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The story of Gorkamorka and the Cap of Good Dreams

So… I was a Half-Orc Barbarian in one campaign I was in a while back. His name was Gorkamorka. He was basically a Warhammer Orc if he was transplanted into the world of D&D.

The DM of this campaign gave everyone a trinket to have in this campaign. Gorkamorka got “a night cap that when he wears it, he will have good dreams”. This cap will come into play later

Gorkamorka used Rage and Frenzy in EVERY combat encounter he was in. Gorkamorka has slayed Banshees and Goblins and killed a Owlbear in ONE round of combat. He killed a Blink Dog with a bag of money and chased around butterflies because he thought that they would give him magical powers.

Gorkamorka also set fire to a merchant district after an incident with Alchemist’s Fire (he thought it was Grog and tried to drink it, and got into an argument with one of his teammates) and got one of his teammates killed by accidently giving him CPR and crushing his sternum into a fine powder. Said Teammate would later come back as a ghost to haunt him… By giving him bad dreams.

DM: “Ok, Cyrocil’s ghost is haunting Gorkamorka. He curses Gorkamorka with bad dreams and horrible nightmares.”

Me: “… Wait *looks over my character sheet* don’t I have the cap of good dreams?”

DM: “yeah, so?”

Me: “so basically, the effects of the curse are null and void by the effect of the cap”

DM and everyone at the table bursts out into laughter because and basically Gorkamorka got off killing a teammate scot-free!

Ultimately, Gorkamorka’s story would end with him being through off a 1000 ft drop into a ravine with a river and SURVIVING, but that’s a story for another time.


Title: “Egg blue skies, emerging change”
From “butterfly series 7/ultra” part of my upcoming exhibit with Lamborghini, manhattan motorcars, NYC, Nov 16th. 2016 to benefit Ovarian cancer research fund. Photo by David Stesner. Copyright 2016.