money can be cool too


Hey everyone! 

So as you might know, I’m not doin’ too hot money wise, especially right now with my mom not working n everything, and I’m in need of some money for food for the upcoming school year so I’ve opened a Redbubble!! 

It’s right here

It’s mostly stickers, pillows, and totebags right now, but I plan on doing a few more designs soon! I’m also open to any ideas y’all wanna request! 

I also do commissions!!

I will be reblogging this a few times in the future but I’ll be tagging it “self reblog” 

One last thing, I won’t get a check from them if I don’t make at least $20 in a month, so If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind reblogging this? I’d really appreciate it if a buncha people saw this!! <3 

hey guys! i need some help.

my little sister cheyenne is trying to save up money on an app called MERCARI and if people sign up using her reference code she makes $2 per person. 

if you wanna help her out and download MERCARI use this code HVAPWT to sign up that would be totally cool of you! (bonus: you get $2 for signing up but really if you just want to sign up so she can get the money then delete the app that’s cool too)