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oh wow! the anon is back! means i can give you ANON COMPLIMENTS without you knowing who i am!!! you're friggin great and amazing, extremely talented, and you can do anything you dream of! and at the moment im to smol to have my own money on the internet but guess what happens when i stop being too smol? that's right, im gonna support the heck out of you. so wait till i grow up and give small amounts of money because i seriously doubt i'll be able to earn a lot of money soz if this sounds creepy

(ノ∀`♥)  aw thanks..!!!! i really appreciate that!!  [but u dont have to, save your mones so u can buy burgers and milk]


                                                 This is kind of where it all started, init?
                                    Well, look who’s getting sentimental about our first time.
                                                            2014-12-04 // 2017-02-201


+ Bonus Aaron hearteyes


Opening emergency PWYW commissions!
I need to raise $500 to pay off my uni tuition!

There is no minimum limit aside from $1+ but please consider: I am a human being and I need food :) I’m just relying on your kindness

- You can pay $1 but quality may vary :)

They’ll be in this style.They can either be a bust (like the 1st example) or something like the bottom two.

I am also trying to (slowly) save up for a Switch + BotW to make life bearable, but that is no priority and is just a faraway dream. :’)

How it works:

  • Please submit, IM, or discord (msg for username) me with your commission with any references. Discord would be easier to submit wips.
  • I draw SFW and NSFW, anything you wish c:
  • Paypal in USD, and need an invoice.
  • You can pay before, after, or half n half. I am flexible //flexes 
  • Donations are definitely appreciated!!

The way Robert is looking at Aaron, like he is the only sun that can make his world shine, like Aaron is the only reason that makes him stay alive  and I am a crying mess coz their love is so beautiful and strong and I believe in them so much.