hey guys! in honor of school being soon and me getting a job, i’ve decided to do a giveaway for you all! there will be 3 winners and it ends on august 25!!

to enter you must follow me and like and reblog this post! ill be choosing random so reblog as many times as you want!

prize 1.
-a kanken backpack, color of your choice!
-set of 12 copic markers
-4 art socks
-moleskine sketchbook or journal
-my old polaroid sun & film

prize 2.
-a mini kanken backpack in ochre/yellow (the bag’s been used twice and since i never use it im giving it away!)
-moleskine sketchbook/notebook
-5 copic markers of your choice

prize 3.
-poster of your favorite art piece (something popular so i can find it online! example- van gogh, monet..)
-2 art socks
-2 copic markers
-seed packets

best of luck to you all! p.s. ill ship anywhere but if it’s super expensive u might have to chip in a lil