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Return of sweet t-shirt Fridays!

For those who are new, I work in an office. And while our dress code is pretty casual, I usually try to look passable Monday through Thursday. But on Fridays, I go with a sweet t-shirt.

I collect t-shirts like they’re going out of style. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of brewery shirts.

I’ll post those shirts in a pic each Friday to share my collection and serve as photographic evidence of my progress.

It’s a fun Friday thing.

Okay but like

I’m literally my happiest and most carefree when I feel totally in control of my life and seen as good at what I do, and it’s nice being back on a path where all of that is true once more. I’m currently grappling with *how* exactly I want to run my schedule for the semester (I’m using this as a journal to collect my thoughts forgive me), but I know I want to be on campus from 9-5 Monday through Thursdays. I have class from 3-5 and research / lab stuff I can fill the rest of the time with. Plus, then I’d have time in the morning to do work and reply to emails. It’d basically give me the entire weekend completely free of work (which is the ideal goal).

I think with my goal of getting to campus at 9 every day in mind, I’m gonna go ahead and get a car since I can afford it and it looks like I won’t be living in downtown Philly next year (literally my only main reason I was hesitant to buy one because then I’d just have to sell it all over again). It’d be AMAZING to be in control of where I can go again. It drives me crazy having to rely on people for transportation and being landlocked here. Also low key might wanna go get my own apartment because I’m a hermit but who knows.

So, 9-5 Monday through Friday tentatively. Not a bad way to live, honestly. I’m curious to see how this will go.

New request box schedule

So due to the large number of requests I have been receiving (I currently have like 53) 

I’m going to be keeping the request box open Friday through Sunday and then will have it closed Monday through Thursday in order to keep the amount of requests I have at a manageable level.

Thank you all for being so amazingly supportive of this blog, I literally love running it and I love you all! 


Because I haven’t posted in a little while I’d figured I’d give a little update!

I’m officially in my second semester of college! It’s going okay right now; I’ve come to realize I need to socialize less and focus a little more on my courses though. I got lucky with my schedule and it’s Monday through Thursday 10 to 2 and 10 to 315 depending on the day.

I’m probably going to start a 100 days of productivity to keep myself on track


classes   start   up   again   tomorrow   ,   so   i’ll   be   a   lot   less   active   in   character   !      I   have   classes   monday   through   thursday   from   early   morning   to   the   afternoon   ,   and   i   work   evenings   tuesdays   and   thursday   through   sunday   .      as   always   ,   i’ll   be   available   through   skype   at   vegitariandino   ,   discord   at   aphra#2811   ,   or   through   my   personal   @marahjade   .      i’m   also   open   to   exchanging   phone   numbers   ,   as   i’m   often   easier   to   reach   over   text   .

Hey everyone! I need some help. I need to get a job because my family has almost no money. I am 15 years old, I live in Oregon, and my school hours are 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday. That’s like the whole day. Is there a way for a 15 y/o to work a night shift or graveyard shift? Like a loophole in the law or something? Because we really need the money. Please let me know if you have ideas! 


“Today sucks but I notice you are still alive and that’s great.” - Winston Churchill

Here’s a quick look at my current desk situation and my schedule for the week. I’m taking Astronomy during winter break which is about four weeks long. That means I’m taking a lecture and a lab class from 12-7PM Monday through Thursday. As you can also see I’m working Friday - Saturday so I’m in for a pretty busy month but hopefully it’ll go by pretty fast. I’ve also been going to the gym everyday and although it makes me feel better it does tire me out.

anonymous asked:

So I'm interested in finding a sponsor not to be bragging I'm a attractive girl that doesn't know where to stArt. Please help I've been looking on tinder but something tells me I'm doing it wrong.

Girl you aren’t bragging own it!! Tinder is a good place to start but sometimes tinder is just a hook up thing where as a sponsor stays in your life for a while to help you financially and even socially sometimes

Bars through Monday to Thursday are really good bc business meetings may be held there where as, as someone has pointed out previously Fridays and weekends people go out to purposely flash cash in front of pretty girls so watch out for fakers

Make sure you let them know off the bat what you’re in for then you’re not stuck in a relationship that you didn’t want to be in in the first place.

A lot of wealthy men like having someone to mansplain/mentor so if you’re a good fake listener and want to broaden your social circles and be around more elite folk then you’ll be set.

That was probably the worst advice ever but hopefully you can take something from it xoxo

True Intentions (Part 2)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Warnings: Reader has abusive past thoughts.

Summary: The reader continues trying her best to move on from her past and embrace who she is but her life seems to be becoming more and more complicated.

A/N: This is a continuation of my series True Intentions. You’ll be confused if you start here so here is a link to part 1. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is very welcome and appreciated!

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The next couple days at the library went by quickly. Having Pietro around made your job much easier. You worked Monday through Thursday, which gave you time for yourself. Most of your weekends were spent walking around the city or relaxing at home, but when you got bored you would head into the library and rummage through old books in the basement.

It was Thursday afternoon and the usual lunchtime rush of people was coming to an end. Most weekends Harold would let you off early if it was slow, but more than likely you’d end up declining his offer and staying late. In the time spent working for him, the two of you had gotten much closer. When the days were slow you would sit in his office and talk for hours about the latest book you’d read or he would tell you stories of his childhood. Today was one of those days.

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Nickelodeon Reruns Update

Hello Everybug!

Nickelodeon is showing up on guides as airing Miraculous reruns Monday through Thursday on Nicktoons, both SD and HD:

  • 2PM EST
  • 2:30PM EST

They’re also listed as continuing their Saturday, reruns:

  • TeenNick: 4PM EST
  • Nicktoons: 8:30PM EST (both SD and HD)

Normally before we post schedules, we confirm with ZAG, but since it’s starting this new airing tomorrow (Monday), we’ll post based on the TV schedules. We’ll let you know if there’s any official changes to the schedule!

So, uh…I think my one-sided best friendship may have turned into a mutual best friendship!???  I don’t know what to do; my friend is making more-than-casual-friends gestures toward me and it makes me speechless every time.  Like he gave me a hug and called me buddy, and thanked me for listening to him ramble, told me an important personal secret, and a bunch of other gooshy stuff this past week.  This is the same friend that I came out to last year and who was so accepting and has been my irl best friend ever since.  But uh…what did I do to become a best friend??  I’m honestly baffled, but thrilled at the same time.

Honestly though the school system is so fucked up. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade to freshman year of high school. During that time I did 3 to 4 hours of schoolwork Monday through Thursday pretty much by myself.
When I tested to see what classes when it came time for high school. I got to almost got to skip freshman year.

Like no child needs to be locked and forced to do stupid tasks to learn how to do even more pointless tasks at a later date for 8 hours why does everyone think this is so normal.