mondays blah


OMG!!! i’m gonna be late for work and we just got a new boss and OMG OMGGOMGOGMMJSAFOEIJVAFDJVDFOKJ~!!!!! i’m gonna color this tonight!!! you TOTES know i went with the Pokemon Go ideas that came in!!! there were THREE!! i mean!!! it just had to happen!!!! There will be a proper post to go with the colored version tonight! i am SO SORRY to just slap this up and run but i just wanted everybody to know that it WILL be finished today!!! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) Love you all!!!! Can’t wait for our fourth Micro Fic Monday tomorrow too!!! HUZZA!!!!! okay!!! AHHHH!!! OFF I GO!!! LOVE LOVE!!! <3

(EDIT: here’s the finished post! <3)