Mugshot Monday, sans mug. I honestly can’t remember if I had coffee this morning. Coming back from a weekend away is always a challenging transition. I felt good today though, which is all you can ask for on Monday, amiright?

Sidenote, tacosaysroar once said that my boobs looked fantastic in this little dress. I don’t think this pic does them justice, but this one’s for you, kiddo <<salacious wink>>.

Ever have one of those days where you need five drinks just to decompress and tell your best friend she’s a saint for putting up with all of your complaining about the same bullshit that work as thrown at you for the past week? Yep, today is that day and I will not feel bad if I’m hungover at work tomorrow because fuck do I deserve it. 

Mondays after a long holiday weekend can be rough - we still would not hide HERE! Hope everyone enjoys a little humor today, especially after the scare last time we were in the office!

NAVAL AIR STATION, GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA (January 9, 1987) A member of Fleet Composite Squadron 10 (VC-10) inspects the inside of a TA-4J Skyhawk aircraft air intake during a daily turnaround inspection.

Mad Doctor Mike Hearse is back with more of his Coffin Cuties.

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