monday sad

ok yall this cbx album follows the days of the week and its SO CUTE

monday blues: we sad n in love n no confessions its real sad hours bc of separation anxiety ig

blooming day: tuesday! hes feeling it mr krabs, the feelings, the confession!

sweet dreams!: wednesday, hump day lol they dreamin abt each other n its cute

thursday: its thursday…, thursdays are boring n slow but this ones a lil smexy

vroom vroom: its Friday and we’re going for a DRIVE 👀


lazy: its a lazy sunday n theyre trying 2 bang, bbh needs to Chill

Hello everyone! We’ve been planning this for a few weeks now, and finally have the blog/prompts/etc put together enough to announce it! :D

So, we’re happy to announce that #JashiWeek is a-go! From August 7-13th, we’ll be celebrating Jack and Ashi’s beautiful, power couple romance ❤️


August 7th - Morbid Monday
(sad themes? dark themes? go crazy!)
August 8th - Timeless Tuesday
(explore alternate endings and universes)
August 9th - Wardrobe Wednesday
(dress the pair to the nines in any outfit or costume)
August 10th - Thursday Toast
(in commemoration of the show’s first airing, depict Jack and Ashi celebrating a special event or occasion)  
August 11th - Feudal Friday
(Ashi back in Jack’s timeline)
August 12th - Saving Saturday 
(placing emphasis on the hope that saved each other)
August 13th - Soundtrack Sunday
(incorporating a fitting song or lyrics to the pairing)


*All entries and fan-content must be focused on the Jack/Ashi pairing, and should be tagged #jashiweek. (So we can find them!)

*Mature and/or sensitive content should be appropriately tagged with warnings. No exceptions.

*Entries need not be completed on the exact date of each prompt, they can be posted late. It is also not required of anyone to finish all the prompts of the week.

*All fan-content is welcomed (fanart, fanfiction, playlists, gifsets, etc.), but plagiarizing and/or reposting the works of others is prohibited. They must also not have been posted prior.

*Be kind and have fun! Don’t be a jerk. :)

went to school from 9:30 to 12:30 to work. picked up lunch for pete (working from home today) & me, and now snuggled up with murph until acupuncture.

my dude & my doggo make everything in life so much brighter. very grateful.


Some Spencer drabble because I love his face and fingers and wanted to share. A night out with the BAU crew leads to a tipsy genius and wandering hands beneath the tablecloth.


Her fingers curled into the wine stained table cloth. His fingers dipped in and out of her leisurely. Her dress shifted higher with each rock of his hand deeper and deeper. The back of the corner booth was plush under where her head lulled in the pleasure. It provided adequate cover for their actions along with the low lighting. The air tingled with easy laughs and outdated rock music that Rossi sang every word to. Her body tingled with an entirely different kind of delight—it oriented entirely form Spencer’s undivided and insatiable needs.

The pristine bar where the BAU unit decided to celebrate the successful case was probably rethinking its decision of an open bar after Morgan started the drinking games. The majority of the team hovered with well-earned beers in hand and tired but relieved smiles gracing their faces. Winding down was the name of the game now.

The only agent of her was concerned with at the moment was the same one who Morgan tragically convinced to down three too many daiquiris. Spencer had not shut up since the first drop of liquor hit his tongue. That tongue now lavished her neck and his mouth whispered the words against her sweaty skin which was of his doing. The moans she swallowed to conceal his frivolous fingers were as well. She was way too sober for this, her senses entirely too heightened.

“Did you know that people often find themselves in want more often when they are surrounded by a situation where they can do nothing about it? Stay quiet for me and I’ll help you out,” he whispered in her ear.

Quiet was not an option, so she set about distracting him. “Not now Spence. Can’t you wait until we get home? Just enjoy the night out. Fuck…” His teeth scraped at her collarbone; he was nosing down the strap of her dress.

She was on her feet now, searching for a respite from her needy boyfriend. Unfortunately, it came in the form of a fresh beer sloshed down her body. Prentiss backed away from the collision apologizing. The profiler noted the disheveled hair and ruddy cheeks of both guilty parties.

“Maybe you should take the doctor home,” Prentiss suggested with an upwards curl to her mouth.

“I’m trying to. Tonight was fun. Thanks for letting me crash and for getting him out of the apartment.”

Spencer draped his arms around her shoulders from behind, nuzzling into her hair. “Home?” he cooed eagerly, sounding more sleepy than sultry now. “I love home. I love you. I love you too Emily. But I don’t get to see you until Monday.”

“So sad, but you get me all weekend, Spence.” She kissed his cheek and took his hand guiding him back out towards where the car waited.

The couple walked outside into the cool evening. She fished the keys from his pockets, squeezing his ass in a brief appreciation. He laughed, spinning to catch her in a hug that prevented either of them from entering the car. His forehead fell to hers, his eyelashes dragging down over his light brown yes in a lazy assessment. His lips fell open as he studied her in the moonlight. She rubbed her thumbs over his cheekbones relishing the simple way he leaned in without a hesitation in sight. She kissed his nose then rocked back on her heels to nudge his chest.

“Let’s go home.”