. If ur curious in how I got into the mess feel free to message me I will tell you but I cannot w the hate.

Anyways my PayPal is

Help Needed URGENTLY

I’m a mother of one, an 11 week old boy, and I’ve just had a letter through my door stating that I owe money due to an overpayment of benefits (which I was unaware of). The outstanding amount is £256.59, of which I can only afford roughly £150, otherwise I’ll have no money left to get my son’s milk, nappies etc. That leaves around £100 unaccounted for and I won’t receive anymore payments until I’ve paid the owed amount. I’ve reached a stalemate.

 I know this isn’t the best way of approaching things but I’ve exhausted all other means of help getting the initial £150 together. 

 If ANYONE at all could help out, whether it’s £5 or £50, it doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t absolutely desperate. Once the debt has been paid and I receive my next payment (due on the 16th of this month), then I’ll happily refund your money to you.

 My PayPal: (it has my old URL on it, but it’s right).

 I apologise for this post but I’m at the end of my tether. All I want is to be able to care for my son without any hassle. Thank you all.


This should be like our Last donation post EVER if things go right! Please read and rb

my girlfriend and I are two trans and gay people trying to move out of abusive homes. I am disabled and working a job that pays 8.25 an hour that is making my chronic pain worse as well as caus8ng some New issues for me. Tia is working wtna brand new job as TESLA which is going to pay really well and hopefully keep us afloat as my disability information is processing Basically we are right around the corner from being well off.

The issue? Because Tia is so new with her job, she took an extra week to be put into the payroll system, and now our move in date falls just THREE DAYS earlier than her first paycheck. I will be paid $180 this week and she is getting $60 from some work she is doing for her family. The 60 unfortunstely needs to go right into groceries and gas this week so we don’t starge and can get to work. That leaves us with $180 and our rent, which is currently $280. we only need $100 to be on our way to being independant from abusive transphobic homes!

This is the absolute LAST time that we will be needing money from peoples donations. I havent been incredibly successful here but it has kept us able to est the last few months so I am asking that if you are able to PLEASE drop us a few bucks this week! I do art commissions as well



Taylor Swift:

• invites fans to her house for an album preview listening party where they’re served food and drinks, get five minutes alone with her for private conversation (on top of hanging out all night), and get photos taken

• send fans massive boxes full of personally handpicked gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just for no reason at all

• regularly supports NYC schools with supplies

• shows up to surprise fans at their weddings/bridal showers

• holds 16 hour meet & greet and doesn’t sit down the entire time “because the fans didn’t get to, so why should I”

• randomly invites a fan from Tumblr to her New York apartment to bake cookies and chill with her cats

* gives someone $90 for dinner after finding out they’re about to go for birthday dinner with their friend

* Donates money to Mariska Hargitay’s “Joyful Heart” foundation after winning her sexual assault case

* surprises WWII veteran Cyrus Porter, 96, at his home in New Madrid, Missouri, with a performance inside of his home for him and his family

* provides a fan with expert medical care & resources for a second opinion after learning doctors warn she may miscarry - all expenses paid

* donates $5,000 on a GoFundMe page to help raise money for fan Katie Beth Carter, who died in an Alabama car crash over the Labor Day weekend.

* makes donation to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on behalf of her godson Leo Thames upon his birth

• donates $1 million to Louisiana flood relief

• regularly visits hospitals and children’s wards to play and sing for the kids

• personally invites 13 year old fan Jorja Hopes backstage upon learning that the girl’s biggest dream is to see her live before she loses her hearing due to an inner-ear condition

• donates 25,000 books to inner city NYC schools through the Taylor Swift Education Center

• organizes worldwide online dance party for four year old terminally ill girl Jalene Salinas, who is dying from cancer but keeps her spirits up because of “Shake It Off”

• pulls her ‘1989’ album from the Apple streaming service after learning that the company would not pay writers & producers during the free three-moth trial

• donates $15,000 to firefighter Aaron Van Riper after learning that he rescued his wife and young son from a nearly fatal car crash

• donates $50,000 to her dancer’s baby nephew Ayden’s GoFundMe page to help pay for the 13-month-old’s cancer treatment

• comes online daily to talk to and interact with fans on social media and created an app in her own name to make that interaction easier

• donates $250,000 to singer Ke$ha to help cover legal costs in her sexual assault court case

• sees fans for free backstage both before and after each show - that’s approximately 200 fans a night - and spends a good five minutes with each person. Autographs and professional photos included free of charge

• regularly stops her car if she spots fans walking down the street wearing her shirts, just to chat

• buys fans pizza when they wait outside to catch a glimpse of her at tv shows

• wrote “Ronan” about a four year old boy with cancer whose mother’s blog she happened to stumble upon late one night, and donated all proceeds to charity while also listing the mother as co-writer, giving her legal rights to royalties

• regularly supported 32 separate organizations in 2014 alone and was that year’s most charitable celebrity

* and on, and on, and on, and on

But yeah; truly a terrible person, that Taylor Swift.

Today is the day we’re officially announcing the Fall Out Boy Fund. We started the fund as a way for us to give back to Chicago, the city that has given so much to us. 

To kick things off, we’re donating money to Back to the Roots, an organization that brings gardening and food education to schools and helps inspire kids to experience the magic of growing their own food. With the funds, we’re able to provide 20,000 elementary school kids in the Chicago area with an organic gardening kit and Back to the Roots curriculum to each student.

We’re taking these first steps to become a champion for Chicago, but we’re not stopping there. 

With the M A  N   I    A Tour coming up in a few weeks, we want to do something special with the other funds we’ve raised and give back to others in communities across the country. That’s why we came up with the idea for The Champion of the M A  N   I    A Tour, a way to honor local champions and spread a little light during dark times. We want to celebrate people that exemplify kindness, bravery, generosity, and every thing else that brings goodness to the forefront.   

Starting today, you’ll be able to nominate yourself, a family member, a loved one or a friend from your local community to be chosen as the #FOBChampion of your show. We’re looking for people who are helping change the world for the better. 

There will be one winner for each show on the tour. Each winner will receive a pair of tickets to their local show, and will be brought up on stage and honored during the set (you’ll even get a shoutout on our instagram). BUT the best part is, we’ll be making a donation in the winner’s name to the charity of their choice via the Fall Out Boy Fund.

Can’t wait to see who you nominate 💜  // find out how to enter on

hey, so my name’s maja, i’m from poland and i’m asking for help.

i’ve been living with severe depression for probably four years as for now. i’m gonna keep it short so it won’t become a sob story: i had to drop out from uni two times, which was extremely painful experience for me. i can’t keep a job, even a part-time one. i struggle with self harm, suicide thoughts and frequent panic attacks (add to it being not-cis, dysphoria and transphobic parents)

i need money for psychiatric appointments, meds and therapy. my parents will help me out with some of it, but my family is really poor, so they can probably only pay for psych appointments and meds, but not for therapy. and i tried being only on meds and i still failed my classes and dropped out lol.

one therapy appointment here cost a little bit more than 25$. if i wanted to go once a week, 100$/month - so it’s probably the goal i will try to achieve, but tbh even one dollar would be cool! i hope when my meds kick in (after a few weeks), i’ll be able to find and keep a summer job, so i can pay for stuff myself.

tl;dr: severely depressed person needs help with paying for therapy. paypal address:

i know i’m still in fairly good situation, i have food, i have a place to live, there are definitely people on here who need money much more than me. i know it may sound kinda pathetic, but i just want my life back.

Iran-Iraq Earthquake

There have been an earthquake in Iraq and Iran where more than 400 people have died. We can help by donating money to organizations or, if you have the possibility, to go there yourself and help. May things like this never happen again. I hope that you and everyone ou love are safe. And if that is the case, don’t forget to help the ones who haven’t been as fortunate as you.

Pray for Iraq and Iran ❤️

Dick: …Did you watch 101 Damatians again?

Damian, surrounded by puppies: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Grayson.

bts scenario: aftercare

i hope you enjoy it! tbh aftercare is my kink so i love this so much, anyway, enjoy! xx

requests: open


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: jin’s long fingers gently helped you into a sitting position as your ragged breaths filled the room. “good job baby,” jin praised as he pulled a pillow up to support your back, “so amazing.” jin placed a kiss on your forehead as he left for a few seconds to find you some clean clothes, returning moments later with one of his baggy t-shirts. jin slowly slipped the fabric over your head and softly kissed your lips before tucking you under the sheets. 

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yoongi: yoongi’s soft lips would be pressing anywhere and everywhere, “my pretty baby,” his comforting words slowly brought you farther and farther down from subspace. a soft whine left your lips and yoongi was quick to silence the sound with a kiss, “hush, baby,” another kiss on your lips, “rest now.” the room was silent aside from the sound of yoongi’s kisses and your breathing as it began to slow, your eyes beginning to close. 

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hoseok: hoseok’s gentle hands gently ran the warm cloth over your body as he began to clean you. “you did so good, babe,” hoseok slowly intertwined your fingers and placed a kiss on the back of your hand. you giggled at hoseok’s concentrated face as he cleaned you. “hey don’t laugh at me!” he said as a smile gradually began to take over his face, hoseok’s bright smile never failing to make you feel like you were on the clouds. 

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namjoon: namjoon’s voice would be husky from the recently finished round of sex, “how are you feeling baby?” he would ask, concerned as always. “i’m fine joonie,” you replied and kissed his forehead, watching as his face flushed a bright shade of red, “look who’s blushing now,” you teased. namjoon growled low in his throat, “don’t tease me kitten, you know exactly who owns you,” the words made your face turn just as red as you brought him in for a bruising kiss. 

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jimin: jimin would be worried as all hell that he had hurt you, “are you okay? anything hurt?” jimin’s hands messaged over the bruised skin of your ass from the most recent spanking. touching a particular sore spot, you let out a hiss. “i’m sorry! i’m sorry!” jimin became frantic as he was afraid he had went too hard and hurt you. you shook your head, “i’m okay jiminie,” you said, “just a little sore, but i liked it don’t worry.” you gave him a wink and he shook his head, kissing you.

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taehyung: taehyung’s strong hands would hold you down to the bed as the tremors continued to travel through your body, “it’s alright baby,” he soothed, “just let it go,” kisses were pressed along your neck and shoulders as the tremors began to stop. your breathing slowed and taehyung spoke again, “was 7 too much?” he teased referring to the amount of times he had made you cum. “fuck you, kim taehyung,” you said and pulled him close to you.

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jungkook: jungkook’s fingers ran through your hair as he held you on his lap. “you’re so amazing for me baby,” his fingers danced down your spine, settling at your hips. “you have no idea how good you are to me,” his soft words allowed all tension to seep out from your muscles, “my baby,” he said somewhat possessively, not that you minded. “kookie?” you asked. “yeah?” his eyes met yours. “kiss me,” you whispered and he gladly brought his lips down to yours.

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hey guys! as you know, my country (Mexico) is going through a really hard time and help is being needed more and more, it’s getting worse

I feel so frustrated because I can’t help as much as I want, all I can do is share information but I feel like it’s not enough. I can’t go to help because I have been feeling sick lately and far from helping is hinder everyone’s work, my family doesn’t have enough money and resources to donate so I’m asking for your help today

I have been researching all morning and this is what I’m going to do:

Please donate anything you can to my paypal, with the money I can gather I will buy medicine, medical stuff (it’s really needed right now) and food, I’ll send it to a reliable place with people I fully trust from my old high school. I don’t know if you’ve heard or seen but our own shitty government is stealing the donatives to redistribute them for political campaigns so we can’t even trust them.

I will take photo proof of everything, the purchases so you can see the money is fully destined to it; if you’ve been following me for awhile you know I wouldn’t lie about this or make a fraud, it’s the first time ever I ask for your help and I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t so necessary

this is my paypal: or

please don’t ignore this, even if you can’t help please reblog this, that helps me a lot 💖

guys if you donate just 1 or 2 dollars that’d be amazing, I promise you it will make a difference. 1 dollar is around 20 pesos, if I can collect 100 or 200 we will save so many lives

hey bros

my family still sucks and i have no source of income and would really like to get out of here as soon as possible

the things im saving up for include

- a binder already got one !! bless u all

- a plane ticket from tx to pa so i can stay with my boyfriend (planning on going over there right after i turn 18)

- some money for food and things so my boyfriend & his parents dont have to support me financially while i find a job

- also maybe some money jus for Nice Things (by “nice things” i mean $1 tangles from ebay and maybe some rubik’s cubes) but that’s not a priority

im starting up an etsy shop soon but if you would like to support me before that you can donate at or even just watch my youtube videos here ! anything helps, thank you so much 💞

edit: yes that’s my legal name in the paypal link, dont call me that pls