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Christian university rejects $3 million donation so it can keep its LGBTQ group
An American university has rejected $3m (£2.3m) funding from a Christian organisation that demanded it shut down an LGBT students' group.

Samford University, a private Christian school in Alabama, rejected a $3 million donation from a group of churches who wanted the school to shut down its newly-formed LGBTQ student group. 

Samford’s LGBTQ group, Samford Together, only formed this year. The Alabama Baptist Convention offered the sizable donation on the grounds that the school reject Samford Together. The school decided to voluntarily reject the donation and keep the LGBTQ group going. 

“I believe the action taken by our trustees is something that both parties have been anticipating for some time and will serve the best interests of both Samford and the Alabama Baptist State Convention,” said university president Andrew Westmoreland.

“Our longstanding educational and ministry relationships with Alabama Baptists have always been more significant than money, and these relationships will continue and flourish.”

Dr Westmoreland added he wanted the university to address topics related to human sexuality and "other important issues at the intersection of Christian understanding and cultural reality.”

He stopped short of offering formal recognition to Samford Together, but said the university would “work to accomplish each of the group’s worthy goal.”

It warms my heart to see a story about a religious school that does right by its LGBTQ students, even at an actual financial cost. They’re not as commonplace as they should be. 

  • ARIES: being expressive, sports, fidgeting, moving around, impulsiveness, living in the moment
  • TAURUS: fashion, relationships, money, materials, food, tranquility, peace, routine
  • GEMINI: voicing your thoughts, poetry, writing, journalism, religion/cultures, doing something new, realism
  • CANCER: art, helping others, being/feeling at home, family, pets, children, elders, music, routine, memories
  • LEO: theatre, art, being generous, standing in the spotlight, singing/dancing, pets, being the best, winning, competition, confidence
  • VIRGO: books, learning, someone who takes care of them (they won't do it themselves tbh), when everything is organised and clean, honesty
  • Libra: again; honest, love, jewellery, pretty things, pets, relationships, crushes, attraction, tranquility, the little things, happiness
  • Scorpio: the unusual, the quiet, mischief, mysteries, poetry, art, books, music, instruments, anything abstract, "weird" things/people, dark humour
  • Sagittarius: happy things, idealised things, travelling, thinking philosophical, cute smiles, walking, running, humour, sports, being sassy or brave
  • Capricorn: work, family life, good finances, stability, honesty, sarcasm, old things, books, literature, responsibility, close friends, manners
  • Aquarius: friendship, travelling, adaptability, change, the strange, humour and wittiness, freedom, equality, experiencing different things and feelings
  • Pisces: dreams, art, music, abstract things, innocence and cute things attract you, strange and weird things, being themselves, being loved, overthinking... jk they just always do that.

I’m no longer spending diamonds on relationships that don’t include the MC. Zack and Brandon, and Abbie and Tyler, got together regardless of if I spent diamonds on them. And they broke up/ill-advisedly moved in together and started fighting regardless of if I spent diamonds.

The only relationship MC has been successful at meddling with is Darren and Amara and that was entirely free.

So sorry, side-characters of LoveHacks and Hero and The Sophomore. You’re going to remain single until PB decides the relationship is happening anyway.

Retrograde in Astrology

A retrograde in astrology is when a planet appears to be moving backwards. No planet really moves backwards, it’s simply an illusion in the sky from our point of view on Earth. When a planet does go retrograde, however, it’s energies are turned inward. This means that the energy of whichever planet that is going retrograde will be felt more personally and internally. People who were already born when a planet was in retrograde might feel the effects of the same planet going in retrograde less.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is the only planet that goes retrograde quite often. It is the most talked about planet when it does go retrograde and it’s no wonder, Mercury rules communication on a day-to-day basis. It is strongly felt.

Use this as a time to carefully reflect about your decisions. Think carefully is the motto with this planetary retrograde. Analyze certain areas in your life that you believe need work and get to working on ways to improve it. Take a breather and relax. Use this as a time to sit back and observe, do not act nor speak so impulsively.
You should expect past relationships to pop up, but do not try to start anything either. You may start to feel more argumentative and may notice that in other people as well. There can be a lot of traveling delays as well. Your electronics could malfunction during this time too, basically any form of communication.

Venus Retrograde
Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months. It is the planet of love, money and all kinds of relationships so it’s affects are really personal. These areas of our life that Venus rules are sensitive because they are so personal and can make or break you. Venus retrograde is wrathful and not pretty.

Use this as a time to reflect about how your finances are and especially your relationships with others. Not all that glitters is gold, and things can become ugly during this retrograde. So be careful, observe and think about where you stand at this point in your life with others and your own values as well. Step back and appreciate all that you have.
Do not make any dramatic purchases or changes during this time because they can be impulsive urges. Watch what you are eating too because you can have unhealthy cravings. Avoid starting any new relationships as well because there could be a high chance sparks will die off once Venus goes direct. Old relationships can pop up, friends may start acting shady or deceitful and you can start to feel unlike yourself as well.

Mars Retrograde
Mars goes retrograde about every 2 years. Since Mars is the planet of action, during a Mars retrograde we learn that our actions indeed do have consequences. Expect the energy to be drained when Mars goes retrograde and maybe bursts of anger as well.

Use this as a time to really think about your actions. If you want, you can find some time to relax and take a break from everything. Fight your impulses and take precaution.
Do not jump into things without thinking first. In other words: do not act on impulse. You might notice that people become accident prone during the retrograde and there can be a rise in accidents.

Important Fact
The Sun and the Moon do not go retrograde.