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Ugh, what a week. The long and short of it is that months ago, I was offered and accepted 5 classes to teach this upcoming semester. I did all my usual prep work and was ready to go. Then, around 2 weeks ago, one of those classes was cancelled due to low enrollment, which wasn’t terrible because I usually just teach 4 classes a semester anyway, so it just meant unexpected extra money lost. But then, just 4 days ago I had THREE more classes cancelled! That’s right, I had ONE class that wasn’t cancelled. Oh, and classes start THIS MONDAY (3 days from now)!

I fell into one of the worst depressive spirals in recent memory. I practically slept for two days straight, hardly ate, and said maybe 10 words to my partner for those two days. I called and e-mailed everyone I could to at least get two more classes–both department chairs, deans, even fellow faculty members that I’m friendly with to see if they’d be willing to give me one or two of their classes.

Thankfully, all the calls and e-mails were worth it and I’m back to 4 classes, but damn am I exhausted. Of course the really shitty part is that I’ve had to restructure the syllabi for these new classes, send out printing orders, and all the other pre-semester prep work that I usually have months to do in 3 days. I don’t even have Blackboard (an online class portal where I upload each class syllabus, readings, assignments, etc) access for two of those classes yet, so I’m STILL not totally ready!

Wow, so anyway, here’s a super cute dress that I bought forever ago and wore for the first time today. Oh, and how about the change of scenery? Normally y'all get to see my messy living room in the background, now you get to see my messy bathroom! 😜 Also, mirror selfie!

Hello and welcome to TophDaily. I’m your host, Toph. Today is Monday, the worst day of your life until tomorrow. It’s currently raining in New York City, the only city in America, so by extension it’s currently raining everywhere else, too.

Alright, alright, what the hella is going on now?

Trump tells advisers he wants to end key Obamacare subsidies

The world is currently enthralled with Trump’s first ever big boy field trip overseas (along with Stupid Watergate, of course, deservedly so), but let’s not let this one go: “President Donald Trump has told advisers he wants to end payments of key Obamacare subsidies, a move that could send the health law’s insurance markets into a tailspin.”

The payments, estimated at $7 billion for this year, go to insurance companies to reduce deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for low-income consumers — an estimated 7 million people in 2017. Insurers are on the hook under the health law to keep paying even if the federal money stops.

If that news is at all alarming to you, then make sure to point your eyeballs at this next one, too:

Trump budget to slash entitlements by $1.7 trillion

In addition to gutting the EPA and State Department, they’re looking at cuts to SNAP (food stamps), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and SSDI (Disability Insurance). We should know more by tomorrow.

Speaking of that field trip, it’s going so well!

WH: Trump was ‘exhausted’ when he said 'Islamic extremism’

Low energy Donald. Sad!

The gifs coming out of this trip have been pretty good though. Let’s take a look!

Below: Steve Bannon looking terrified in Saudi Arabia. 

Very RelatedPriebus, Bannon go back to Washington after visit to Saudi Arabia

See also: My video of this with a horror soundtrack.

The Magic Saudi Orb: Another video I did yesterday, is some of the best art I’ve ever arted.

Below: Melania swats away Donald’s tiny hand after landing in Israel.

Tough but fair.

Here are some other important items I encourage you to know about.

Supreme Court Says Race Was Improperly Used In Creating North Carolina Congressional Districts

Students walk out on Mike Pence’s Notre Dame commencement speech

Michael Flynn expected to invoke Fifth Amendment

Hmm, what else is newsworthy… I had a massage yesterday. Everyone loves lizards. Space is really big. I think that’s about everything you need to know. Now go out there and make all your wildest dreams come true!

Thanks for being here, friend.

Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 1 (Reggie x Reader)

Anonymous:  Hey I was wondering if I could get a Reggie Mantle X little Andrew (where the reader is Archie’s twin sister)

Summary: The reader, who is Archie Andrews’ twin sister, is asked out by Reggie Mantle after the victory of the Riverdale Bulldogs at a football game. Although she refuses him, he doesn’t take rejection lightly and continues to ask her out for a whole month until she agrees after developing feelings for him.

 Approx. 1290 words

Part Two Here

Football was the epitome of boredom. Although I had promised my twin brother Archie that I would support him at the game in return for his attendance to my poetry reading the previous week, I didn’t specifically say that I would watch as I figured that my presence would be enough to encourage him. So, I was curled up with a book on the last row of the stands in my most comfortable pair of leggings, an oversized jumper, and my favourite burgundy scarf. I glanced up from my novel often enough to understand that the Riverdale Bulldogs were winning the match, but I rarely focused on the game long enough to identify any player other than Archie whose red-hair made him an easy to spot from a distance. After the match had finished, and the Riverdale Bulldogs had a landslide victory, I was still sprawled on the stands and engrossed in my book as I waited for Archie to finish in the changing rooms before we could go home. A few minutes later I heard the familiar echoing sound of someone climbing the stands and, assuming it was Archie, I sighed reluctantly as I carefully slotted my bookmark in between the precious pages of my favourite novel and turned to pick up my bag.

“What took you so long? Wait, let me guess. You were chatting up another poor innocent girl?” I teased as I stuffed my things back into my bag. I jumped when I heard an unfamiliar laugh and quickly span around to face my unintentional companion.

“I was actually hoping to chat you up, not that I think you’re poor or innocent” he said.

Quickly over my initial surprise, I narrowed my eyes at a very arrogant and smug-looking Reggie Mantle. He was undoubtedly attractive with his inky-black hair and olive-toned skin, muscles that seemed to strain through his shirt, and perfect playboy-smile, but I wasn’t fooled. This boy, as handsome as he was, simply wasn’t my type. How could I possibly take Reggie Mantle to a poetry reading or a Shakespeare play? Besides, the fact that he had barely spoken to me before and was suddenly flirting was certainly suspicious.

“If you’re looking for Archie, I haven’t seen him” I responded bluntly.

“Actually, I was looking for you!” he winked and I pursed my lips. He mistook my silence for encouragement. “Want to come out to Pop’s with me for a celebratory milkshake?” he asked charmingly.

“If I wanted at milkshake at Pop’s, I would buy it myself.” I replied, certain that this was some kind of joke. “Go and use your pathetic attempts at flirtation on a girl who actually wants to hear it, I’m sure there are hundreds.” I retorted sarcastically before pushing past him down the steps.

“You’ll go out with me Y/N” he called after me, “I promise!”

“Dream on Mantle” I shouted, not even bothering to look behind me as I rolled my eyes and headed towards the car park.

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RIP me for not posting yesterday (half an hour ago lol). Scribbled this out rlly quick tho.

Jolly Time


Summary: After a little run in with Sam, an old flame, the reader and him get reacquainted….

Request: Okay well I don’t know if you do this… and it’s totally not the season but can you do one where sam and a girl have sex and he ties her hands together with Christmas garland? Omg it’s stupid but…

Pairing: Sam x reader, Dean Winchester (mentioned)

Word Count: 1172

Warnings: SMUT (bondage, nsfw), language

A/N: Sorry it took so long to write lol I’m not very good at writing smut… Requests will be back open on Thursday :)

It had been a few years since (Y/N) had last saw Sam Winchester and his brother, Dean. She had met them when they rescued her from a spirit who was targeting people of the small town she lived in. Since then, she hightailed her ass out of there and a couple hundred miles west. She gotten a job at a party supply store that helped pay rent. For some reason, Sam had lingered in her mind. Back then, she thought he could have been something more, but turns out he was just a passing fancy. Or was he? It was a Monday which was the worst day in (Y/N)’s opinion. This particular Monday bothered her the most. It was the anniversary of her attack, but she could barely call it that. If she could, she’d take off work, but her boss desperately needed her so she sucked it up and went into work. Today, she was the only one working. It was 3:45 p.m and nearing the end of her shift which ended at 4 p.m. (Y/N) held a broom in her hand and swept the floor behind the cashier counter, looking down at it and trying to block out the natural world until the little bell that hung above the store’s entry rang. Her head shot up and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Sam fucking Winchester. She gulped and put her head back down as he made his way over to where the merchandise was. If he was here, that could only mean that after monster was in her new town. How lucky. She listened to his footsteps and shook at the idea of talking to him again. It was going to happen. She was the only employee here. She let out a quiet sigh and put her broom down. Suddenly, a pile of stuff was put on the counter and she looked up to see him. It took him a moment, but he recognized her. He was just like she remembered. He had that longing look in his eyes with the kind personality that radiated off of him.

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Reggie Mantle x Reader: Too good to be true part 2

A/N: Okay here is the second part I hope you like it.


That Monday was the worst day of your life. You hadn’t stopped crying since you slammed the door in Reggie’s face after your date. You didn’t even wanna go to school today because you knew that you would see him but your mom made you go anyway. You were leaning against Betty’s locker looking down at the ground trying not to cry.

“Oh my god is that Reggie? He looks awful.” Veronica said looking behind you with a shocked face.

“I’ve never seen him like that. What happened to him?” Betty asked looking kind of concerned.

“I don’t know. Y/n didn’t you say you and Reggie were gonna go on a date together?” Veronica asked looking at you.

“Uh yeah but I canceled at the last minute I had some stuff to do.” You said in a quite voice.

“So you don’t know what’s wrong with him?” Betty asked.

“No and I actually really don’t care either.” You said turning around and walking in the direction were Reggie was standing.

You looked up from the ground only for your eyes to look into Reggie’s eyes. You could see that he had been crying maybe even more than you his eyes looked puffier and redder than yours. Your eyes quickly scanned over him his hair was all messy and his clothes looked like he had slept in them the entire weekend. When Reggie saw you his face immediately lit up he was so happy to see you he knew you probably wouldn’t ever wanna talk to him again but he just had to try. He walked away from the rest of the team and ran to catch up with you.

“Y/n I know you probably don’t wanna talk to me but please just listen to me.” He said trying to stop you and make you look at him.

You rolled your eyes and just kept walking.

“Come on please just listen to me.” Reggie said standing in front of you making you stop.

“You sure you don’t wanna pull me into a classroom to talk to me. Chuck might see you talking to me and we wouldn’t want that now would we.” You said angrily as you shoved past him.

“Y/n please it was a mistake okay I shouldn’t have asked you to keep us a secret and I’m sorry. I don’t care about popularity you are more important.” He said walking behind you again.

“Well then you should have thought about that earlier Reggie. You messed up okay I’ve been a mess this whole weekend and it’s all your fault. Don’t you know how much you hurt me.” You said as tears rolled down your face.

“Don’t you think I’ve been hurting too. I don’t think you realize how much I care about you. I hate myself for hurting you, I hate myself for saying what I said.” He said also crying.

“I’m sorry Reggie but I just don’t think I can give you another chance. I-I’m sorry.” You said as you ran away crying.

Reggie knew he had to do something to make you believe him. Something to show you that he regretted what he said and that he doesn’t care what anyone says about the two of you. That Friday there was a pep rally and Reggie had come up with the perfect plan on how to get you back. You really didn’t want to go to the pep rally but Kevin and Veronica had convinced you to come. You were sitting on the bleachers talking to Veronica when the football team came onto the field. It wasn’t hard for you to find Reggie and it wasn’t hard for him to find you on the bleachers. He looked right at you and smiled. You were very confused as to why he was so happy but you just figured he had already gotten over you which made you feel even worse. Before you even knew what was happening Reggie was on stage with the microphone in his hand calling your name. You felt Veronica nudge you and tell you to stand up or go to him. Very confused you stood up and walked to the stage.

“What are you doing?” You asked him when you got on stage.

“Showing you how much I care about you.” He said smiling at you.

“Everyone listen up. Last Saturday me ad y/n went out together we had an amazing date but I ruined it by asking her to not tell anyone about it because I was scared of losing my popularity and about what other people would think. But I realized to late that the only thing I care about is her and being with her. So y/n please give a second chance.” He said looking you right in the eyes and holding your hands.

You looked down not really knowing what to do he did just tell his feelings to everyone in school hell everyone who lives here.

“Okay.” You said with a smile.

“Really?!” He asked confused and excited.

“Yeah.” You said smiling.

He smiled at you and leaned in and kissed you right then and there for everyone to see. You kissed back for a few seconds and then pulled back because you were standing in front of the whole town.

“Now go and do your football stuff.” You said letting go of his hand.

“Only if you wear this.” He said as he held out his letterman jacket for you to take.

You took it with a smile and put it on. You just couldn’t believe that this had just happened he told you all of his feelings in front of the whole town. Sometimes things aren’t too good to be true.


@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.

How to Fix A Bad Day... // Jeon Jungkook

Summary: In which you’ve had a terrible day, and boyfriend bunny kook tries his very best to cheer you up :)

Genre: flufffffffff

Word Count: 1,800+

A/N: Well, this is super strange for me because it is my FIRST post, so I hope you enjoy and come back for more… PLEASE REQUEST!! :D Also, please give me some constructive criticism???? Too much context? Not enough action ;) ?? Let me know, and I’ll make improvements!! :D 
P.S. It’s like really long???? for a first story kinda maybe-ish idk why tho i think i have a problem with these kinds of things??? request AUs and stuff I wanna try to do those cute bullet pointed scenarios tooooooo!! :DDDDDDD

Originally posted by just-sad-fandom-trash

Monday, 9:23 PM
You thought, as you jammed the key in the front door. Stepping inside, you let out a heavy sigh, not even bothering to take off your shoes before sinking into the cushions of your couch. 

Sure, Mondays were always the worst day of the week, but nothing could have prepared you for the nerve-racking, heart stopping, painstaking shit show that ensued that day. 

Monday, 6:38 AM
You groggily walked over to your desk, barely able to keep your eyes open. Mondays were already terrible, but this particular Monday, you had to get up early. Without any explanation at all, you were required to be present at a meeting with one of the Chairmen of the board… who happened to be halfway across the world at the moment. See, now that meant him dictating the exact time of the meeting that would be most convenient to him, and not taking into consideration that you had to get up at 5:15 AM in order to get ready and arrive to work on time. 

Placing your bag on the desk, you proceeded to shed off your huge coat before hanging it on the back of your chair. You powered up your computer and let out a deep sigh before logging into your email. You liked checking your email first thing in the morning, because there was often information within emails from colleagues and bosses that related to the events of the day. Surely enough, an email from her boss sat at the top of the list, curiously titled: “Proper Attire.”

Clicking on it, it opened to reveal:
Dear Y/N,
I apologize for having to send this email so late, but it is very important that you wear the proper attire for this meeting. This means that your attire should be of the utmost professionalism, and should not be sexual, revealing, or suggestive in any way. This meeting will be very important to both your career and mine.
Please come to Meeting Room 14 at 7:15.
Thank you. 

You couldn’t help but be somewhat offended by your boss’s choice of words. Sexual? Revealing? Suggestive? What kind of person did he think you were? 
Determined to carry on with the day, you decided to not linger on it. After checking a few more emails, you looked at the clock: 7:08. You decided that it was time to make your way to Meeting Room 14. 
When you arrived, you were met with 4 other people, all of which were large, middle age men, who you’ve never seen before. You stood a little further away from them, assuming they were there to meet with someone else, and checked your phone as you waited for your boss. You had received a message from your boyfriend, Jungkook:

Kookie: Hey love, sorry I couldn’t hang out yesterday… :(
You: Hey, don’t worry about it, another time :)
Kookie: Are you free tonight?? :DDDD I can come over and we can have pizza and watch Netflix?? heh Netflix and chill ;))
You: perv. But yes come!!!!! I’ll probs be home around 7?
Kookie: Sounds great! See ya laterrrr

You allowed a small smile to form on your face before putting your phone in your pocket. You could see your boss walk down the hallway, and went to go greet him. Before you could, the men from earlier cut in front of you, giving their own introductions. You gave your boss a questioning look, but he just shrugged and suggested that everyone go inside. 
He directed you to sit next to him, and allowed the others to sit wherever they wanted, but there seemed to be a distinct pattern already. You suddenly realized what you were standing in the middle of. You were brought here as a representative of the team progress, in as a result, your boss’s progress. 

Soon, the Chairman was online and video ‘meeting’ with you all. You guys started to do reports on what achievements that each of the teams have made, with you ending the circle. As soon as you began speaking, there were noises and words of disparagement. People did not want a woman to be in a position of power, and they were very clearly expressing it. When the chairman asked everyone to pitch ideas for an event that the company was having later, you pitched an awesome idea… which was ridiculed and brought down… until one of the men in the meeting brought it up again. Except they did not even acknowledge that it was your idea. Luckily, the Chairman took noticed, even commenting on it. That made you feel a bit better, but not enough.

When the meeting was over, your boss congratulated your efforts, and said that there would be more opportunities for you in the future to express your ideas. This piece of good news was completely ruined when the other men laughed at him, quickly making their own snarky comments towards your direction.
“A woman will never get the job.”
“They’re just keeping her around because of the pretty face.”
There they stood, mocking you, and you wanted nothing more than to walk over there and wipe those nasty smirks off their faces. But your boss, sensing your anger, grabbed your wrist and dragged you towards the elevator. 

As soon as the two of you stepped in, you let out a loud sigh. Your boss, understanding your frustration, told you to take the rest of the day off. 
“You did good work Y/N.”

Monday, 4:57 PM

After your boss had graciously allowed you to take the day off, you still found yourself working for a few more hours before finally allowing yourself to leave the office. As much as you wanted to ignore the words of those men from the meeting, you couldn’t help yourself from having the urge to prove that you deserved to have your position. It didn’t end there though. On your way home, a stranger had spilt their ice coffee on you, so you were a sticky mess with a very ruined blouse. Needless to say, you were in a pretty sour mood and wanted nothing more than to just go home, eat ice cream, take a shower, and sleep.
You just got into your apartment when your phone buzzed:

Kookie: What kind of pizza do you want?

It took a while before you realized what he was talking about.

You: Actually Kookie, I’m really tired. Work was kinda terrible… can we hang out tomorrow?
Kookie: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I MISS YOUU :(((((((((((
You: Sorry… love you!!

You sighed, feeling terrible that Jungkook missed you, but you really didn’t think your attitude would have really been much fun for him. You didn’t want to ruin the night with the repercussions of your bad day. You took out your ice cream and ate a couple of spoonfuls before dragging yourself into the shower. You rinsed off the ice coffee that coated your upper half, and decided to not wash your hair tonight, since you didn’t have to energy to go through the whole process of blowdrying it. It was early, but you happily crawled into bed after your shower, desperate to replenish your sleep. 

Just as you were finally drifting off to sleep, your doorbell rang, causing you to groan in displeasure. WhO CoULD PoSsIbLY BE AT YOUr DOoR RIghT NOWWWWW!?!?!? You stomped to your door, prepared to yell when….

Jeon Jungkook. 
Dressed in a
bunny costume.

All your anger dissipated the second you laid eyes on him. Wearing a bright smile, he held a pizza pie in his left hand, and a bouquet of fresh red roses in his right. 

“Jeon Jungkook… you dork.”
“Excuse me, I’m a cute dork.”
“Yes, you cute dork.”
“Thank you.. so are you going to let me in or..?”

You laughed before moving to the side to let him in. Watching him struggle to shove himself through your doorway was probably one of the funniest things you have ever witnessed, and when he finally made it through, he was sweating and heaving like a mad man. 

He was incredibly uncomfortable, but if his discomfort brought a smile to your face, he would stay this way forever. Jungkook absolutely adored you, and could not stand it when you were upset. He tried so hard to think of a way to cheer you up, and luckily all his hard work paid off. He was honestly half expecting you to be annoyed and slam the door on him, but what Jungkook didn’t know was that he was the light of your life. 

He was the best thing that ever happened to you, as cheesy as it sounds. Just seeing his face would have cheered you up, but you hated seeing him worried about you. You preferred it when he was smiling, because then you knew he was happy. You knew it was selfish, but a sad Jungkook would break your heart, and if it were you who made him sad, you would feel absolutely horrible. You stood there, wondering what in the world you would do without him when his voice broke your train of thought.

“So do you feel better now?” he questioned, tilting his head slightly.
“Much better,” you replied with a smile, “Now get that thing off will you?”
“What, is the bunny costume turning you off?” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows and doing a little dance for good measure. 
“Well actually, I was gonna give you a kiss, but if you’d rather just wear the bunny costume, that’s fine with me.”

You took the pizza and flowers and smirked, quickly turning around and running to the kitchen before he had time to object. He gaped at your retreating back before letting a wide grin spread across his face. He took off the bunny costume, glad to be able to let his body breathe again and ran after you. 

You had put the pizza on the table, put the flowers in a vase, and were leaning against the counter waiting for Jungkook to come in. When he did, he walked up to you, placing his hands beside you and successfully trapping you between him and the counter. He looked down at you, a gentle look of adoration in his eyes, and brought his face dangerously close. He glanced down at your lips and whispered, “You owe me a kiss.” 

Unable to take it anymore, you reached up and tangled your hands in his hair, bringing his soft lips to meet yours. The kiss was long and sweet, filled with love. One of his hands made its way to your waist while the other caressed your face, pulling you in to deepen the kiss. His teeth playfully grazed against your bottom lip before he finally pulled away. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, “for being such a great boyfriend tonight.”
“Tonight? I’m always a great boyfriend,” he smiled cheekily. 
You chuckled and gently smacked his arm. 
“Shush. Now, let’s eat?” 

You started walking towards the dining table when Jungkook latched onto your arm. You looked at him, raising an eyebrow curiously. He smile warmly before placing a gently kiss on the back of your hand. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“Love you too, Kookie.”

Fool For Your Crown (ikon x bp)

a bestfriends!au nobody asked for. 

Staring: iKON x Blackpink

pairing: bobsoo

genre: romcom

link: aff, ao3

I suggest you guys to read it from the links bc I’m strugglying with my theme rn 

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education | john shelby

katie, the reader and john’s daughter, refuses to go to school and john doesn’t care but the reader does, leads to an argument

Originally posted by deangirl

Every morning, the same argument happened in the house. Katie would often kick off about how much she hated school, something that her and John had in common. John would laugh at her, and then moan at you when you sent her to school. He believed that education didn’t define you. John was a troublemaker and his attendance was awful. According to Polly, John only started gong to school when you moved over. Eventually, John left school with no grades or education. You and the other hand did good at school, your plan was to go to university. However, after falling pregnant with Katie, the plans were put on hold.  

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Flowers in the Window Chapter 4

Wow only me 5 months to update, sorry! Life & work stuff just took over all my time.  I will try not to be so long in my next update. As always many thanks to my lovely beta and friend Heidi. She had a big job on her hands, as this chapter is rather long, so ta very much dude! :D xx
Hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for reading and for the lovely comments. Previous chapters can be found on A03

“It’ll have to do” Katniss muttered under breath after she had re-braided her hair for the fourth time that morning. She took a deep breath in, breathed out hard and studied her reflection in the small mirror above the basin in the female staff bathroom. 8:47 am. Nearly time to roll. Toying idly with the end of her braid she pulled out her go-to ‘I’m fabulous’ perfect nude lipstick for yet another coat. Letting out a resigned sigh she grabbed her handbag and opened the door quickly.

“Pull yourself together Everdeen” She chastised herself with a heated whisper.

 Unfortunately in the heat of scolding herself she hadn’t noticed Johanna racing in the door. Her black duster coat whipping behind her.

“Woah there, Nelly! Are you trying to make my hangover worse than it already is?!” Jo gestured to her head, which Katniss was guessing, was pounding.

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Reminisences Ch.1 (Trixya) -Scoobert

Trixya high school au: so this is set when they’re both adults but each chapter has a flashback to their high school days. It’s loosely based on a song ‘caught in the crowd’, by Kate Miller-Heidke, an Australian singer I really like and saw live the other day. I cried when I heard her sing this and yeah I know it’s a little bit sad but I thought of the awesome Trixya au it could be. The song’s about Kate reminiscing on how she should’ve helped this kid out when he was being bullied in school, so this is basically the extended version of that

Hope ya like it

Xx Scoobert

(PS: if you have time, listen to the song, it’s super cute and a nice backing track to the story)

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Small announcement

I’m very sorry for my inactivity, but due to the fact that I haven’t adapted 100% to my school schedule, I keep being unable to post.
As you can see: I’m late both writing your match ups and the text for the event of “15 days of DL”. I’m really sorry, but I’m a little busy for the moment. I’m hopping I’ll be back this Friday’s afternoon! I swear I’m tying my best, but it’s taking a little more organization and time than other semesters 😫😩
My deep apologies, but things are going to be tough at least this semester😭
I don’t want you guys/girls who sent me your match ups to think that I’m always like this: on the contrary! I usually try to answer as soon as I receive it. I’ve read them all, but writing them takes me time and that’s exactly what I’m kind of missing right now😓
I’m getting them done this weekend, so please bear with me a little longer. I just need to: re adapt to my sleeping and school schedule and to organized my time more efficiently.
My very very VERY deep apologies!!! I truly mean them!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sincerely your troubled and tired Admin Abi~

anonymous asked:

30 for Kozik, please? :)

30. “That was unexpected.”

Most people hated Mondays, but that really wasn’t the worst day of the week. Wednesdays. They were the worst. Why? Well because it was smack dab in the middle of the week. Yes, it was one day closer to the weekend, but that still meant two more weekdays. It was frustrating when you realized that after two full days of the same monotonous job, you were on the third and there were still days four and five to complete. 

This explained the dark cloud hovering over your head all day. From waking up to the moment you got home, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Eventually you just decided to give up. You didn’t even bother to answer any calls, or text anyone back. 

Getting home you decided that the best way to beat this day, was to open a bottle of wine and call it a night. Discarding your purse, keys and shoes at the door you stormed into the kitchen. 

Ripping the fridge open you grabbed the only bottle of wine in there. You brought it over to the counter and pulled open the ‘everything gets tossed into this’ drawer. You rummaged around looking for a cork screw, only to come up empty handed. 

You closed your eyes, swearing under your breath and gripping the counter tightly. Luckily for you, you knew a few homemade tricks. Stepping into the garage you found yourself a screw and a hammer. It wasn’t ideal but it’d work. 

With the help of the hammer, you twisted the screw into the middle of the cork. Once it was ninety percent in, you flipped the hammer around, lined up the screw between the prongs and tugged backwards. 

With careful force, you managed to shimmy out the cork enough for it to almost give way. Unfortunately for you, it was still Wednesday. Without any warning the screw bent sideways, breaking a chunk off the side and ruining all your progress. There was a tiny opening but not enough to pour a glass. To make it even worse, there were little pieces of the broken cork floating in your wine. 

It was at exactly that moment that Kozik stepped through the front door, with Tig close behind. Both of them to bear witness to your complete breakdown. 

With a frenzied scream you threw the empty wine bottle in your hand across the kitchen. It slammed against the wall but didn’t break. You cursed under your breath. Of course. Even breaking a glass bottle couldn’t go right. 

You went forward to grab the bottle but lost your footing on the spilled liquid and went sliding across the room. Your arms flailed into the air as you went down, a gurgled, shocked yell escaping from your throat. Realizing there was no stopping your trajectory, you curled inwards and flew into the cupboards on the far end of the kitchen. 

“Well… that was unexpected.” Kozik snickered, while making his way over to you. 

Tig held onto the entryway panel, doubled over from laughter. 

You grabbed Kozik’s hand, righting yourself and then threw Tig the finger. 

“Fuck you, Trager.” 

Kozik grabbed the bottle taking a look at the problem and pursed his lips at you, trying to hold in his own laughter. You rolled your eyes, and stomped out of the kitchen back to your bedroom. Better to just call it a night, and go to bed. 

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