You united the planets when you got married. There it is. Wow. When I was still mourning Kara. Imra and I were friends and partners - and I was fond of her, I respected her. But I knew that marrying Imra would help so many that it seemed like the logical thing to do. And then with time, I mean our pretend marriage became more real and our feelings deepened and I - I grew to love her, I was content. 


Karamel Annihilation Week [6/7]: Worst moments passed off as cute, funny, or romantic

and before any of the karamels get on me about the drop a mountain on you gif: I have nothing against Kara joking with him. My problem is with the fact that she feels like (and probably actually has to) she has to tell him not to lie to her again. He shouldn’t have to be warned not to lie to her, he should have the decency and he should respect her enough not to lie in the first place.


I know you’ve moved on, from us. But I didn’t just come back here to help you fight Reign. When I left Imra, she asked me to sort out how I felt. And not just about her, about you. I’ve been trying to convince myself that friendship between us was the right thing. But I think I’ve been lying to myself.

After you left, I had a dream where I was walking down this path. A lot like this one. It was peaceful and serene and you were there waiting for me. And all I wanted was for you to be in that field with me. And now you are.