Monday Morning Shit

Posting photos, songs and scribblings for the whole world to see
But really
You wanna give it all to one person
That one person who drove you to capture those feelings
But you can’t
Not directly
So instead you cast a wide net
And hope they get caught
Swimming in to it of their own accord
And they’ll like it
And they’ll stick around a while
They’ll like you
They’ll understand you
[some shit about ‘plenty of fish in the sea!’]
[follow up shit about oil spills, pollution and mutation]
I would figure out the words but they’d hurt too much
I hurt enough right now and it’s been a while
So it’ll take a lil more time getting used to this
But I’ll get there, don’t you worry
I’ll get back to hurting 24/7 with a big fat smile on my face
Cos I’d rather be alive and feeling summin

I don’t know if this writing is for you or me
Why not both?
Why at all?
Cos it’s been 5 minutes where I’ve not been thinking solely about you
A pleasant distraction
Maybe that’s all you are to me as well
Maybe everything is just a distraction
I like to think I pick the best distractions
At least when I’m not feeling like a massive failure at this whole ‘life’ thing
Fucking hell
Don’t you get it? This is for YOU
Come save me already
I’ll be hanging around
Hurry up
See you later, yeah?