Phew! Scooby survived the night, and gets his million-dollar inheritance.

The officer presents him with the chest…

…and Scooby opens it, to find…

a million dollars in antique Confederate currency – divided into $500s, perfectly preserved, and in great condition!

I mean, as well as you can gauge condition from a lowfi frame of a cartoon that was hastily drawn and colored in 1969.

Wow, Scoob, you’ve struck it rich! That’s easily worth–

Velma: “How do you like that! We spend a night of fright for some worthless money, in a haunted house that wasn’t even haunted.”

*we never see or hear of this money again, implying the gang just threw it away*

*I spend 10 seconds researching possible values*

*it’s currently worth $1,000,000-$2,000,000*

Good job, teenage super sleuths. Good job.


Hey Just wanted to give a heads up that my store is open for about two weeks before i have to travel again! Check out the new stuff here!

I know some people have been waiting weeks to order, so please order in the next two weeks before i have to shut down again for more cons / attending to family issues! 

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The black owned company that Kylie stole her camo clothes idea from is posting the receipts of when Kylie ordered from them..  

Guess stealing black men not the only thing they into! Second designer this month. They have enough money to literally hire those women to design for them or hire SOMEONE to design for them. Like damn.