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Parliamoci chiaro, in fin dei conti la scuola ci mancherà.
Ci mancherà per le camminate in corridoio, le litigate in aula, gli amori, le macchinette mangia soldi, i compagni di classe, le gite e in parte ci mancheranno anche i professori.
Perché tutto questo fa parte della nostra quotidianità, da ben cinque anni (chi più o chi ancora di più) e domani sara tutto svanito.
È come dire addio ad una lunga relazione, una relazione durata cinque anni.. Alla fine cosa rimane?
Il vuoto.
Ma il sole splende per tutti e si, vi diró, anche per noi giovani catapultati nel mondo nudo e crudo che finora la scuola ci ha mostrato essere fatto di arcobaleni e zucchero filato.
È ora di mettersi in piedi e camminare da soli, perché il mondo in cui viviamo è nostro e ci appartiene.
—  MaturandaInPienaCrisiDiNervi
A bunch of fucking ishimondo headcanons

Mondo orders a cake for Ishimaru and the frosting is pink so he thinks it’s blood and starts crying

Ishimaru threw a rock and it accidentally hit Mondo and he starting bawling and he took him to the hospital and Mondo’s just like “Kyoudai calm down it didn’t hurt”

Once Mondo and Ishimaru tried switching talents for a day and Ishimaru ended up driving Mondo’s motorcycle into a lake and Mondo got detention for beating up people who broke the rules so he had to give himself detention

Once Ishi and Mondo were on a ferris wheel and they got to the top and it stopped and Ishimaru got really worried that they would die up there and started bawling and hugging Mondo and saying how much he loved him

Ishimaru and Mondo had a competition about who could be nicer and Mondo said something really really nice that it made ishimaru cry

Mondo and Chihiro put trick candles on Ishimarus birthday cake so when he tried blowing them out they kept lighting back up so ishimaru started crying

In Mondo’s birthday Ishimaru gave him a cards that said “Free kisses and hugs for a life time” and Mondo used them a lot

Ishimaru makes Mondo blush a lot by kissing him in public

Leon told Ishimaru bj stands for “Big Jet” and said Mondo really wanted a big jet so ishimaru went over to Mondo and said “Kyoudai I’m gonna give you a bj one day!!” In front of everyone and Mondo almost died of embarrassment

I saw after a long day Ishimaru likes to strip down and just sleep. So after a long hard day of being a hall monitor Ishimaru didn’t feel like putting his pajammies on so he just stripped down and slept but then Mondo came in and laid beside him and he’s like “Hey kyoudai” and Ishi just starts blushing really hard and says “Kyoudai I’m not wearing anything..” and Mondo just rolls of the bed and rolls under it and has a blush attack (and for some of you I’ll let your imagination see how it plays out from there)

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some scary movie and Ishimaru almost choked Mondo from from hugging him really tight

Everytime Ishimaru tries to help Mondo study they end up trying not to do a bunch of cute shit with each other

Mondo gives ishimaru eskimo kisses a lot

Once Ishi and Mondo bought a big thing of cotton candy and shared it

Ishimaru sneezes like a kitten and Mondo thinks it’s really cute

Ishimaru and Mondo watched old yeller and cried really hard with each other

Fukawa wrote a bunch of dirty ishimondo fanfiction and they both found it and read it and blushed really hard

Mondo tried to make ishimaru cookies bit ended up burning them but Ishimaru ate them anyway

Ishimaru wore a bunny suit on Easter and it made Mondo almost die of cuteness

Ishimaru and Mondo shared a bowl of spaghetti and ended up sucking on the same noodle and kissed like the lady in the tramp movie

Everytime ishi and Mondo pass the butter at the store Ishimaru starts crying

Ishimaru and Mondo went star gazing once and they saw a shooting star and Ishimaru said “Make a wish kyoudai!” And Mondo says “My wish already came true..I’m with you” and gives him a little kiss and Ishimaru tears up a bit from the happiness
(I’m proud of this one)

Ishimaru and Mondo watched the fireworks together on the 4th of July and There was one that made a really loud boom noise and Ishi got scared to Mondo cuddled him

Ishimaru made a dog that looked like Chuck at build a bear and gave it to Mondo and he almost cried

Ishimaru and Mondo switched clothes and they imitated each other and Mondo didn’t mean to but when he was pretending to be ishi he said some pretty rude things without realizing it and Ishimaru started crying

Ishimaru tried to make a couple barbie dolls look like him and Mondo so they could play together

Ishimaru watched the Titanic with Mondo and started sobbing at the end

Ishimaru made a chart of everyday Mondo went a day without swearing and if he reaches 10 days he’ll take him to a motorcycle race or something

Chihiro gave Ishimaru the lyrics to a sex song and told him to sing it in front of everyone and Ishimaru didn’t mind cuz he didn’t understand what it was about so he said something like “This song goes out to my kyoudai!” And he sang it and Mondo just stood there face totally red the whole time

Ishimaru and Sayaka put on a show and Ishimaru plays the recorder and Sayaka plays the tambourine and when they’re done Ishimaru thought he sucked compared to Sayaka but Mondo just tells him how great he was
(Even though they both sucked)

Mondo bought a Wii and got Mario kart so him and Ishi decided to play it together and Mondo beats Ishi like 10 times in a row and Ishimaru cries

Ishimaru thinks there’s a monster under his bed so Mondo has to pretend to scare it away every night

Ishimaru once dressed up as a maid and shows Mondo and he has a nosebleed

Ishimaru and Mondo go to SeaWorld and they go to the dolphins and Ishimaru wants to feed one so they both go over to the place and Ishimaru falls in the water and starts crying and Mondo has to save him

The whole DR cast goes go the beach and when it’s nighttime Ishi and Mondo sits on the beach by the waves and draw each other and stuff in the sand

Ishimaru makes a little scrapbook of all their favorite moments and gives it to him for Christmas

Ishimaru and Mondo go on a date and Chihiro decides to be the third wheel and tags along

When Ishimaru and Mondo first kissed it was very awkward because Mondo’s hair kept getting in the way and they were both blushing pretty hard and they didn’t know when to stop

Ishimaru teaches Mondo how to make rice balls

Ishimaru cries over almost everything but Mondo’s always there to comfort him

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some movie and a sex scene came on and they both just looked away from each other and blushed really hard

Mondo tries to make Ishimaru chocolate for Valentine’s day but fails so Ishimaru helps him make some and they eat it together

Mondo goes really fast on his motorcycle sometimes just to make Ishi hold on tighter and so he can comfort him when the ride is over

Ishimaru and Mondo made out once and it was really really awkward and Ishimaru cried afterwards

Ishimaru sings you are my sunshine to Mondo and cries as he sings it

When they’re studying Ishimaru tends to ask Mondo questions to make sure he’s listening and everytime he gets a question right he gives him a kiss

Mondo gets ishimaru to play the pocky game with him and when they’re noses start touching ishimaru starts blushing like crazy but Mondo ends up breaking the pocky and Ishimaru just kisses him

Ishimaru sees Mondo slide down the stair rail and wants to show him he’s cool so he tries it but ends up falling off half way and gets a bunch of cuts and starts crying so Mondo takes him home and takes care if him

Ishimaru and Mondo go out in the snow at night time and look at all the Christmas lights and stuff

Ishimaru finds some mini doll thing and shows Mondo and he’s like “Kyoudai look! Isn’t this doll the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” and Mondo says “No” and Ishimaru asks “…what is then?” And Mondo gives him a little kiss and says “I’m looking at him right now” and Ishi just blushes like crazy and almost cries

new years resolutions for danganronpa 1 characters
  • makoto naegi: to stop running in the hallways
  • maizono sayaka: to achieve more goals as a pop idol
  • mukuro ikusaba: to do more good deeds for her sister
  • leon kuwata: to only have sex once a month
  • chihiro fujisaki: to become stronger
  • mondo oowada: to help chihiro to become stronger
  • ishimaru kiyotaka: to moniter everyone 24/7
  • hifumi yamada: meet everyone from madoka magica
  • celestia ludenberg: to get that fucking castle
  • sakura oogami: to be more useful
  • aoi asahina: to not eat as much donuts
  • touko fukawa: to not stalk byakuya togami as much
  • genocider syo: to kill byakuya togami and make him into a plushie
  • byakuya togami: to just be more of a prick
  • hagakure yasuhiro: to smoke weed everyday
  • kyouko kirigiri: to find out the mysteries of hopes peak academy
  • junko enoshima: to die, then go to hell and watch the world unfold as her wonderful remnants of despair bring more despair to the world and watch everyone suffer and die
  • //most are not as canon, but i thought this would be a great first post for 2k17!!
Here's a bunch of headcanons for you to enjoy

Everytime Ishimaru and Mondo kiss or something in front of Chihiro he wants to yell “Take your gay shit somewhere else.” but he just thinks it in his head and stands there all awkwardly until they’re done

Mondo trains Chihiro by making him try to push over Yamada everyday for an hour

Mondo likes a bunch of songs with rapping and swearing and stuff but Ishimaru hates those so for Chrismas he gets Mondo all the songs he likes but Kids bop version and hes forced to listen to those versions in front of Ishimaru but he doesn’t really mind cuz it makes him happy

Everytime Ishimaru gets cold Mondo puts his coat on him but it’s so big on Ishimaru he can barely walk without tripping over it and Mondo thinks it’s really cute

Mondo stole Alter Ego from Chihiro once and asked him for advice for his relationship and later Chihiro sees him and he gets really nervous and starts blushing and Chihiro just takes the computer and says “You don’t need a computer to give you advice” and he lets Mondo talk to him about it instead

Mondo once tried cooking lunch for Ishimaru but he ended up almost burning down the whole school

Once Ishimaru went out to do stuff and he ended up running into Mondo’s gang and they didn’t know he knew Mondo so they bullied him and kinda beat him up and when he got back to the school he was bawling his eyes out and Mondo saw and asked what happened and Ishimaru told him the whole story and Mondo went over to his gang and beat the shit out of all of them

Leon taught Ishimaru a bunch of naughty words and Ishimaru didn’t understand any of them so he started saying things like “I want a blowjob” “I wanna do you doggy style” and stuff and Mondo heard him and was really surprised and confused and asked where he learned all those and Ishimaru told him Leon did so Mondo beat the shit out of Leon and then told Ishimaru what all those words meant and Ishimaru realized he said a bunch of naughty words and bawled for 3 days straight

Ishimaru was doing laundry and he washed all his uniforms and somebody put something red in there and all of Ishimarus uniforms turned pink and he cried all day and Mondo had to calm him down and they had to go buy new ones

Leon took Ishimarus phone and texted Mondo a bunch of mean stuff and then sent him a break up text and later Mondo saw Ishimaru and he was just like “Hi Kyoudai how are you doing today?” And Mondo slapped him and Ishimaru just stood there and then started bawling his eyes out and Mondo felt kinda bad and just walked away and later he saw Leon on Ishimarus phone and realized he sent him all that and he beat up Leon and bought a bunch of candy, chocolate, and stuffed animal and gave them all to ishimaru and repeatedly said he was really sorry and Ishimaru hugged him and they both cried together

Once Mondo, Chihiro, and Ishimaru went to a mall and Ishimaru got separated from Mondo and Chihiro and later they found him in one of those places when lost children go bawling his eyes out

Once Ishimaru and Mondo found Yamadas hentai and they didn’t know what it was so they watched it and they both sat there in shock and they blushes like idiots and Yamada walked in and Ishimaru gave him a detention and they could never talk to Yamada the same again and Mondo and Ishimaru were embarrassed to look at each other for like 2 days

Once Ishimaru, Mondo and Chihiro went to back to school shopping and Ishimaru went to the book section to get new study books and stuff and he found some gay manga book and flipped through it and tried to see the characters as him and Mondo. He blushed the entire time

Once Ishimaru had a nightmare so he went over to Mondos room and told him all about it so Mondo just picked him up and cuddled him to sleep

Ishimaru called 911 once because he accidentally killed a cockroach

Chihiro, Mondo, and Ishimaru were all sitting on a hill and Mondo hugged both of them and rolled down and they all laughed and did it over and over again

Sometime Mondo will say stuff like “Hey hot stuff” to ishimaru and he’ll just be like “A-am I ill? I do not feel ill at all kyoudai.. should I go see a doctor?” And Mondo will just blush and say “nevermind..”

Mondo isn’t allowed to swear around Ishimaru do they made up a list of words for him to use instead if swear words
Fuck: Gentle Caress
Shit: Suger bunny carrots
Mother fucker: Mother gentle caresses
Bullshit: Bowl of Suger
Ass: Butt
And so on

Chihiro made two dolls. He made a ishimaru one for Mondo and a Mondo one for Ishimaru and he walked over to them and said “now you can pretend to be each other” and try loved them and played with them like the whole day

Ishimaru still believes in Santa so every Christmas eve Mondo will get up in the middle of the night and go eat the cookies and drink the milk and write ishimaru a cute little Santa letter

Yamada made a doujinshi about Ishimaru and Mondo and gave it to them for Christmas and they read it and blushed really hard but loved it at the same time because it was really cute

Mondo got one of those motorcycles with the little seat beside it and everytime Ishimaru would go on a ride with him he’d sit in that and pretend to drive and Mondo thinks it’s really cute

Ishimaru always helps Mondo study for tests so everytime he passes a test Ishimaru give him a bunch of kisses

Ishimaru still likes to go trick or treating and Mondo goes with them so every year they get matching outfits to wear

Ishimaru and Mondo were walking back to the school in the rain and they found a bunch of stray dogs in a box and they both felt really bad and put the umbrella they had over the box and walked away crying but the next day they went back and helped all them find homes

Mondo yells when he get nervous so on Valentine’s day he’d walk up to ishimaru and get really nervous and start yelling and Ishimaru would start crying

One time Chihiro, Mondo, and Ishimaru went to the gym and Chihiro and Ishimaru saw the dumbbells and started crying

Ehi, sconosciuto, mi viene voglia di piangere, a volte, e di abbracciarti forte, chiunque tu sia, e di trasmetterti questo male improvviso, inspiegabile, implacabile come un pugnale lunare che mi precipita al centro del petto. Dimmi, sconosciuto, ti capita? Succede anche a te? Ti senti mai così solo e fragile da non sentire l'ombra dell'esserci seguire i tuoi stessi passi? Adesso, ti confesso, oltre a queste parole, non ho altro per dirmi vivo… e te lo scrivo, qui, chiunque tu sia…
—  Luigi Mancini