money boo boo

Rajigaze Dec 23

A fan sent in a psychology test and Uruha took it and it is the best thing I have ever heard

Reita (reading mail): “This test was going around on Twitter a while ago, so I want you two to take it too!”

Uruha: Ooh!

Reita: Okay can I read it?

Uruha: Yep

Reita: “You’re home alone, and all of these things happen at the same time. In what order do you respond to them? Please choose them in order. One, the bathtub has started to overflow. Two, you have to go to the bathroom. Three, the phone suddenly started ringing. Four, a baby is crying in the next room. Five, the doorbell just rang.” …So? What’s first?

Uruha: …Like what do I deal with first?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah! The order.

Uruha: …..Ehhh??

Reita: There’s the bath, you gotta go to the bathroom –

Uruha: Well if you have to go to the bathroom…that could be one of two things…which one is it

Reita: (laughing) Omg if we start talking about that we’re never gonna get anywhere

(both laugh)

Reita: Let’s just say you kinda have to go.

Uruha: Okay –

Reita: You have to go pretty bad.

Uruha: Okay, the bathroom then.

Reita: The bathroom…the bathroom first, right? And then? You gotta go in order

Uruha: I guess..I’d probably just leave the doorbell for the moment.

Reita: Oh really! ..So same goes for the phone right?

Uruha: Yeah, same for the phone…

Reita: So it’s either the bath water or the baby.

Uruha: Well if the baby is crying…well I don’t really know…I guess I’d go?

Reita: So bathroom, then –

Uruha: I’d go to the bathroom, and then go get the baby…so what is it now?

Reita: Okay, so you picked number two and four. Bathroom and baby.

Uruha: Okay…and I guess by then the phone would have stopped ringing

(both giggle)

Reita: Yeah definitely

Uruha: Uh-huh…wait what’s left?

Reita: The bath and –

Uruha: Well if the bath…I don’t know, even if the bath was overflowing I don’t think I’d be in a rush to deal with it.

Reita: Okay, so what’s your third choice?

Uruha: …Well if the phone was still ringing –

Reita: Still ringing. It’s still ringing.

Uruha: And…and the person outside – the doorbell?

Reita: They’re still waiting.

Uruha: Yeah I’m ignoring that.

Reita: So you’ll do that last?

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Okay so bathroom, baby…phone or water?

Uruha: …Water.

Reita: Okay bathroom, baby, water…

Uruha: Phone

Reita: Phone…then doorbell?

Uruha: Like can you just go home already?

Reita: (laughs) Okay wait…bathroom, baby…what was it again (laughs) Bathroom, baby…water?

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Bathroom, baby, water…phone…doorbell. Okay, so…this test shows what you prioritize when you’re looking for a lover. The order you chose represents the things you want in your significant other.

Uruha: …So the bathroom?
Reita: No. Like for example, the bathtub represents…well, sex, the bathroom is money, the phone is personality, the doorbell is face, and the baby is love. So you picked the bathroom first, right? That means money is the most important to you.

Uruha: Really (laughs)

Reita: The most important thing you look for in a lover is money. Then the second most important is…you picked the baby second, right? The baby is love.

Uruha: Yeah.

Reita: So money, love. What’s next? …You said the bath water, right?

Uruha: Sex.

Reita: The water is – oh yeah you’re right. It’s sex. Then the phone, personality…then, face.

Uruha: …Personality came out really low, huh.

Reita: Yeah, so the face and personality doesn’t matter for you. As long as they’re rich and shower you with love.

Uruha: Damn, I’m on fire! (giggles)

Reita: (laughing) You don’t care about their face or personality…it’s the money!

Uruha: Ahhhh~…I’m a piece of shit!

(both laugh)

Reita: Ur not on fire at all!

(Cute Uruha Giggle)

Uruha: So, what about you?

Reita: Well I already know the answers now. (still laughing at Uruha)

Uruha: Why is it only me?

Reita: Who cares about me!