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39. It feels deeper this way.

Y/N shuffled tightly against Harry, who had her laid spread out in the backseat of his car. The air was heavy, the windows fogged from their constant breathing and panting. The car was parked in a secluded area of the neighborhood, under a tree and away from the eyes of the neighbors.

“Fuck.” Harry groaned. “I’m too tall for this I can’t — I can’t line up.”

Y/N laughed, the tops of her breasts brushing against Harry’s chest. She leaned her head sideways and watched Harry awkwardly struggle to position his hips to hers but every time he leaned back, his back would smack into the door making it cramped and uncomfortable. His legs hung squished around her legs, one knee straining to hold him up above Y/N.

“This is really funny.” Y/N giggled, linking her arms around his shoulders.

“Ya think so?” Harry rolled his eyes, lowering his hand to where her legs lay open for him and laughing back when her whole body twitched from his touch. He worked his fingers up, stroking the velvet walls he longed to be submerged in.

“Here, hold on,” Y/N gasped, taking his wrist and scooting his fingers out from inside of her. “Sit up, sit up.”

Harry complied with slight hesitation, knocking his knees into hers as she followed him up, nudging his chest to lay against the car seat as she ungracefully climbed over his legs and onto his lap.

“Fuck, you’re so smart.” He groaned, grasping the ends of her hair. Without delay he positioned his cock and knocked up, holding onto Y/N’s waist to him.

“It feels deeper this way anyways.” Y/N sighed, swiveling her hips and leaning forward to hug their sticky bodies. Each thrust caused little oh’s to fall from her lips, Harry’s grip tightening on her waist with each sound.

Y/N lifted her head from his shoulder and only then spotted the group of teens — the whole lot of them carrying oversized coffee drinks and sporting snapback hats — walking towards them, completely oblivious to Harry and Y/N just before them.

“Fuck,” Y/N gasped, tensing as Harry quickened his pace. “Harry, Harry pull out.”

“Not a chance.” He groaned low.

“Harry there are people!”

“Don’t care.”

Y/N cried out as Harry hit deep inside of her, the one spot that nobody had never touched before. She breathed heavily as Harry laid kisses and bites along her throat.

“Want me to pull out now?” He smiled into her hair, cradling her head to him as she stiffened against him, his thrusting never ceasing.

“I hate you.” She groaned.

“Come for me, sweetheart.”

The group of teens, their chatting becoming louder as they neared, stopped all together as they passed the car. Y/N whined loudly as she hit her high, Harry following seconds after with his own moans.

Y/N leaned back after a minute, squishing Harry’s cheek together with her thumb and forefinger. “I hate you so much.”

Harry laughed a loud, boyish laugh and pecked her once. “I think not.”

Pro wrestling is very serious sport for very serious people… part two, the seriousness strikes back.

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Everyone please remember that pro wrestling is a very serious sport for very serious people.

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Hey ! I know requests are closed but I was thinking maybe you could keep this in your list of possible ideas if you're ever stuck, i just read the Snapchat cosmo article about how the writer wore lingerie for A week to bed to see how it changed her and her boyfriends sex life and thought that could turn out really well if you wrote something like that

There will be a blurb for each day of the week (not posted on each day, I’m not a machine).  So there will be 7 of these.  Enjoy Monday.


“Why are you doing this anyway?”

“Because I don’t want him to get bored.”

“Is there a reason he might get bored?”


“Then, I’ll ask again.  Why are you doing this?”

I pushed the dressing room door open, ignoring my best friend Angie’s question,

“How does this look?”

Angie was bored and I understood why she was bored.  For the last three hours I dragged her around to every single lingerie shop within a 20 mile radius.  I’d even gone to Victoria’s Secret in the hopes of finding the last bit of what I needed.  

My name was Evelyn Lawrence and I had just graduated college a year ago.  Since then I’d been kind of rootless.  I had a degree in journalism but I didn’t really know where I wanted to work or what I wanted to do with it.  I didn’t think I wanted to be on the front lines during war or anything but maybe a cushy job at Entertainment Tonight was more my speed.  But in order to get anywhere, I needed to start writing.  Which was easier said than done.

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  • KEVIN: Hey, the stars look beautiful tonight.
  • DEAN: Yeah they do.
  • KEVIN: You wanna know who looks more beautiful?
  • DEAN: Who?
  • KEVIN: Sami.

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Keep Loving Me (Seth x Reader)

A/N: I switch between the names Colby and Seth throughout the imagine as the actor real name is Colby.

Request: could u do a seth one where your telling him that your having his baby, maybe something like how he reactions to it

Word Count: 1,035

“Colby” You shouted as you saw him in the hallway but he didn’t hear your call and kept on walking. Maybe his hearing wasn’t back to normal from being out with the crowd. “Colby” You try again as you caught up to him. Placing your hand on his lower back he turned.

“Oh was that you callin for me?” He asked as look down at your small fame. Showing no signs of excitement in his face that it was you. It actually looked like he was annoyed that it was you calling his name. It made you nervous for what you were about tell him.

“No shit Colby, there’s no one else here with that name” You crossed your arms, he chose to ignore you which didn’t set right with your feeling especially with your heart.

“Sorry babe but we’re at the stadium now so I only listen for Seth”  He shrugged as if he should of been obviously to you.

“Whatever, I really need to talk to you, got a moment?” You asked as you held onto his hands. Seth thought for a moment and then said

“Yeah sure spit it out” You looked around the hallway, there was people everywhere. Crew workers were working around the clock to clean up the set to get it packed up for the next show somewhere else. You grabbed his hand and pulled him into the nearest closet.

“Umm I’m not sure where to start” You stated as you look at Seth, he didn’t look to pleased that you made him come in here but you didn’t want anyone to know until he did. This was meant to be a private thing. Plus you knew he would be mad if he wasn’t the first person to hear about this.

“Babe not to rush you but get to the point, I really want to get out of these sweaty clothes. It’s been a long night for me.” Seth now crossed his arms and glare down at you waiting for you to continue. The glare he shot your way was like getting hit in the chest. Why were you such a bother to him all of the sudden.

“You won’t get mad right?” You let out with a worried look on your face. Things haven’t been going good for the two of you lately and you were scared of what was to come. This was life changing news whether he wanted to hear it or not.

“Mad? What did you do now Y/N?” Colby shouted but only enough for you guys to hear. The tone of his voice was what made you even more worried and for a second you thought that you were going to back out from telling him. Your eyes couldn’t find his, you kept your head down looking your shoes. They seemed to bring a calm peace to your mind or maybe it was just better at looking at them then telling Colby the news.

“Are you going to say anything? Or is this just a waste of my time?” When you didn’t speak Colby have had enough and turn to reach the handle. He didn’t want to be in here any longer.

“Wait” You quietly spoke up, reaching out to grab Colby hand. Colby notice the change in your body language and step back waiting for you to continue. “I’m.. oh god this is harder than I thought” raising your head you met Colby eye once again. “I’m pregnant” The shocked appear across Colby face, his eyes widen and he dropped his hand from yours. You didn’t even get a chance to say anything else as Colby shot out through the door. You ran out after him to only find him right next to the door on the wall. He was leaning back with his eyes closed. You could hear his heavy breathing and you knew if you listen closely yours would match.

“Colby” You said inching closer but all Colby could do was slide down the wall.

“I’m sorry”

“What?” You were confused from your boyfriend words, why would he be sorry?

You took a sit next to him on the cold concrete floor. “Why are you sorry for?” You asked as Colby was running his hands over his face.

“I just.. I haven’t been there for you like I should lately and now you’re here telling me you’re pregnant” He let out a shaky breath “I’m scared babe” Looking at the man in front of you, you didn’t know what to think. You thought he would be mad like moments before but man were you wrong. He was only mad at himself not you.

“What if I’m not a good father? I mean I can’t even be a good boyfriend”

“Colby baby” You said leaning into him, he wrapped an arm around you. “You are going to be a great dad, don’t ever doubt yourself about that”

“I’m never home” Tears were starting to fall down his cheeks. You wonder how you didn’t know any of this. Yeah things had been rocky lately but you never knew Colby was feeling like this. He didn’t think he was enough and that’s what had been bothering him.

“Baby” You cupped both of his cheeks “I love you and I know you will be the best dad ever. Your amazing boyfriend whether you know it or not. I wouldn’t want this with anyone else”


“Really Colby, it’s only you that I can see myself spending the rest of my life with” Your words brought a smile across his face. You wiped away the tears that had fallen.

“I love you”

I love you too"

“I’m going to be a dad” Colby said as the feeling finally sunk in. You nodded and grinned. “We’re going to be parents!”

“Yes we are”

Nothing else was spoken between the two of you guys in that moment. Everything seemed to fall back into place after weeks of slowly falling apart. So there you two stayed wrapped into each other’s arms as you thought about what was next come. You two were going to have a family and the smiles on yours faces proved that you couldn’t wait.