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is it just me or does anyone else have a weak spot for Harry pulling you into his lap and calling you his baby girl? "How'd your day go, baby girl?" "Baby girl, come here!" "I love you so much, baby girl." I'm dying.

I think it’s a term that he only brings out during certain moods. It’s a cute little term of endearment that he knows you wouldn’t let him get away with just whenever he felt like it, so it has to be when he knows you’re in the right mood. It’s when you’re super cuddly and super sleepy and Harry can tell that you’re going to be clinging to him for the day.

So he’ll use it in a very sweet, cooing tone as he pulls you into his lap and gives you cute little kisses all over your face.

“How’s my baby girl today?”

“Harryyy!” you giggle, “I’m not a baby!”

“You’re my baby,” he says, kissing you again, very dramatically, “You’re my baby girl and I love you. S’it a crime to tell my baby girl how much I love her? Cause I really, REALLY love you, baby girl.”

He’s doing it on purpose because he knows he can get away with it, so you just giggle again and bury your face in his neck.

“Love you, too.”


Monday challenge! This Monday’s challenge was to swap our styles, so the drawing on the left is @florosco99 ’s drawing with Nico’s style, while the right one is @nicotopin ’s drawing with Flor’s style. Did we ace it? Didn’t we? We don’t really care (otl)

P.S.: Great Nico 👍 make those pants pop 👍