monet the pumpkaboo


more Monet because WHY NOT

Also came up with slight backstory

Basically some guy was chopping down more trees than he should have, which angered the forest’s guardian. Of course, Monet was there at the same time and caught the man running away, dropping the axe behind him and unaware that it was a ploy to pin the blame on her. Needless to say, it worked, and the furious Trevenant used Forest’s Curse on the unsuspecting farmer girl. Since humans aren’t Pokemon, it had an adverse effect on her, killing her and transforming her into a pumpkaboo.

A little after, the Trevenant realized his mistake and felt awful for what he had done, so he brought the unconscious pumpkin Pokemon to a patch he knew of. He handed her to the Gourgeist he was most familiar with, explained the situation, and then returned to the forest. Monet knows nothing of this, just that she used to be human and her name was Monet. It doesn’t really seem to bother her though, since some of the pumpkaboo of the patch were like her as well and they carried on with their lives without a care. So, she followed their example and retained her cheery personality.