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naponacott: I highly recommend being a dad. It’s pretty much the best. We were delayed for seven hours today and this dude was such a champ. Way calmer than his dad. I publicly apologize to the @Delta employees who were just doing their job. I may/may not have turned into the Hulk at moments. But we got home. All is well. Monday Night Football is on, my Invisalign is in, the seltzer water is flowing, and Alexa is all set up again. Home Sweet Home.


alexisohanian ❤️ Baby Football. Just parental leave things. @olympiaohanianloves this hold. #MNF 🎥 @serenawilliams


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The Legendary and Iconic Keith Jackson has passed away. His voice echoed through so many autumns on Saturday afternoons,Monday Nights and ringing in a New Year at “The Granddaddy of Them All”, The Rose Bowl.  

It wasn’t just football, he had a voice in just about anything to do with the sports world from the Olympics, baseball, basketball, Wide World of Sports, you name it.

Rest in peace.

The audio clip shows him introducing some young kid from New Orleans to the football world.

The Clip was unfortunately cut short, and the full quote is shown below.

“Here comes Peyton Manning making his entry as the Quarterback for the University of Tennessee. Get used to it.”

Keith Jackson, September 3, 1994, Rose Bowl • Pasadena, California

Week 3 wrapped up with the Monday Night Football game, Steelers @ Buccaneers. The Bucs fell short with a late-game rally and the Steelers held on for a 30-27 win. Despite 3 interceptions, Bucs QB Ryan Fitzpatrick made some key plays and finished 30/50, 411 yards and 3 touchdowns. Steelers QB Big Ben also had a big day going 30/38, 353 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT.

The play of the game was probably Steelers TE Vance McDonald’s stiff-arm annihilation of Bucs S Chris Conte. Afterwards, Conte left the game and never returned (knee?).

During halftime former player and head coach Tony Dungy was inducted into the Bucs Ring of Honor.

🎥 via IG:nfl (9/24/18)