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Another of my May Madness commissions! A FABULOUS bit of PJO fanart requested by @mel-chan366!! OMG PERCY’S POSE… and Jason’s dress… I had way too much fun with this!! 8D

If you’re interested in a commission, please feel free to follow this link for information!!


[]: The stars is in the building
They hands is to the ceiling
I know I’m ‘bout to kill it
How you know, I got that feeling

A Cryptid in my Neighborhood????

Hey there you guys. So something a little weird happened this morning, and I’ve been aching to tell someone.

So I wait at the bus stop with my sister every morning. Everything’s been normal up until around last week, when the weather started getting warmer. I started to notice that at 7 AM, every morning, I would look down the street and a cat would make its way quickly from behind a house, trot across the street and keep on going into another yard. Same path every time.

So I lean over to my sister and I say all hushed, “Same cat every morning. Same time. Isn’t that weird?” And I look back over to the Cat.

It has halted its daily regiment to stop dead and turn its head towards me.

The Cat does not move.

I cannot see its face.

I’m not sure if it was just the light. I’m not sure if it was turned the other way. I knew I could feel it looking at me though I could see no eyes.

I turn to my sister, getting kind of nervous, and I say, “Is it looking at me?” My sister shrugs. I look back and The Cat is crossing my lawn. It’s crossing my neighbor’s lawn.

I think something’s going on. Was It drawn out because of the heat? Where is It going? Can It hear me? For reference, I drew out what I saw.

I think something’s going on in my little town. I think I’m gonna call this series “Cryptids of Coalition County”. I’ll report any new findings to you as soon as I can. We can call The Cat specimen number one.

Thank you for reading, my dear friend. I’ll hope you’ll join me in my journey. That is, if I have much time left. Do I already know too much?

i lost the entire month of march.

  1. Bookends, Simon & Garfunkel.
  2. Holy Lover, Keaton Henson.
  3. The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!, Sufjan Stevens.
  4. Next Time, Laura Marling.
  5. Drunk and With Dreams, Angel Olsen.
  6. Elysium, Bear’s Den.
  7. On a Desert Isle, C.W. Stoneking.
  8. Tapestry, Carole King.
  9. The Crane Wife 3, The Decemberists.
  10. Lord Knows Best, Dirty Beaches.
  11. One by One, Connie Converse.
  12. Song for the Fireflies, Josh Ritter.
  13. Cherry Wine (live), Hozier.
  14. LOL, PWR BTTM.
  15. Foam (for Alyssa), Loone and Paper Bee.

    // listen (at PlayMoss; I’ve archived my 8tracks).
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stay classy, fangmeyer 


Tom is working in a film with you. He is attracted to you but he struggles with the fact that you are much younger than him. During a hot scene between you two, he gets a boner, later you tease him about it and in response he kisses you and ends up fucking you.

{ By: Anon }