mondays blah


Blah. I don’t know what happened last night but I woke up at 3:30 and I could had sworn I did not sleep after that. My Fitbit shows that I fluid sleep but was restless most of the time. Then I was having weird dreams at the very end, right before I had to get up. The wind was really bad last night and I was thinking of all my old trees in the backyard. Don’t want them to fall especially on the house.

Work has been ok. Many people on the phones are very unhappy about life. Lots of yelling and lots attitude. We got pouring rain so I’m sure that makes people grouchy too.

College started again, last week was our spring break. Andrew went back today in his “new” car. He’s excited about it. The one road that goes to his building had been closed for several months due to construction. They worked all week and they reopened today. Now that he has a car I don’t have to go to pick him up. I had to go al the way around and it was really annoying.

Michael is in Little Rock seeing his doctor hopefully for the last time. His finger is doing much better.

Better together

So lately as you all know I have been pretty blah about all things OL. I keep thinking what is it? Why is it so boring? Lack of PR? Yes. Shatner drama? Yes. Mm innuendo? Yes. But none of these things is the root cause. I think the root of the issue is is that Sam and Cait are just better together. Sams MPC pic today is great and all but personally doesn’t do much for me. If you are excited about it I am happy for you but it just doesnt get me going as much as seeing the spark Sam and Cait have as a team. Even if they arent together… they still are a team and are better together. More interesting, more magical.

Sorry for the Monday morning blah post, and I wish them both luck as individuals but I hope the magic comes back soon. I miss it.


OMG!!! i’m gonna be late for work and we just got a new boss and OMG OMGGOMGOGMMJSAFOEIJVAFDJVDFOKJ~!!!!! i’m gonna color this tonight!!! you TOTES know i went with the Pokemon Go ideas that came in!!! there were THREE!! i mean!!! it just had to happen!!!! There will be a proper post to go with the colored version tonight! i am SO SORRY to just slap this up and run but i just wanted everybody to know that it WILL be finished today!!! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) Love you all!!!! Can’t wait for our fourth Micro Fic Monday tomorrow too!!! HUZZA!!!!! okay!!! AHHHH!!! OFF I GO!!! LOVE LOVE!!! <3

(EDIT: here’s the finished post! <3)


march 5, 2012

mondays are the worst. i usually wake up by 6:15 in order to prep for the day. i leave the house by 7:00 to catch the 7:22 train by work to go to school, then i sit in stats from 8:05-9:25 half alive. after, i will catch up on reading as i trax back down to work (10:30-5:00). but that’s not all, because after that i trax back up to the university for my night class from 6:00-9:00. i don’t get home until 9:40 ish. uggghhhh….

this daily routine thing is kind of killing me. i wake up every single morning knowing exactly what i’m doing at every hour of the day. 

but in other news

  • i am tutor of the month! (woot!)
  • 100% on stats quiz #5
  • nearly caught up on reading my textbooks
  • created maya angelou fb event
  • i am completely obsessed with draw something
  • my bruises are getting darker…
  • enjoy some random pictures of my day?

Did not have a very good workout this morning and lacked enthusiasm but I still got up and did it. Got a case of the Monday blahs and just not feeling it today. Questioning myself and doubts creeping in. But I didn’t skip Monday and the wife sent me this to help cheer me up and encourage me which really helped brighten my morning. Thought I’d pass it along for anyone else struggling with those Monday blahs!