hey so i got accepted to university of massachusetts amherst to begin my ba program in english but they’re asking me for $500 as a required deposit. i’m currently homeless, having ran away from my abusive transphobic parents, and unemployed. the deadline for the deposit is june 1st

please donate if you can, my cash.me is $Victablook and my paypal is vannerho@gmail.com.

i’m currently very miserable in my current university and major, and transferring to this college and doing the major i want will really help my deteriorating mental health

share if you can as well


Women doctors earn way less than men even in the best-paying fields

  • If you’re a woman vascular surgeon, you could be missing out on $88,000 a year in pay thanks to the gender wage gap.
  • That’s according to a new report from Doximity, a professional networking site for doctors, which found that women are paid far less than men regardless of what field of medicine they choose to practice.
  • The report casts doubt on the argument that women are paid less not because of a wage gap, but simply because they choose to head into lower-paying fields, such as family medicine.
  •  Doximity culled data from 36,000 self-reported compensation surveys, then controlled for geography, hours worked each week and how long each doctor had been in practice. Read more (4/27/17)

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They’d Prefer...

A job they hate where they earn a lot of money: Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, Libra

A job they love where they earn little money: Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius