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One thing that really struck me is the potential monetization as a social media star. I mean the guy is an instagram *addict* and you can make bank with that shit if you have enough followers, enough referrals and do cross channel marketing. I think authors love to make fun of that but it makes perfect sense considering how hard it is to monetize skating

Yeah, there are so many channels that would have cropped up especially in the last couple of years! I don’t know a whole lot about instagram monetization–Victor’s image is probably worth enough that he would use it very, very sparingly–but there are cosmetic manufacturers that would pay him five figures to have a blurred out pot of their Patented Forehead Emolument in the background of one of his make-up shots, just to watch the internet hunt it down and say, “OMG you guys Victor Nikiforov uses Patented Forehead Emolument!”


Has anyone else noticed that Amy not only tries to sell things constantly, even in the “sweet” “personal” “heartfelt “family” posts and “deep” “spiritual” posts she’s advertising whatever she’s wearing?

It rubs me wrong. 

Edit: this is a fairly common tactic D-list celebs use to monetize social media - it’s not free advertising if you catch my drift - so, no, I don’t think she’s just telling people about her outfits ‘cause so many people ask.


Best boys and boy moments of 2015

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” delivered the youngest gay kiss in TV history when junior-high boyfriends Jude Foster (played by Hayden Byerly) and Connor Stevens (Gavin Macintosh) tenderly locked lips in Jude’s bedroom. Jonnor would later go on to attend an LGBT prom and share a slow dance. Outside of the show, Gavin and Hayden have attended numerous LGBT events and have been outspoken advocates for the LGBT community.

The English TV series “Cucumber” had a side story exploring how far straight(ish) boys will go to monetize social media by appealing to gay men when Adam Whitaker (played by Ceallach Spellman) and friend Tomasz (Matthew Bailey) stripped down and lip-synced homoerotically to Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” – finishing up with a passionate kiss of their own.

Nick Jonas reignited his solo career with a new, self-titled album and series of racy photoshoots that had him performing on nearly every awards show and at numerous pop festivals over the course of the year. He also continues to reprise his role as the sexually confused MMA fighter Nate Kulina on DirecTV’s “Kingdom,” and had a recurring role as Boone Clemens in the first season of Fox’s “Scream Queens.”

17-year-old model Lucky Blue Smith came out of seemingly nowhere to become modeling’s IT boy. Whether it was walking the runway for some of the top design houses or his own spreads in high-end fashion magazines, it was impossible to escape the platinum-haired bombshell.

Cody Christian joined the cast of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” for Season 5 as the unbelievably hot but thoroughly evil Theo Raeken, testing how much fans could love and hate a character at the same time. He also continued to reprise his role as Mike Montgomery on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” even getting his shirt off to expose a sweaty, adonis-like torso (a feat he repeats multiple times on “Teen Wolf,” as well).

Mateus Ward delivered a nuanced and frightening performance as a teenage mass-murderer in TNT’s “Murder in the First,” absolutely carrying every one of his limited scenes.

British Olympic diver Tom Daley proposed to boyfriend and American gay-rights activist Dustin Lance Black.

And last but not least, Troye Sivan had a break-out year with his first studio album and his first of many concert tours to come. “Blue Neighborhood” debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard charts in his native Australia and at No. 7 in the U.S. (One Direction was in the eighth spot that week). His video trilogy of songs from “Blue Neighborhood” present a haunting tale of young gay love and loss in a not always accepting society.

Anyone have any ideas how to monetize cosplay/social media WITHOUT using patreon ? I don’t like the idea of selling prints by tiers (who would want that of me anyways lmao) , and I also don’t think I should charge people to do certain things such as a chat or something. Nothing against those who do this, but I like to do those things on my own time and I love talking to people. My craftsmanship also isn’t worth providing people with advice, tips, etc., so I don’t think I could go that route either. It’s hard, cause it would be cool to make some extra money doing what I love, but I don’t wanna sell myself or follow the bandwagon many popular cosplayers do. Anyone have any ideas lol


This is aesthetically gross. 

I understand that Tumblr staff is searching for any way they can to generate revenue. Tumblr is very popular as a social platform but so far it hasn’t had a sustainable revenue model to keep it going as a business in the long term. Eventually, the people running the company have to introduce features to turn it commercial and make money. I get that. 

I don’t even have a problem with seeing paid, “sponsored” content from advertisers on my dash. In the past though, brands and advertisers had to go out of their way to make their content clever and eye-catching and funny and aesthetically pleasing so that it would “blend in” with the post format of other normal, social posts on Tumblr.

Tumblr promotes itself as a community for clever, creative, artistic people.

My main criticism of these new “picture frame” advertisements is that represent a failure of creativity. It looks like everyone involved took the path of absolute minimum effort without even trying for a more clever solution. 

  • The selection of ads isn’t tailored to me or my interests in any way.
  • The content is pre-canned. The advertisers didn’t even make something new to blend in with the Tumblr platform, they just reused existing ads.
  • The picture frame presentation is boring, jarring, and ugly.
  • You can’t interact with the content like a normal post. You can’t like it, you can’t reblog it, you can’t comment on it. It doesn’t invite social interaction. You just have to sit there and stare at it.

I’m a little bit angry, but mostly I’m just disappointed. Surely, as a company, Tumblr can come up with something more creative than this.

Did you even try at all?

There should be better laws regarding the ownership of digital photos

For example

1. The person who took the photo only has ownership of it if they have the consent of every subject in the photo or it was taken in a public space. 

2. Only the person who owns the photo has ownership of it and nobody else can monetize it (unless it’s under fair use).

3. Use of the photo, monetized or not, in social media or a public platform, is only allowed if the owner of the photo put it up on a public platform and only with the credit of said owner

4. A person who received the photo privately (like in a text, email or group call) does not own the photo and cannot publish it without consent of the owner.

Adendun to rule 1: Consent of the subjects within a photo to the owner of it is only granted when the subjects are aware of what the photo will be or could be used for.