I feel like paying for a degree in anything other than STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) is absolutely useless. The reality is that it is extremely difficult to find jobs in anything else. I just feel like the liberal arts (English, sociology, psychology, political science) does not cut it in the real world. I’m not “good” at math at all but I am feeling a lot of pressure to get a STEM degree. Especially because college is expensive and tuition is rising every year. I want to know that when I graduate I will have a job. I’m not spending 4 years in school for a sewage degree.

Also, a lot of people are saying do what you love blah blah blah. I don’t have the money to pay $30,000 worth of tuition to do something that I love and then graduate and not get a job! I don’t come from a rich family at all and I don’t want to be a burden on my parents. I currently live in a one bedroom with my mom,her live in boyfriend, and my sister. My mom works 2 fucking full time jobs. We hardly see her because she works all day. I just want to be able to get a good job and help her out one day. None of my siblings are college educated and I just want to make my parents proud. Oh and my bitch ass brother who is 22 and has a job is doing nothing to help her. Yet this negro has a job, but rather than helping her he gives money to his fucking Spanish girlfriend’s stupid mom.

My mom didn’t go to college, but my dad managed to move here from Nigeria, attend a top university, and get his engineering degree. If he can do it then I’m sure I can overcome my hatred of math and do the same, right? On the other hand, how can I do it if college is so ridiculously expensive? When he was going to college he was paying only a fraction of the price I will be paying when I go. It’s not even like I’m going to get scholarships because I never took school seriously up until now (about to be a junior in high school). Honestly, I might just become a sugar baby on the low.


Meanwhile in Dubai… 😩
GT-R r35

Please help 😞

So.. My little sister, who is 18 and 8 months pregnant, and who has graduated less four months ago, is being told to leave my parents’ by the time she has her baby, which is in a month. She was living on her own this summer, in her own apartment, working full time, but was barely getting by (car payments, rent, it all adds up), and had to move back in with parents a couple weeks ago. My step dad and mom are uppity republicans who will not let her stay, and will not support her in any way. They are gas lighting, tough love conservatives, and there’s no changing their minds. Anyway, I live far, far away from her, and have no money to give. She’s at the end of her rope.. Working full time, but has nothing saved and nowhere to go when she has her baby. I’m worried about her well being and safety. She’s the strongest, most resilient, hard working person that I know, but is seriously between and rock and a hard place right now. She’s distraught and looking into shelters. Please consider donating to this PayPal to help her:

(That’s her, on the left of me in the picture, btw)

She needs help getting a place to stay, and to get on her feet.

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