mondays are cool now

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Wait.... An Update that's Not on monday? That's cool but... I thought the Updates are only monday... Ok... It's cool. Now my reaction to this Page. Yeah Asriel. Be like you mom. Be a wonderful goat. You are awesome!!!

We typically update every Monday and Thursday! (Last week we missed Thursday due to technical disasters.)

To make up for it, we’re posting an additional page tomorrow! Don’t get too used to it though, we’re returning to our usual Monday and Thursday schedule next week.

i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
in celebration, i’m doing a commission sale this weekend! $5 off all pets! :D check out the deets here


sale’s over! thanks to all who bought commissions! i’ll be finishing them up tonight and tomorrow c:

Tough decisions

*Your pov*

I woke up with somebody’s arm wrapped around my waist I couldn’t get up because whoever it was they were grabbing me hard I tried to turn around and I saw this guy the guy who I’ve had the biggest crush on Nate,Nate maloley. I smiled when I remembered last night night but I’m I just a one night stand? Did I do a.mistake? Did he even have feelings for me? What do i do after this? Isn’t it going to be awkward?I was so deep into my thoughts when I heard Nate shift in bed “good morning babe” “morning Nate” “how was yesterday night” I turned bright red remembering what had happened “it could’ve been better” “you know you liked it so I’m not complaining” “well im leaving Nate” “wait why it’s Saturday we don’t have school” “well wasn’t I a one night stand?” “Y/n what are you talking about of course your not I’ve liked you since freshmen year I just never had the balls to ask you out” “this is a joke right?” “No it’s not how can I make you believe me?” “By proving it” “get dressed I’m taking you to eat breakfast” me and Nate had a amazing time while eating breakfast coming to this party was a really good idea after all then, me and Nate exchanged numbers in Sunday he invited me to meet some of his friends I found out they went to the same school they were Nash Grier,Cameron Dallas,Jack gilinsky,Jack Johnson,and Sam Wilkinson. They were really nice and cool
Great now it’s Monday whoo let’s celebrate!😔😒 at least I get to see Nate
*At school*
I meet my best friend y/f/n “HEY” “hey y/n how you and Nate?“ "Were good we’re not together or anything were just fiends” “friends with benefits” “y/f/n stop!” “Okay sorry ha!” “Well I’ll see in 4period” “bye y/n” *LUNCH* “Hey y/n” “hey Nate” he hugged me and spun me around I heard Sam yell relationship goals “I’m going to kill you Sammy” “no you love me” “whatever” “so y/n come over to my house tonight” Nate said “sure” *At home* I got home feeling dizzy and wanting to vomit I burst to through the bathroom door and just threw up my lunch and breakfast this is soo disgusting!! I laid in my bed I was feeling dizzy I dozed off into a nap I was dreaming about Nate me and this baby?? Wait what a baby?? That’s when my phone rang saw the caller ID it was Nate “hey y/n what’s wrong I’m waiting for you” “sorry Nate I think I’m sick I’ve been throwing up and I’ve been dizzy I won’t be able to make it I’m sorry” “it’s alright I hope your better should come by?” “No it’s fine my parents don’t want any friends rn cuz they’re working on something for their job I’ll see you tomorrow Nate” “text me or call me y/n if anything happens..I love you take care see you tomorrow” “goodnight Nate i love you too” with that I hanged up wow did Nate just tell me he loved me?!?! What?!?! I tried to sleep again but I remembered the dream with a baby. I woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous again I rushed to the restroom and let it all out I stayed home from school I wasn’t feeling well I talked with y/f/n and she said I might be pregnant when I got the pregnancy test it was positive!! Should I tell Nate! This is the end of my teenage life! Ama be a mom?? What?? This is a dream!! I cried so much this is not real please god let this be a dream oh god!! I figured the beat way was to ignore Nate so he wouldn’t find out well that didn’t go well he found the test in my room “y/n what is this bullshit” “Nate look I-” “tell me the truth is it mines or not?” “It’s yours I’m s-so sorry” “y/n your going to be a mom ama be a dad I’m too young” “sorry Nate I didn’t mean for this to happen” “y/n it was my fault too we’ll get through this I promise” “Nate no your career as a rapper you can’t do this with a child” “yes I could y/n trust me well get through this together with our baby” I smiled at how much he has matured “now y/n I’ve never asked you this but will you be my girlfriend? Soon to be my wife?” “Omg yes Nate” “I love you soo much lil mama” I giggled at that name “I love you more” Authors note Sorry this is horrible hope y'all like it part 2??