mondays blah


I woke up thinking I will be ok. Just a fictional character. Monday. Blah, blah, blah. Walked out to my kitchen. saw my sons, said “Good morning boys,” then Crowley rushed into my head. My children saw my face and giggled. My 12 year old teasing me, then telling me I will be okay. Maybe, but still have some issues about poor Crowley being a hero.

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OMG!!! i’m gonna be late for work and we just got a new boss and OMG OMGGOMGOGMMJSAFOEIJVAFDJVDFOKJ~!!!!! i’m gonna color this tonight!!! you TOTES know i went with the Pokemon Go ideas that came in!!! there were THREE!! i mean!!! it just had to happen!!!! There will be a proper post to go with the colored version tonight! i am SO SORRY to just slap this up and run but i just wanted everybody to know that it WILL be finished today!!! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) Love you all!!!! Can’t wait for our fourth Micro Fic Monday tomorrow too!!! HUZZA!!!!! okay!!! AHHHH!!! OFF I GO!!! LOVE LOVE!!! <3

(EDIT: here’s the finished post! <3)