money annoys me

can we stop treating buying albums like a mandatory and a way to “proof” your love for your faves? some people like to buy digital versions or specific songs and others can’t afford albums or just DON’T.WANT.TO.BUY.THEM. gtfo of other people’s wallets and worry about yourself. you bought yourself an album with your own money? cool, now let people do what they want with their own money

so there’s a lot to unpack here

you’ve got the usual: basic bitch white shirt, baggy (and most likely unwashed) jeans. ok, not the best fashion choices but not bad for dean.

 if we take a look at the head area though you’ll notice that things get considerably more questionable

you’ve got the douchebag sunglasses which are pretty much his Brand at this point, and the cap with some nonsensical word. and, well, he looks good in caps usually so i’ll take it. though this development is….Not Good, this is still acceptable for dean standards. 

now THIS? this is pushing it. what the fuck even is this, dean. these are the kinds of slippers my syrian grandma would wear while power washing the patio in her nightgown. this is the kind of shit you see fuckboys spending their weekly allowance of $1000000 on, only to find out it’s a fake but equally ugly version of whatever the FUCK nike calls these and tries to pass off as acceptable shoes.

conclusion: dean is even more incapable of dressing himself than we thought and i’m calling breezeango on his ass as we speak

NYX soft lip cream in shade ‘cannes’ is such a pretty colour! Think I’ll need to be getting more of these because they’re so good for the money, only thing that annoys me is they wipe off quite easily but for £4.99 - can’t really complain! :)

rosesandolives-o  asked:

Do most of these blog admins have a lot of money? It’s a lot of slime and soap and stuff, I’m not really sure how much slime costs but wow. 😅😅

I’m gonna assume you mean instagram slime accounts and not here on tumblr lmao, bc lord knows I’m three steps away from having zero dollars and zero cents ^^;;

Slime is actually relatively inexpensive to make when you think about all the ingredients as a whole! Most slime ingredients like borax/liquid starch, shaving cream, lotion, laundry detergent, contact lens solution, etc are sold in big enough containers that they last for a ton of slime batches, so you basically only have to pay for them once for long periods of time! I’ve made a lot of (mostly failed) slime, and my box of borax is like…basically still 100% full lol ^^;; The most expensive thing would probably be the glue itself, and the accessories like floam beads or fishbowl glass beads and stuff, but most of the people who run those slime accounts sell the slime they make, so they probably set their prices to where it’ll cover their costs and also gain them a profit!

Plus idk how many slime accounts do this, but if you have a lot of followers on instagram, you can get paid?? Idk exactly how it works, but you can make a pretty considerable amount of money if you have a large following…A lot of the most popular slime accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, so if that’s the case then it’s no surprise that they can afford to make so much slime haha ^^;;

[your path to Christ - download PDF - he will give you peace]
(translation from Russian)

I can tell that I’m doomed by the fact that Tumblr thinks I need Jesus


“there was controversy regarding his qualifications”  ©

Obviously a very bro pal flexing competition, complete with a judges panel and everything. (X)

i feel like it’s unfair to hate brendon for not deciding to continue to work with dallon anymore and making him only a touring member of the band. if two people do not work creatively well together, then it just doesn’t work. this isn’t anyone’s fault. i doubt it’s bad blood that’s keeping brendon from working with dallon. it is most likely the simple fact that brendon clearly just doesn’t work best with others. whether this stems from just his personal opinion or from having many issues with creative control with ryan or jon (or even spencer) when the band wasn’t split, it doesn’t matter. if brendon wants to work alone, he’s allowed to chose that. and for people who think this is should be a solo album and he shouldn’t be using the band name, please understand that brendon is still a member of this band, and although the “everyone left me” bit is getting old, it’s not untrue. and if brendon is still committed to putting out music under that name, he’s allowed to. and for those who think that he shouldn’t be allowed to even say he’s the only member left because “he didn’t start the band, spencer and ryan did” you’re wrong. the band was pet salamander until trevor left and they needed a new guitarist. it wasn’t named panic! at the disco until brendon joined the band. they chose that name together. 

Jordi Alba is so impressive to me. Here’s a Spain that have got the best left-back depth of any team in recent or unrecent history - Juan Bernat, Cesar Azpilicueta, Jose Gaya, Nacho Monreal, Alberto Moreno - and Jordi Alba’s been the undisputed starter ever since he came into the team at age 22. Full-backs don’t get much of the spotlight but he’s one of the most consistent players in the world for me.

The fact that even fictional characters can’t be with the person that they should’ve been with because of homophobia and discrimination shows us how fucked up humanity is, I can’t live another day hearing reasons why this character is not bi or how character A and B’s relationship is “kind of romantic” because they grow up together then later on they would cut their screen time together because it’s “just platonic” then insert a female love interest for person B and let them kiss so you can lock the deal. And the fact that the only reason that I kept on hearing again and again is because they should be “levelled” to the standards of the society. Social media should be the bridge for the people to see more and understand more, it should be the eye opener. I’ve been watching great movies and series and reading great books but in my short lifetime and a long list of those I’ve watched and read, there’s only a few of it that gets the proper recognition and respect that the characters deserve.

J.K. Rowling said that Dumbledore is infact gay, a round of applause for her, A+, but the problem is she didn’t wrote it down, isn’t it sad that even if they’re living in a world full of magic and dragons they’re still in the closet?

I’ve watched Hannibal and I swear I cried because I didn’t expect that they would let them have each other, I watched a lot of series that shows queerbaiting and it’s just cold and sad that most of the people on the industry just wants to satisfy what the society is “comfortable with” so that they can earn more money, it annoys me to bits that they didn’t let the character have their respected story, that the characters that they don’t allow to love because the society doesn’t “want” that for the character is based on REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE WALKING AND BREATHING AROUND YOU THAT IS REALLY NORMAL LIKE YOU, THAT LOVES THAT WAY, AND IT’S NORMAL TO BE LOVED AND LOVE, BECAUSE IN LOVE THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES.

When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist so I could stand up for the people around me and write articles so that when they read it they will have the courage to stand up for it too. As I got older and I realized that I want to be a director too, so that I can show the people that life isn’t just an ordinary box of cereal and that’s just plain as that, I want people to embrace and treat other people the same even with the differences that aren’t there to begin with. I thought people wanted to be writers, directors, and artist because of the same reason. Then I realized that they let themselves got eaten up by the system because they just want to settle where people would like the story to happen, because that’s safe.

Let the characters have their freedom to choose who they want to be with. Let a lady character love a princess. A man can fall for another man or with a woman. A character can live their lives without a love interest. I’m not the type of person who loves ranting but the thing is I wrote this because the people needs to see that, because how can the world start with accepting others if even in the fictional worlds that entertains us shows discrimination?

The Lotus: Chapter 1

*Chapter 1 of a short story fanfic*


The Lotus: Chapter 1

The lights were dim and the green kitchen walls began to lose their color. I couldn’t keep fighting the smell of death. The tapping noses inside the walls came to a halt. I guess the rats finally started to relax.

           I looked down at the trashcan beside me; the white lotus flower lay still amongst the dirty trash almost as if it were there to decorate the ugliness.

7 Years Ago Flashback

I ran through the red hallways of my home that should’ve been abandoned a long time ago. The lights flickered above me…then all at once the house went completely dark. I was alone mentally, but physically I was running from the one person trying to join my company—– my mother.  

“Mouzie…” She hissed through the darkness.

Her voice crept through the dark navigating its way into my ears. It scorned me, causing my body temperature to rise. I felt like I was dropping into the bottomless pit of hell. The beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. I could feel her approaching me. Her presence felt like she was accompanied by the devil.

Anticipation and scary excitement boiled in my blood. I had to get it out. I had to get her help.

“God please help me. I know you’re there, and I know you haven’t been hearing my prayers, but please hear this one and help me. Please send my guardian angel to give me a sign that I will make it out this…please.” I whispered to myself as the footsteps drew in closer.

I know longer shuddered, thinking of that memory. Like I said, memories were just things that you wish you could have re done or never done at all. I wished to do neither, I was twenty-three with a bastard of my own and I was already developing a cold heart.

There was no reason for me to cry over the memory like I used to. There was no reason to cry myself to sleep at night like I used to.  The memory only proved to me what I should’ve known all along; God wasn’t real. Or at least he was real for some people, but not for me. God never even said sorry, and my guardian angle never said sorry either. Crying myself to sleep at night only wasted tears that I could have saved for another day.

I walked out of the apartment into the dark essence of the moonlight. The moon was waxing and the stars were becoming brighter to light the path ahead of me.

My phone vibrated against my pocket. I grabbed it before it fell onto the ground. I flipped open my phone and checked the message.

463: I’m sorry. Don’t let your happenings destroy your happiness. -G

I tossed the phone down in my pocket I was tired of the pastor trying to throw pity my way, just so I could come back to his church. 463 was his text free number or hotline or whatever, where he always sent the bible quote of the day. But who was G?  The phone vibrated a second time I picked it up.

463: Believe what you feel…fight the fear. Then heal.-G

Mother: Mouzie, you got some money?

Both texts just annoyed me. A pastor trying to make a profit and a crack head mother left me with no desire to check any more messages. I just turned my phone completely off.

I walked the dark path behind me wandering nowhere, but wondering where my life was going. Sometimes I just wished they’d take Nala away from me. Not because I didn’t love her…I did, I loved her more than I loved myself. The thing was, I wasn’t good enough for her, and I couldn’t take care of her, or give her what she deserves. Instead, I was just mean and bitter towards her and a piece of me wanted her to hate me so one day if they did take her away from me, she wouldn’t have a problem leaving.

I remembered Nalas big brown eyes, they were so pure and so radiant. She was incapable of hating me; she was only optimistic and loving. She was a pure angel. I looked up to the top of my apartment, the light in Nalas room was on which meant she was awake and probably looking for me.

I started toward my apartment, when it hit me that I forgot to put on shoes. The cold cement prickled at my feet allowing a cold sensation to tingle up my back. It almost felt familiar, it almost felt like it was… never mind. I stopped believing in that a long time ago.

My phone vibrated again, I reached for it only to remember that I had turned it off. Flip phones didn’t do just turn on by themselves.


“You’re really not going to make this easy on me, huh?” I mumbled looking up at the dark sky as I walked along the dark pavement.

“Nope he’s not.” The sound of Gabriel’s voice crept up behind me causing me to jump a little. “Only seven years outside of the gates and you’re already jumpy huh?” He laughed at his own joke, but I did not.

“Why are you here?” I groaned, his presence began to get annoying. “You’re only supposed to come down here when the world is about to end, so you can have your little trumpet solo.”

“Trumpet Solo?” He repeated, and then followed with a fading chuckle. “What happened to your optimism, you are still technically an angel remember?” He reminded before saying. “Oh wait, but living down here kind of makes you technically human. So right now, you’re a mutt…and mutts don’t necessarily know how to function all the time.”

I was growing tired of him. He was right though, being on earth for so long didn’t make me a pure angel anymore I was both human and angel. That explained why I was getting annoyed with him- human emotions.

“Why are you here again?” I asked acting as if he’d answered me before.

I continued to walk the sidewalk not really sure where I was going. As usual he was in toe.

“I’m just here for moral support. I am your best angel after all.”

Best angel as in best friend. I knew he wasn’t here for just that, I knew God sent him.

“Right…” I mumbled.

“You might want to go talk to her, I think she needs a friend.” His voice faded out.

“What girl and what other…” I turned around to see that he was gone.

It wasn’t enough that he had to have a trumpet solo; he also had to have a disappearing act starring himself. That little bas…

“You know I can hear you…right?” I heard his voice in my mind loud and clear. The loud paradox of his trumpet pierced my ears.

Like humans, angels could be petty too.

I walked further down the sidewalk following the moon unconsciously. That’s when I saw her. Her hair was curly this time. As I approached her, I noticed her arms were folded and she didn’t seem happy.

“You know, you shouldn’t ignore signs.” I could tell my voice didn’t scare her; she simply turned around plainly and just stared at me.

The beauty in her eyes was lost, don’t get me wrong they were pretty, but that was just it. Pretty wasn’t as promising and effective as beautiful.

“Are you following me?”

What happened to her? She was different, she was nothing like I how I used to know her. Maybe that was all my fault.

“I wouldn’t say its all your fault…the big guy always said things happen for a reason.” I could hear Gabriel in my head and as his voice faded out his trumpet sounded through my mind.

‘Would you shut up!” I groaned realizing she was staring at me confused.

“Excuse me…”

“I’m sorry I just…” I started to explain myself, but she didn’t let me finish.

One thing about being on earth was that there was no order. Everyone did what he or she wanted. I guess that was the point of gods idea of free will.

“Oh, were you just talking to god?” Her voice was snarky. Intentionally this was used as a dig at me.

“I was just saying, you chose to be here, and you chose for bad thing to happen. I just wanted to help you.”

She just looked at me again. She was hard to read, she was the one person I couldn’t read. She had such a wall blocking me that I wondered if this was possible.

“So you do believe the Pastor when he said I can talk to god, huh?” I asked.

“No, I don’t believe in him and I don’t believe in wannabe biblical characters.”

The moonlight made her skin look smooth and supple. She was definitely beautiful, too beautiful to be living so ugly. There was a shadow covering her heart that could only be healed if she learned to accept love. Like she seemed to not believe in god, she didn’t believe in love.

“You know what, I’ll just go…”

I could feel the pain wash over her body. It struck me the same way it did her. Slowly then bursting through the holes we tried so hard to seal. The pain was numbing and for the first time since I’ve been on earth as human, I felt her. I felt her the way I used to feel her, when she knew who I was. Nothing was held back, I could feel everything and everything made my body hurt. This is why she was so numb; all along she was trying to ignore this pain.

A lump in my throat began to form. Warmth flooded down my spine. I felt as if I was being suffocated. The nerves in my arms began to jump and my hands were shaking.

This is what she felt all the time.

The pain became even more intense as she grabbed my arm.

“Don’t go…I don’t want to be alone.”

*16 years ago/ Flashback*

I sat high up in the trees watching her play. Her long pontail shook from side to side as she ran through the backyard. Her smile was breath taking. Her laugh was echoed up and through the trees. It made me smile seeing her smile.

A child’s future is brighter when accompanied by love.

“Guardian angel…Come find me!” She ran inside and hid under the kitchen cabinets.

I followed her. I could feel her watching me.

The magnetic letters on the fridge were all in order before I messed them up knowing that she was watching. I knew she couldn’t see my physical body, but she saw the letters moving.


And there went her infamous laughter. My heart was warmed and so was hers.

I swirled my hand above my palm allowing dirt to form in the middle. Then, wiggling my fingers I allowed drops of water to fall onto the dirt. I blew onto the palm of my hand and the white petals of the lotus flower began to grow.

I whispered, “Mouzie, I am always with you” inside the flower then swirled my hand three times above to close the petals together.

I went to her room and placed the not yet bloomed lotus under her bed. Mouzie always checked under her bed for monsters before she went to sleep, so this was so she would know nothing would harm her. When she opened it, she would hear my message, and nothing would make her afraid.

After remembering how close I used to be with her, I couldn’t face her or even tell her who I was…or who I used to be. I couldn’t face the pain. Knowing the destruction of a mass level was resting on your shoulders was not easy to cope with. I couldn’t be around her. I had to go.  

I pulled my arm out of her grasp and turned away. The look on her face was unforgettable. The expression was pleading, but soon rolled out into anger and dismay.

“You’re going to leave her…again?” Gabriel question as his physical appearance was now facing.

“Would you go?” I shot back. “Please?”

“You’re going to leave her…again?” He asked once again.

I pushed passed him and continued to walk god knows where. The moon disappeared from my sight, it was now behind as was Gabriel who still seemed to follow me.

“You’re human half is stronger than I thought.” He smirked. Another dig directed to me.

“Why are you doing this? Why?” I turned around my face smug.

He just looked at me. His brown eyes pierced through me. My body felt like it was lifting off the ground. The clouds and the stars began to float down from the sky and circle around me and everything around us began to fade and all I saw was Gabriel. The stars began to spin faster with their orbs glowing brighter.  

When the stars slowed down they gathered in the shape of wings. The orbs of the stars grew into feathers. There was a gold strand at the tip of the right wing that stuck out like a sore thumb.

I remembered them. They were mine.

They floated behind me and latched on to my back, the feeling set chills down my spine.

I looked at Gabriel standing next to me with his eyes focused. I followed his gaze and saw the stairs. I was home. Part of me wanted to rejoice, but the other half of me felt sick to my stomach.

Another mistake formed from greed.


I watched from the heavens as Mouzie tugged on Nalas arm pulling her into an Ally behind a restaurant. Although I wasn’t there, I could hear and see everything. I was in tune.

“Stay here, don’t move until I come get you.” She ordered.

She picked Nala up and put her behind one of the large green dumpsters. Nala cried, it was obvious she was afraid.

“Mommy, I wanna be with you.” She whined.

Nala grabbed on to Mouzies black uniform tugging on it as she whined even more. As if all the tugging would make her mother stay.

“I have to work, do you want them to take you away from me?” She hissed. “Huh?”

Nala shook her head. She sniffled and pulled her jacket over herself and leaned her head on the wall.

“No crying, I told you. Crying is for weak people.”

That is where she was wrong. Crying was in fact for the strong. Not crying was for the fearful, not necessarily the weak, but just for the fearful. People who didn’t cry were usually the ones who needed to cry.

I watched from above as Mouzie placed a kiss onto Nalas forehead and adjusted her uniform and walked into the restaurant.

The walls were painted a deep purple and the lights were sort of dimmed to add the intimate affect. There was smoke coming from every corner of the restaurant. When Mouzie walked in, the hooting and hollering became audible. She was receiving attention that she thought she wanted.

A tall man with dark skin approached her from behind as she placed the beverages on the bar on her serving platter. She turned around with a smirked sheltered upon her lips.

“What can I do for you?” She cocked her head to the side and let the sultry sound of her voice take control.

“I heard you got a gift…” He licked his lips looking her up and down. “A real one at that.”

“Oh really?” She countered back biting her lip. “And how can a man like you help me.”

“You don’t know who I am baby?” He placed his index finger under her chin.

“No, but I’m sure I will by the end of the night.” She smirked allowing her voice to roll out like poison and temptation.

“Ryan James, professional basketball player.” He bit down on his lips as if to impress her.

“Mouzie,” She said. “I guess we’ll be getting better acquainted later, huh?”

As I watched this go on from above, I couldn’t help but allow the guilt to build more in my stomach.

“You know this isn’t going to end well, if you don’t go back and finish…”

I heard God’s voice next to me. He was right, just like always.

I had to go back.

“Don’t allow her to let her happenings destroy her happiness. Everyone is weak until they choose not to be. Everyone in that world has a choice and it is up to them who they allow to hurt them and persuade them.” His voice bellowed through my mind. Each word more and more promising.

“Likewise, it is your choice to save her, or let her being hollow in the shadows of her own fear. It’s your choice. Like you once said before…every child’s future is bright when they are loved…perhaps Mouzie is that child.”

God’s words were the push I needed to go back to earth, although my spot in heaven was comfortable, I had to do what was more important.

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