monday tomorrow


monday to thursday - semester six, week three

my week can be summed up as productive, but only for classes i actually like. tried and still haven’t finished that damn report, but i consoled myself in reading woolf’s to the lighthouse and looking more into my lit classes, and the linguistics one. next week’s load of work is supposed to be lighter, thanks gosh because i need this family time in the countryside i’m suppose to have as of tomorrow. 

I have a whole heap of short stories on the back burner ready for when I finally finish TPatJ; the one I think I might do first is a little coffee-shop love story bc I have actually never done one of those, shockingly.

anyway here’s some concept art for one of the leading ladies


exo + my favourite mv looks

help a trans girl eat this week if you can pls🙏🏾

no funny shit…I really just need cash asap so I can eat at work tomorrow and monday. Like paypal is cool but I need cash immediately. if anybody wants to square cash me some funds that would be REALLY appreciated!! thank you for reading and/or boosting & donating !

hey, this is kind of a long shot, but if you are any of your friends/ followers live in northern virginia, there are protests outside richard spencer’s house tomorrow and monday night! i went today, and ill probably be going both tomorrow and monday. the people there were really nice, but there were only about 30 of us, and a larger group wld have a larger impact!
the address is 1001 king st, old town alexandria, and it starts at 8:00 pm! the people running it wld prefer it remain non-confrontational, but u can join the elite club of People Who Richard Spencer Has Flipped Off Through His Front Window Because Hes Too Much Of A Coward To Come Downstairs

Temptation || Park Chanyeol

Originally posted on naver.

Content: 12k graphic smut fuckboy!chanyeol au

Note: Thank you for my girls’ hard work for reading this filthy work of mine and make it presentable for everyone @acidtrippings @ananou59  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

p.s. I know y’all need some fuckboy!chanyeol after that nude he leaked….

You just broke up with your boyfriend, and the fuckboy at school just happened to be your best-friend..


Sehun: Don’t forget about the party at Baekhyun’s tonight

Sehun: 9PM you know the drill ;)

You were amused by the fact that Sehun felt the need to remind you about the party you proposed for the boys to host. Last week, a party was supposed to be held after their football game but suddenly turned messy after a different school’s team crashed it. So you took initiative to host another party at Baekhyun’s house.

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