monet st. croix


The eXecutors

executor, n. one who carries out or follows through on a duty, job, mission, or task; one who executes. in colloquial terms, someone who gets @#!& done

When flying around in spandex becomes inefficient and reactionary, the world needs a new type of hero. The Executors are a small task force dedicated to making real change through targeted actions. The process is simple. First, Gambit picks a target, a person, corporation, or entity with the power to do real harm to mutantkind. Then, Karma runs recon, being the team’s eyes, ears, and mind inside, while Cat uses her technological know-how to scout out the target’s security system. Once Cat and the King of Thieves have devised a plan, Psylocke and M charm, bribe, punch, or stab their way to the goal. Hidden in the shadows and above the law, this is the team that gets things done. Ready, set, eXecute.