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Danganronpa in a Nutshell
  • Makoto: HOPE HOPE HOPE
  • Byakuya: pls b my man servant Naegi
  • Aoi: Sakura let's eat DONUTS
  • Sakura: okay lol
  • Chihiro: guys I'm a BOY
  • Mukuro: I existed but you didn't know
  • Sayaka: Naegi-kun is kawaii!!!!
  • Mondo: BRO
  • Kiyotaka: BRO
  • Leon: guys I actually want to rap
  • Celes: stfu peasant I want my tea
  • Hifumi: coming right up!
  • Yasuhiro: guys my burger was abducted
  • Monokuma: I fucking hate teenagers fuck this shit I'm out

So I’d seen before on @jazztronic‘s and @crocus29‘s tumblrs that the Diamond Brothers make cameo appearances in the Kenka Banchou series. More specifically, Kenka Banchou Bros. While admittedly by the point you do fight the Diamond Bros. it’s a bit of a breeze, what’s really interesting is finally getting a taste of Daiya’s personality and finding out Daiya has a Super High School Level Title! That being, Super High School Level Souchou!

So, with the help of @taichinchin in the translating department, I personally did my best to record and subtitle the video as best as I could. I’m not super good at video editing, but hopefully it turned out well enough for you guys to enjoy! For those of you watching, I tried to make my Bros. look like other DR characters and failed miserably, so please enjoy this interpetation I did of Mitsuhashi and Itou from Kyou Kara Ore Wa beating up the Diamond Bros.!

Dangan Ronpa Characters

Naegi: yOu aRE wrOnG wE muSt haVE hOPe

Kirigiri: *is not present half the time* why u guys suspect me i gots all dis evidence

Togami: im rich i like money go away peasants let me read did I mention im rich

Fukawa: byAKUYA-SAMAAA *sneezes* come here lemme stab u with my scissors

Asahina: dont be mean cant we just eat donuts together???

Sakura: Asahina pls

Mondo: be more manly like me

Ishimaru: mondo my bro ily

Celestia: chill before I scratch ur eye out with my finger claw

Maizono: naegi lets be friends im scared oh noes someone scary *tries to frame naegi*

Junko: im a model jk im the mastermind oH goT EM

Chihiro: i like computers mondo teach me how to be cool like u oh btw im a guy

Hagakure: my precious crystal ball

Leon: im good at baseball yO

Yamada: *is pretty much useless and then is used by celestia*

 Hooray, more fanart!

 Chihiro Fujisaki, Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Mondo Oowada from the game DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. 

 My three favorites from the first game!

 Mondo’s jacket is possibly the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to draw and I am well aware the pattern on it is incorrect.