monday style

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Monday challenge! This Monday’s challenge was to swap our styles, so the drawing on the left is @florosco99 ’s drawing with Nico’s style, while the right one is @nicotopin ’s drawing with Flor’s style. Did we ace it? Didn’t we? We don’t really care (otl)

P.S.: Great Nico 👍 make those pants pop 👍