monday1113 replied to your post“I wanna try writing for the AU again, what do you guys want me to…”

What about a “worst ending”? Or do we have to wait for that too?

Haha, there’s no restriction on worst ending. >:) Best ending is only being withheld because, it just wouldn’t feel right to have the true ending up while there was still so much to tell you know? Once Ninjago has run it’s awesome course, and I’ve completely run out of ways to shoehorn every little thing into a zombie story, then will be the time for the ending. And I will make sure it is as epic as it deserves to be.

monday1113 replied to your post:I’m really really happy about a new female…

This is going to be a great example where everyone believes fanon over canon, and supports fanon material more. Can’t wait to see some epic things about her from the fandom.

If that happens, I’ll be so excited!

On the topic of fanon material, I need to put Skylar in my fanfiction (the fairytale AU)! Maybe as Nya’s benefactor? I’m not sure.


Can you believe it’s the 21st already!? I can. And let me tell you, with ninjago finally showing the the UK starting TODAY, there is no better day to be announcing the winners of the art giveaway! It is a sign from the lego gods I am sure.

So! i’m giving away 1 main prize and 3 runner up prizes.

And the winner is…


Congratulations!!!!!! First prize is a full colour picture of anything you choose, doesn’t even have to be ninjago related. I’ll even use shading. (How rare!)

The runners up are…




Congrats to you guys too!!! The runner up prizes are sketches with some basic colour slapped on. Unrefined, but still nice looking I assure you! Again, anything you want.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I hope to do something like this again in the future!